It's Our Case

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Where: Las Vegas Municpal Police Department

When: June 26th, 2012

What: Terri's not loosing a case to a different government official. It's far worse. She has to share it.

Terri is once more at her desk, minutes before midnight. Seems someone has the late shift tonight. Either that, or she's just putting in extra hours for whatever reason. Ah, yes, reports. That dreaded paperwork that most will put off till the last minute. Someone else is just a big procrastinator as some other detectives.

Tilly's boots are pretty loud in the relative quiet of the detectives paddock in the dead of night. Bearing a white bag that's translucent enough to give away the containers inside that coincide with some sort of asian takeout.

"Jesus I thought they were kidding when they said you were awake and got stuck with this shift, What with you only a few months ago having caught a terrrist and arms dealer, but they weren't" Tilly hefts the bag then settles it down square on the paperwork.

"Have breakfast with me, or well, a late night snack. Something. I figured you'd be hungry and well, I know that I like a good nosh and all that"

Hearing footsteps, not too unusual even this late at night. But it's the voice that might surprise Terri to some degree, her gaze lifted from her paperwork to peer at the Marshall. "Marshall Marshal. What brings you here this late at night?" She wonders, though she shrugs, "It's actually not a bad time to do paperwork sometimes. Quieter than during the day." The invitation to joint the other woman for a late night snack leaves her offering, "Shall I grab some coffee, or a soda from the machine?"

"Least you won't get disturbed by some tweaker coming down off his high, screaming about the bugs crawling on his skin" Tilly's been there. "And lookit you, remembering my name."The offer of coffee has her cringing and she lifts a finger, retracing her steps to where she left the coffee caddy and the good stuff. "I will not drink the used car oil that passes for coffee in this place. No offense"

"No, I left those days behind, thankfully." Ah, yes, the memories of working elsewhere in the station. Terri chuckles, "It's not so hard to remember." She does point out before huffing, "It's not that bad. You just been away too long, is all." Meaning from the police station brew, if Tilly ever worked as a cop before becoming a marshal. *Player can't remember!*

Tilly never was a cop. But she's versed in the police procedures. Which might explain why she might have just the slightest disrespect for them. "It's shit, stop defending it. Enjoy the coffee that comes from animal poop" Possibly, maybe. There's a nice comfy seat from an adjoining desk that's rolled over and plopped down in. "So. How you doing since I last saw you"

"It might be shit, but it's free, and you learn to accept it with the job." Terri answers before accepting the coffee, though she quirks a brow, "Animal poop?" Does she want to try it now? But, once the other is seated, she considers, "Busy. And you, Marshall?" Polite, though one might note a certain stiffness in her manners. But what do you expect when you get cops and marshals together? Surely wouldn't have anything to do with the way things went down or the like, right?

Has nothing to do with it, not in the least actually.

Tilly takes up her own cup of poop coffee, giving it a hefty sniff before doctoring it up. "You have a murder, or so I've been told. This is Vegas, there's lots of them. But it's the Orves case, male, 42, gunshot wound, no suspects, because there's no bullet in him" And no exit wound or signs of anyone excavating for it.

Terri turns to Tilly as she brings up the case, studying her quietly, "And how exactly do you know of this case?" Surely, there's many murders in Las Vegas, how did she come to know of this particular one? "What about it gained the attention of the Marshall?"

Tilly taps the side of her nose in response to Terri's question. "It just did"

Terri shakes her head, "And you should know I am not at liberty to share such details, even with you, Marshall. Not your case." And even she knows the line of detective and marshall duties. "My boss would have my ass."

'That's the detective I was waiting for. it's actually not your case actually" Tilly puts her coffee down reaching into her jacket and pulling out a sealed letter with Terri's name on it, waggling it. Official looking, heavy duty paper stock. "It's our case." There's a grin on her face.

"Not my case?" Terri begins, only to have her attention stolen by the letter with her name on it. Frowning a touch, she reaches for it if allowed to take it, to open and read if able. "Our case?" Oh boy. Just what she was looking to do! Can her night get any better?

Inside, it's indeed official, that the courtesy of the LVMPD is to be extended to US Marshal Marshal with regards to the case that Tilly was asking about. While Terri's reading, Tilly is poking through the food, settling one container in front of Terri, and taking another for herself. The container in front of Terri, surprisingly one of her favourites.

"Well." Terri says once she's done reading through the paper and folds it up to lay aside, her gaze turning to Tilly. "Why are you getting involved in this case?" She dares to ask before she smells the container before her. Chicken Teriyaki with noodles. A blink or three and she turns back, "And how the hell you know my favorite take out?"

Tilly taps the side of her nose again. "I have my sources. As for why I am getting involved, he may be the victim of one of my own cases, likely is, and so I get tossed at this. I don't like it any more than you might, and likely do. Just eat your food and accept that you and I are going to be buds. Well you, I, and whats his name, waters?"

"What can you tell me about your other case and how it might connect to this one?" Terri asks, finally pulling out the chopsticks so she might dig into the food. Hey, she's a cop, and you don't turn down free food, right? "Watling. Albert Watling."

"I'll have the files brought over. Rather not talk about it here, what with all the potential tweakers and the lack of your partner. But we have the same cause of death, and it's a pretty unique cause of death that makes us think it's connected"

"Alright." Terri says after a bite is swallowed, and a sip of coffee is taken. "Can you tell me where this other case was? Here in Las Vegas, or was it outside?" She wonders, "What sort of leads you got?"

"Two here, one outside in Los Angeles, maybe more. We think it's gang related. But because it crosses state lines, the FBI decided they didn't want it, and it got tossed towards us, given that there seems to be a few more. So it landed on my desk and thus, I landed on yours. Think you can play nice with me Willett? I mean, I'm a bitch, I know I can be a bitch, but I like to think that I'm pretty good at playing ball. Even with the ones with balls"

Terri takes in this information with a slow nod of her head, thinking likely how much fun her partner is going to have with this. Or rather his wife if it leads to many late nights! As for the last, she meets Tilly's gaze, "I think so." Oh, she might not be happy having to deal with the Marshal, but she'll play nice.

Tilly will take think so, as she masticates her own container of food, one ankle propped up on her other knee, grinning like the Cheshire cat. 'So seriously, Kidnapped. What kind of bullshit happened there that we had to come bail you out of gangster hell?"

Terri turns back to her food, though she snorts. "Hell if I know. One moment I was searching for a suspect, the next thing I knew, I was waking up after being drugged with the others locked in a room. Was getting them out when you showed up."

"Clearly you passed your shrink eval, if you're back on duty. Or you just really good at fooling them." Tilly puts down her container with a roll of her eyes. "Fucking shrink. I hate them. I already know that I have anger issues and I'm a prickly bitch. Do I really need to acknowledge that on paper?"

Terri snorts, "They already think I'm a little crazy, but not so much to keep from working." Surely, Tilly's heard the X-Files jokes about the detective. "Beyond a little anger, some confusion due to the drugs.. I did well enough."

Tilly doesn't hear too much beyond what comes down her alternative channels and even then, given who Tilly saw Terri with that one time, she's got her own ideas. "Sucks. Sorry" As if she was responsible for the woman having been there. She's responsible for the woman not still going through physical rehabilitation.

But she'll just keep that her own little secret.

'Anyhow. So. I supplied the dinner for our date, next time, you're paying for it. or we can stick it to Wattles"

Of course, Terri's kept a few things to herself and away from the shrink. Like the healing and the fact that the mayor's son was /flying/ there at the end. Yep, no reason to make them call for the white jackets! "Was a little angry at your inside person and her attitude.." She almost got decked by Terri that afternoon. A shrug is given before she laughs, "Watling can cover it. He'll owe me for sticking me with the paperwork tonight."

"I don't know if you've ever done undercover work" Tilly's cleaning up her own mess, wiping at her mouth and then sealing the container of food that was for herself. "But when you've that far undercover, you gotta keep the cover. And sometimes, you do stuff that you don't want to do, but you gotta do it. You can not like it, but, Well, Amelia had to do it. "All her ducks in a row, memo delivered, Tilly's taking sunglasses out of her pocket and sliding them up to her hairline.

"If it's any consolation, I think the two of you would get along well with each other, under different circumstances"

"Oh, I well understand that, but this was comments she made /after/ she was out." Terri points out as she watches the other for a moment, "She didn't really care about us, or the fact that there was one man left inside. Sorry, that got to me quite a bit. The overall impression that I got from all of you, was that you all could have cared less about us. You were just there to get her out, and that was it. We were.. freebies on the side."

"If it wasn't for her, we would never have known about you guys. she blew her cover for you" Tilly points out from where she leans against Watlings desk.

"For that I'm grateful, but you know, she could have made slightly different comments that afternoon." Terri points out. "Sure, she blew her cover for us, but you know, she didn't have to seem to blame us? Or whatever she was doing. Hell if I know. It was a sucky ass situation, and by the end of it, didn't exactly feel like you wanted to be there saving us at all."

"Because everyone wants to be in a gunfight" Tilly mutters,s haking her head. "I gotta go, cause unlike you, I'm not on duty. So, enjoy the food and I'll have someone messenger over the files, and who knows, we might be done this sooner than later and have some perp in jail for his crimes" There's a lift of her hand, a one off salute to the detective before she starts heading for the exit.

Terri just quirks a brow upwards, but then nods, "Sure. I'll let Watling know when I see him so we can get together and talk it over further." A pause, "Thanks for the food."

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