If You Say Love

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Where: Nothing Bundt Cake

When: April 07, 2012

What: Tilly ruminates on what makes Cody's brownies so damned good.

A tall sturdy blonde, aviator glasses perched on her nose is leaning against the glass counter, examining a brownie - the special of the day - in her hand with one bite taken out of it. Jeans, leather jacket, palm sized silver star inside a circle with US Marshal hanging off her neck on a chain. A regular of the cafe is here, Tilly, though she's opted to come during a slow period of time.

"Really, Cody, what do you put in these" SHe lifts the brownie, tilting it at the owner. "You can tell me. It's pot isn't it. Pot brownies. I mean, I bet that's the only reason that anyone even lives in North Dakota" She tilts her head down to look over the rim of her glasses at the other woman before taking another large bite. "Evil" Perhaps talking with her mouth full. "There's no way these things can be legal"

Cody, clad in her own light jacket and floral blouse, smiles brightly. The woman is tall, just like Tilly, and she just shakes her head. "Oh, goodness, no," she laughs, swatting the air in Tilly's general direction. "I wouldn't put /marijuana/ in my brownies, for pete's sake." Still, the idea tickles her, and she pats the counter. "No, you really want to know what the secret ingredient is?"

"You say love, I'm going to throw up" Tilly grabs for a napkin to wipe at her mouth, back to looking through the shaded glasses.

Cody pauses there, looking like she's been caught, before she grins. "You gotta problem with love, Tilly?" She leans down to pluck up a rag from behind the counter and starts wiping down the surface. "Actually," she adds, a little more conspiratorially, "it's honey. But you hafta get the right honey, you know."

"Nope" One small crumb of the brownie is popped into her mouth, chewed like a cow eating it's cud - only with her mouth closed - and puts the rest back in the paper bag with the four others. "Love and I, we have an understanding. I stay here, it stays there, it never crosses the line and we get along just fine" She pulls away from the case, looking at what else is inside, contemplating what to bring back to the office and ruminating on the right kind of honey. "There's more than one kind of honey?"

"Oh, now Tilly, that's such a pity," Cody sighs, at that summation of love in the life of Tilly Marshal. "You bet yer caboose there's more than one kind of honey. Even beside the different types and flavors. You can tell by taste if the beekeeper's doing his job right. You gotta spend time with the bees, make sure they're nourished. So… the secret ingredient is still love." And she grins at that.

"I'm going to barf" Behind the glasses she rolls her eyes at the bakery manager and also Company agent. "You'd swear love makes the world go round and not physics" Forefinger taps the glass at some pastries. "Four of those, two of the ones beside them and half a dozen of the danishes one shelf down would you Cody"

"The bin's right over there," Cody grins, pointing to the trash can not far from her fellow agent. "I don't know much about physics, but I do know about human kindness. And /that/ is why people like North Dakota." Cody's midwestern accent pulls on her vowels, especially the o's. She stoops down to pluck up a pink dozen box with a plastic window, which she sets on the counter. She starts filling it as per request, and even throws in an extra tart for a full baker's dozen. "How's it going at the office lately, Tilly?" she asks. Might as well; bakery's empty at this hour, except for them.

Cody's not asking about the Marshal's office. "Eh" She shrugs along with the word.

"It goes. Same old same old. Had to bring a couple goats in. Wasn't that thrilled. People being idiots. But then, half this city is populated by idiots and the other half by tourists" SHe lifts a hand, rubbing the side of her nose with a thumb, ducking her head with a quick look around. "You know what I mean"

"Goats?" Cody inquires, not because she doesn't know what Tilly means, but more about the word choice. Her mouth purses a little in disapproval, but she says no more on the subject. For now. "I know what you mean. You hafta wonder sometimes what's the big attraction of this city. It's so flashy! I just don't see the draw. But it sure pulls in all kinds, that's fer sure."

"You don't see the draw because you made a little corner of North Dakota in the middle of sodom and gamorrah" She's digging in her back pocket for her wallet, not really a purse carrier. "yeah, goats, you know, baaaaah" Do goats baaah? She pauses in pulling out her card to think about it, shrugs and tosses it down with a plink. "You telling me that Cody from the north, doesn't know what a goat is? Jesus, we need to get you to a petting zoo"

"Well I'd rather be in North Dakota than Sodom and Gomorrah," Cody replies with a chuckle as she closes the box, applies her little Nothing Bundt Cake sticker to close it, and spins it on the counter toward Tilly. She scoffs a little, though, with a chuckle. "Of /course/ I know what a goat is. There's a lotta farms in North Dakota, you know." She plucks up the card, and charges Tilly for the four brownies and…that's it. Then she offers it back. "Total's gonna run ya about ten dollars."

"Bullshit" On the cost, not that North Dakota has goats. "Geeze Code, give me the brownies for free, and charge me for the pastries. Those are for my partner. The brownies are for me" Which in about four hours, will be consumed. She takes her card back regardless and thumbs a twenty out of her wallet, sliding it across the counter. "Will we be graced with your presence soon?"

Cody sighs in exasperation, and takes the twenty, to give her proper change back: a ten and a five. "Oookay," she huffs. "Fifteen dollars, then. That'll cost you for just the dozen. But don't think I won't sneak extras in there in the future!" She waggles her finger sternly, and setting her hands down on the counter, she shrugs. "Oh, soon I suppose. I haven't had an assignment in a while. I'm sure it'll come around."

"They always do" The change is picked up, tucked away in her wallet which is in turn tucked away then box picked up, brownies balanced on top. "I'll see you around Cody, keep on trucking, or whatever it is they say in North Dakota. Try not to hit a tourist on your way home" There's a wink behind the shades even as a customer starts to enter. Cue to take her leave.

"Oh indeed," Cody agrees, and she offers a pleased wave. "Drive safe yerself, okay?" And with that, it's back to another lovely day at the bakery.

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