In With The Fruit Loops

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Where: Le Disco Club

When: April 05, 2012

What: A night off is a night well spent wallet-chasing.

There is a fine line between friends and co-workers, though sometimes that line gets blurred; it can go bad, or it can be a finer fit. Nobara is still testing his limits with most people, and it seems the younger they get, the more able he is to push buttons, or stretch boundaries, and not have a hand bitten clean off. He would never be able to convince most of the boomer-agents to come out with him, much less with him going out as his other half. Better half, somewhat. The club is one of those that most of the patrons have to be reminded the name of; they pop up and blink out like fireworks just as abruptly. For its sense of business, Vegas isn't always kind to startups. This one has decor more like a classic disco club, and a bar home to enough demographics that it's making it hard to tell who likes it the most. Tourists and locals, gamblers and those who fell off the wagon.

Michiyo is not the most garish thing here, thankfully. Nobara might decide that he needs to be outright noticed otherwise. The dress she wears is metallic black with a pattern of ebony snakeskin, belted with a chain of golden hoops, pulled taut at all the good points and hanging on only by the halter top, it seems like. Black nylons, shiny patent ankle-boots, gold on wrists and neck, and glaring neon extensions immersed in a lifted pile of black curls.

"Told him not to bother, just keep it in his pants." Michiyo's laugh shimmers, thanks to the shades of indigo and dark red at her eyes and mouth, respectively. "'Except he wasn't prepared for my normal tone. Big bitch, he didn't like that one bit-" As opposed to less than- his feminine voice didn't need much to begin with, but it'd different enough. "Here you are, sugar." At the bar, the bartender finally gets down the line to them, doling out the pair of drinks.

"Seem to get all their panties in a bunch" this comes from Tilly who's opted for something red and sequined, perhaps a tad longer than most of what everyone here wears, and blonde hair teased to snookie like proportions. Gold eyeliner, to match her shoes. Somewhere on her, is likely a gun. Lets hope no one attempts to find out.

"Jesus, you'd think a bunch of queens'd have a better sense of humor"

"Honestly. If she stops me on the street again, I'll slap her fake tits right off." Whatever this story was, it must have been intense. Certainly. Michiyo's drink is some concoction that has adopted a similar shade to neon green; she taps along the counter with one set of shining nails, gives the barman a quirky smile, and takes up the conical glass.

"It's such a bitchfest down there. You think the women are bad when they all get on the rag at the same time? Got nothin'. This is probably not the first drink. "Even I'm not dumb enough to wanna to be at the top of the sequined food chaaain. I wonder if bitchery is genetic too…"

It's Tilly's turn to just look at Michiyo - Nobara she she knows him - with a bitch please look before closing her own lips around a straw in her drink. As if a drag queen knows anything about a period. "Tell me again why you dragged me here? Because, far as i can see, there's not a single guy here, who has any interest in me, and too many women, who aren't women, that do. Do you know, that when you went to the bathroom, three of them, gave me thier number? Three"

He might not know firsthand- but he knows what happens to everyone else!

"Hey, girl, sometimes there's some cheerios in with the fruit loops." Michiyo holds one palm up by her shoulder, the other up and holding onto her drink, yet. "Three is more than I've gotten! Either they're cheerios, or they think you're the most convincing thing since a soapbox. I dragged you here 'cause it's a new place, but it looks like all the queers got here first. Leavin' the seats up and shit already."

"It's like a whole other world with you, isn't it. When you slap a dress and some lipstick on you" Tilly's staring at Nobara is fascination at the difference between the company agent that she knows and this creature in front of her. "I think there's more than a few fruitloops in this place" Under breath as she looks away and looks around, legs crossed, awkward looking, sipping on her something fruity. When in rome, you know. "Thank god you don't do this at work"

Better a creature than a freak, he figures. A creature at least implies mystery.

"And that's just why it's so different! The first thing my old man said to me when I got hired, was 'leave the heels at home, son'." She even lowers her pitch to say it in the universal fatherly tone, leaning in at the bar and shifting weight onto one leg. "If I can help it. Could do with a bit more- color." There is a spritely little laugh, and a hand at Tilly's elbow.

"Should we try somewhere else? With more cowboys?"

"Jesus, you think I'm a saddle chaser? God no. I was just bored had nothing to do, no one to escort. Cod's out doing something, probably elbow deep in flour making croissants or something" Down goes the rest of her drink, looking down to the hand at her elbow then back up to Nobara.

"I can't remember you not being single, but hey- some of us don't have the time, I suppose." Nobara might, but if he does, the plural never lasts long. The hand lifts from her elbow, and he wags a hand across the bar to a passing familiar face before they disappear again.

"Sure I can't tempt you with some saddle-chasing?" There's a little bit of puppy in the face that Tilly gets.

"No saddle chasing. Besides, leather, it chaps you know. Very uncomfortable. Lets go hit up a casino. I'm feeling lucky tonight. I got three numbers, lets go see if I can't get a few more that might win me some money instead of a possible std" Tilly puts down her glass, sliding off the stool with a not so sincere smile in return for one tossed her way by an adjacent bar fly. At least these ones here seem at least a little higher class.

"Oh, leather. Yes." Michiyo cants her dark brows upwards, pursing lips and looking more knowing than Tilly had intended the joke to be. "We're wallet chasing then? I'm down with that." A quick wink, and the rest of the green drink disappears, the glass plinked back upon the bar. With a fitting sashay from her friend, Tilly gets beckoned along with one bangled wrist. "Maybe you can arrest some fugitives at the blackjack table."

"Oh, don't get my hopes you dirty girl." Tilly chides as she follows the drag queen out.

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