In Escrow

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Where: Primatech Paper

When: May 8th, 2012

What: To ensure a successful trip to Japan, Finnegan gets to see the goat who will be suffering for him.

It's a little awkward, standing there with a goat on a leash, trying to look so nonchalant.

Poor Finn thought it was awkward enough in the car, but here's the goat and there's Tilly in jeans, layered shirts and her jacket, the goat making no verbal noise as it looks around, eating from a bowl of grains near the pole that sticks out of the floor where it's bolted for this express purpose. Here, deep in the bowels of the company is where Finn was told to go by Muni Shaw.


She looks over at him. "You start singing David Bowie, I'm not going to make you feel better for your trip to Japan." Her own ribs aching in protest, not bothering to transfer it yet since she actual will recover well enough on her own. The little white goat with his black and brown spots swivels his head to look at Finn. Poor goat.

"Singing David Bowie?" Finnegan echoes, as he limps to lean against a wall far away from the goat, looking at it skeptically and then back to her. "I don't… why David Bowie? If there's a joke, he's not getting it, and now he's out of the public spotlight so to speak, he's not trying very hard to cover his pain.

"Does it work if they don't have the same parts? I mean, does a goat have a wrist?" His slate-colored eyes go back to the goat, peering down at its feet a little dubiously.

"Goes to the general area. I'd take it from you and keep it, but I have a court showing in two days and it won't be cool to show up sporting your wounds" Sympathetic to his plight, she gestures to a exam table that he can sit on. "As for Bowie, you know, do the voodoo that you do so well" she singsongs. "Your choice is the table, or you can stay standing, but it's sometimes a shock to the system. Be hurt one moment. Not the next.

The goat takes a few steps, lowering his head to get some more food and chow down. "You won't see the goat hurt.I sort of.. hold in escrow. Till the person leaves, and then someone comes in and we deal with the goat"

"You can do this to anyone?" Finn says, glancing from his wounds to the goat, and back to her, before moving to the table but just hopping up on it with a bit of a wince. "Remind me to stay on your good side, sweetheart."

He scratches at the bandage around his wrist, the temporary first-aid given at the site. "I don't really know that song. Will you take Space Oddity, Major Tom?" He begins to sing it, anyway, brows lifting and rumpling his forehead in inquiry.

"Pretty much" Drawing out the two words as she shuffles close the table, reaching out to place a hand on his shoulder. "Can hold it for about an hour. Then I gotta decide if I keep it, or kick it to someone else, or something else. Gotta be living. Like an animal or another person. Not a plant though"

She doesn't draw it out when he starts singing, that same unladylike snort when he 's channeling Bowie, and in one moment the pain is there, has it's hold on him.

Eyelids flutter and Tilly inhales sharply and the pain is gone. Lingering echo of it, but bones fuse proper as if such wounds were never even there. Knee repairs, ligaments and muscles strained are returned to their proper state. The immediate absence of pain and injury just as much a shock to the system as when the original wounds came into being.

Unlike those though, it'll fade in a few minutes.

He gasps at the abrupt mending, the song interrupted and dropped. "Holy shit." He coughs suddenly, as if he just took a swig of some strong alcohol. "That's a trip, man, good stuff. You okay? You just hold it? It doesn't hurt you til you take it?"

Finn looks to her, surveying her body for any sign of his wounds on her, any sign of exhaustion or illness on the woman. "How do you even find out you can do that, anyway?"

Tilly loose no worse than she did before. The same bruises and little small cuts from the accident. She should be wearing something around her neck, but vanity is a downfall of Tilly's. "Yeah, yeah, I'm fine" A little tired creeping around the edges. "Can't do it too often. Burns me out." Letting go of him, she turns to lean against the table he's sitting on.

"Nope. Told you, it's held in escrow. Unless I don't toss it before it's pumpkin time. Then I get the full brunt. I'll be cool" Lifting a hand, wipe at her hairline where there's a little beading of sweat.

"You know, I never knew. But they did. Knew I had something. I heal to damn fast, I eat about twice as many calories as anyone should" It's a rare occasion when she's not sucking back something food like. "Stress and the job, I did it once by accident. Some perp blew a hole in my partners chest, I reached out for him, and next thing I know, perps the one with the hole in his chest and James, well, he's gasping like a fish"

Finnegan's brow lifts again, and he chuckles, rubbing one hand over his perfect wrist, another touching his perfectly healed brow. "Right. Like I said, remind me not to piss you off, sweetheart," he drawls again. "At any rate, I at least owe you lunch or something for that. I'm the worst injured person in the world. I can stand the pain and all, but I can't stand the casts, I can't stand taking the pills, and I am a big ol' yeller-bellied baby when it comes to stitches."

"Yeah well, don't get shot up or what have you over there in asia land. Bring me back a kimono too. I always wanted one" She looks up at the ceiling. "Not pink. Black maybe. You know, when you're done doing whatever it is that you're doing over there big man" She reaches over, punching him in the arm. "Oh, yeah, hot blonde we're tailing? Still nothing. They're giving it another week before they pull detail and just wait some more"

"I bet I could make something heat up, if that's what they wanted," Finnegan suggest with a lazy smile, before he hops off the table. "I think you'd look good in a good jade green, but maybe I'll find you a couple. One black or something, and one I think you'd look good in, how's that?"

The goat is glanced at. "I guess I owe you something, too, buddy. I'll find some alfalfa or something for you, yeah, pal? The headache's a doozy, but I'm sure you'll manage, kid." He heads to the door, turning back to Tilly. "Thanks, Marshal."

"Your welcome sweet cheeks. Go enjoy your new found freedom, send in the guy outside. My part in this fiasco isn't done yet" She doesn't move, and the goat only looks up, then back down, chewing away. He'll get his alfalfa and probably a nice dose of animal tranquilizer. This isn't the first time that this goat has participated in Tilly's process. Probably won't be the last.

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