Just a Little Con


Where: Corinthian Casino

When: Sunday, August 5th 2012

What: Kenneth attempt to con a pretty tourist out of some money using the talent scout method.

Casinos are absolute smorgasbords for the confidence trickster. Full of people shipped in from the sticks who don't know anyone in town, who will leave before long, and who carry plenty of cash. What's more, so many of these people believe that they're lucky people, people whose ship is just about to come in, any minute now. People who have money to spend and lust after more of it. Kenneth is stalking his prey at a casino bar.

Not the most expensive casino in town, but no penny-ante place either, he's chosen it carefully. Today he's got on a t-shirt with something artsy printed on it, a blazer worn open over that, and a pair of expensive jeans, the kind you pay extra to have roughed up a little with a cheese-grater before you purchase them. He's got an easy smile on his face, and the prey he's hunting is any woman in her mid- to late twenties who looks like she has a little money.

There's a few of those here, some of them even have their own money, or someone else's to spend. There's a handful of them at the bar, ordering drinks and letting their laughter filter through the lounge here in the Aphrodite in the Corinthian's casino. With the arrival of multiple martini glasses filled with a pink concoction, they part ways and left behind is one, to pick up the tab and wait for the rest of the drinks to come.

Prime pickings.

Kenneth takes his time scanning the bar, watching the girls depart but moving past them as if they meant nothing to him. But then he pauses, watching the last girl at the bar a while before he steps her way. "Excuse me," he says politely, tilting his head slightly as though curious about this woman. "I'm sorry, do you have a moment?"

The brunette, petite and fine in features turns to Kenneth as he inquires about her time. "I could…." She draws out, giving Ken a quick once over and declaring him not a threat, seems to relax a fraction.

Kenneth beams a smile at the girl. "Thank you," he says. "I'm sorry to approach you in the middle of a bar like this, but it's kind of my job." He passes over a business card that reads 'Michael Huntington, Talent Agent, Sunrise Modeling Agency.' "I couldn't help but notice you. You can call me Mike, by the way."

there's a raise of her brows and a flush that spreads across her cheek, obviously a bit impressed and flustered. A talent agent, passing her his card. slender fingers take the card to look at it before looking up at him. "Hi Mike. Call me Penny" She offers him a smile. "Talent agent huh?"

"That's right," Ken-as-Mike answers, smiling. "I'm with one of the newer agencies in town. We just expanded out this way a few months ago, so we're still looking for new faces in the area, and…" he gives a slightly sheepish smile, "I couldn't help noticing yours. You wouldn't happen to be local, by any chance, would you?"

"I'm not actually. I'm here with my girlfriends from wyoming" There's a gesture with her forefinger to her friends who are all watching her with a great deal of interest, even as the bartender is bringing over the last two drink, appletini's from the look of them.

"Wyoming?" Ken asks, lifting his eyebrows. "Wow, that's pretty far away." He looks disappointed. "Man, I was really thinking I found somebody," he laments. He sits there quietly for a moment before something seems to occur to him: "Hey. Wyoming's not too far from Colorado, right?"

"Borders it" She offers up to Ken, her face falling a bit. "But yeah, few hours drive from where we live" She pulls her own drink close, toying with the wedge of apple on it's rim and looking at him. "Found somebody for what?"

"Well, like I said, we're looking for new faces down here, since we just started up our Las Vegas branch," Ken says slowly, as if the thoughts are just occurring to him, "But we also have an office in Boulder, Colorado that's looking for a new face to do a national cosmetics campaign. I can't help thinking you've got the perfect face for it," he says, smiling. "I mean, we'd have to go through the usual formalities, but if I recommended you, I bet you'd be a shoe-in. Is that something you'd be interested in?"

"Well, it wouldn't be that too far a drive. If you think they'd be interested" Clearly, this is one person clueless to how scouting actually works. "What would the formalities be?" carefully, she takes a sip of her appletini, Penny's attention fully on Ken and no longer on her girlfriends.

"The biggest thing would be the portfolio. You need to have an official portfolio to apply," Ken explains. "You don't happen to have a modeling portfolio, do you?" he wonders.

"If I didn't have a talent manager, Mike, odds are I don't have a portfolio" Penny points out to him.

"That's true," Ken agrees, bobbing his head with a concerned expression. He frowns thoughtfully. "Well, the only thing I could think of is for me to quickly do a portfolio for you and send it up to Boulder with my recommendation. But maybe that's too much trouble. When do you go back home?"

You say "Tomorrow" There's a tch of her tongue, marking it as an unfortunate thing. "We were only in for the weekend, sorry. But I can totally call the agency when we get back..?" Penny is fishing, it seems, to see if that's an appropriate thing to do."

Kenneth pulls his lips to one side and shakes his head. "The Boulder office is way more strict than we are down here. They won't deal with anybody who doesn't have an offical portfolio that matches their specifications." He looks at her face, then seems to feel pity. "Look, I wouldn't normally offer this, but we're in a real time crunch, obviously, and…frankly, scoring a really beautiful new face would win me some serious points with the higher-ups, so…listen. If you can spare half an hour right now, I can take the portfolio shots for you. Before I became a talent scout, I worked for the agency as a photographer, so I know exactly how they format the portfolios and everything. I can get the shots developed and bound here, and then ship them up to you in time for you to make it to the audition. What do you think?" he wonders. "I mean, if you're busy, I can always try to find someone else…"

Penny is biting her lips before shaking her head. "Sorry. I'm here with the girls, and we have tickets to a show in an hour." The card is picked back up, handed back to him. "But good luck, you know, on finding someone else. Maybe they'll have more time and be closer to here?' She's trying to let him down gently it seems.

"Man, that's really too bad," Kenneth says, shaking his head unhappily. "They would've loved you. Listen, if you change your mind later, just give me a call at the number listed, okay? It was nice meeting you. Even if you don't model for us, you should consider giving it a try sometime!" He gets up from his stool.

the card is taken back again, to be tucked into the pocket of her knee's, nodding to 'Mike'. "Sure. Like I said, good luck on finding someone else" Her drink is collected then, heading back to her group of female friends who all collapse on her to find out what was going on,

Which leaves Ken with the rest of the night and many more women to attempt his con job on and maybe, he'll be successful. But not with Penny it seems.

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