Kafto Aporrito II

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Where: Paris Hotel

When: August 29, 2012; Evening

What: At a convention filled with people, government and military alike, some people might find exactly what they need, or find people who need exactly what they have.

It's been interesting, to say the least, here at the convention in The Paris. Security has been tight, as evident by the rechecking of ID's in relation to the passes, and even going so far as to being made to produce the letters of sponsorship that were included.

Whomever passed them over to everyone, knew what he was doing.

But they are in and wandering around. Signs proclaim the various conference rooms that are being used for demonstrations or training, event hall this way, exit that way. Military people abound, as well as government individuals who are dressed much like the trio were smart to dress in. Business casual.

Raleigh waits outside of the area where they check the passes and letters for Zan and Bailey like they had agreed upon before. She has a purse sling over one shoulder to hold her things and the envelope containing her letter and pass in her hand. She idly taps the envelope against the palm of her hand as she paces slightly back and forth slightly as she waits, her eyes searching around the area for her two companions.

It's not long before Bailey arrives, a little black purse slung over her shoulder. It doesn't have much in it, as she suspects that it will be searched, but she has her ID, both regular and for the conference along with the letter, the copy thumb drive she'd made, and another essential or two. Nothing more. Giving Raleigh a little wave as she approaches, she says, "Well, ain't this a fancy happening, running into you here." She smirks, looking about. "Strange, this. Still wish I knew why we were invited, exactly."

"Hey," comes Zan's voice, breaking through the milling pedestrians outside the hotel. He weaves past a couple of people and stops where Bailey and Raleigh wait, eyes focused upon the front doors and all the security. "Sorry," he apologizes for his tardiness, the word distracted or just well practiced with his often being late to these sorts of functions.

"Well, no sense in waiting outside," he says after a moment, looking at the two women. His head tilts toward the doors and the security detail a beat before he starts toward them. Papers and identification are already produced from various pockets before he even reaches the suits ensuring all who are entering are part of the party. There's a faint challenging look, a small lift of his brows as if to put aside any doubts that he should be present.

Ten minutes later, the trio is past security, in with the rest of the attendee's, ID's and letters checked.

Welcome to the convention and to hopefully an answer to why they were all passed these passes. A stand holds various maps of the layout of the hotel, where things are being held, and a quick grab by someone will show the meeting room in question isn't listed as being used by anyone, but there is a room. And they have fifeen minutes to get there.

Raleigh looks around the area as she slips the envelope into her purse, the card containing the date, time and room number still being held in her hands. She glances around the area, looking at the various military personnel present, feeling extremely out of place. She glances down at the card she holds before she looks around to see if she can tell where the room is located. "We should find out where the room we're suppose to be is at. That way we won't be late for the appointment." She says as she looks to her two companions.

"Hmph." Bailey looks about idly. "I don't like security check points." She mutters more to herself than to the others. Her eyes glance about at the various people sauntering about the room. "I still have a hard time trying to figure out why we, of all people, were invited." But, as long as she's at a technology conference, she might as well have someone look at the thumb drive and all. A glance is given to Raleigh. "Yeah, I suppose we should figure out where the room is. Don't wanna be late or nothin'."

For his part, Zan doesn't seem at all bothered by the others attending the conference. Nor the security presence. For all his rebellious stance against the events his father runs, they've provided practice for not appearing too out of place in similar settings. "I'm sure we'll find out why," he responds. Like Raleigh, he's looking at the various doors and schedules as they mill and mull over the wheres and whyfors.

A glance goes to Raleigh's still present card, looking over the time and location. "Think it's this way," he suggests, taking steps to head along one hallway.

Raleigh glances towards Bailey as she speaks, nodding her head as she chuckles. "Well, since this is a private conference, I can understand the security. Especially with all these military folk." She says before she turns her attention to Zan as he starts to heads off in a direction. She moves to follow him, her eyes scanning over the various people present as well as looking into the various rooms to try and see what's going on inside the ones they pass as well as looking to see if the room number matches the one on the card.

Ballroom type rooms, filled with large projection screens and individuals who are sitting and listening, it's really very uneventful and tame compared to most conferences. But the trio eventually makes it to the appointed room and a quick peek in shows it fairly empty except for a guy, working away at a laptop. Dark haired, glasses, button down and tie, his focus is the screen and not the scooby gang.

"Never said I didn't understand it. Just…nevermind." Bailey shakes her head as they start their way toward the room that's listed for them to go to. Once she peeks in and takes a few steps in, she notices the man. She takes a few more steps forward, looking at the other two. "Hello?" She calls to the man. "Are we in the right room?" She furrows her brow, and holds up her letter, as if he can see it and figure out the room number that's written on it.

Zan glances between Raleigh and Bailey while they talk. However most of his attention is given over to finding the right room. He pauses at one when Bailey pokes her head inside, then follows her in after taking a glance up and down the hall. His invitation and all isn't brought out to be shown again. Not yet. But he's looking curiously at the man at the table.

Without waiting for an answer or further invite, the mayor's boy starts wandering deeper into the room. His gaze lifts to take in the rest of the decor, looking at walls and ceiling as much as the man working on the computer, studying everything as much as he can while looking casual about it. Hopefully.

Raleigh glances around the room as Bailey addresses the man inside, her eyes moving towards the one on the laptop. She raises an eyebrow as she walks into the room, watching the man on the computer for a moment before she looks towards Zan and Bailey for a moment, not sure what she's expecting to happen here. (repose)

the screen is blank, not in use, though the man at the computer is looking up at the three with very raised brows as if surprised to see them all there. "uhm, that depends…" He looks like he belongs, here with the others normally attending. He looks between all three. "I was told by someone that I would be needed here but I didn't see anyone when I came in…."

"Depends on…?" Bailey rolls her eyes, more at herself than at the man on the computer. "I suppose it would depend on what room our letters say." She frowns. "Alright, well now, did anyone tell you what exactly you'd be doing here? Or what the presentation was going to be on? Do you, well, know anything about what's to happen in this room?"

"Some sly looking guy give you a mystery invitation too," Zan asks. He angles around the table to take a seat next to the computer guy. His hands fold together and rest against the edge of the table, his gaze rests on the stranger. "Someone vaguely familiar but in a way you can't quite figure out? Or someone that spontaneously turns invisible?" The last question is absolutely serious, not a hint of jest to it anywhere.

"No mystery invitation" He offers to Zan and the others, face turning this way and then that as each speaks. "I was told that I needed to be here, that there'd be something for me to work on that really needed to be done" Beyond that, he just shrugs, then offers his hand to Zan and then to the others "Justin. Justin Ackerman"

Raleigh tilts her head slightly as she listens to Zan and Justin talk, an eyebrow raising as Zan mentions the invisible part as she can't believe what he just said without laughing. She shrugs and shakes her head slightly before she looks back to Justin as he introduces himself. "Raleigh." She offers, withholding her last name.

"Well, that's that then." Bailey merely shrugs. "We're all just where we're suppose to be, then." She nods firmly, looking about the very common looking conference room, empty except for them. "Bailey." She offers in an idle tone, also not giving her last name. "So, you're a tech guy, are ya, Justin? Know your way around technology and the like?"

"Alexander Caldecott," Zan responds, for the moment eschewing his preferred moniker as well as taking the proffered handshake. "No name for whoever told you to be here? Or idea of what kind of work you're supposed to be doing? Or why… here and not in any of the other reserved ballrooms?" He leans back in his chair a little, taking a second to glance toward the doorway. Just a quick break from watching the man and then he's watching him once more.

They're watching, Justin doing nothing with his hands in his laps. But all three get a text message on their cell phones while he offers a smile. "Little more than a tech guy. I work for a private company with government contracts. I'm here attending the conference on behalf of them"

On their phones though, when they pull them up, no number that it came from, is a message. I was told that you had a situation that my unique skills were needed for. That you were unique like myself

Raleigh listens to Justin, Bailey and Zan as they speak, remaining quiet for the most part. She finds a place to sit down as she listens before her phone goes off with an incoming text. She digs her phone out of her purse and checks the message. What's written on the text causes her eyes widen slightly as a look of shock registers on her face. She blinks twice before she looks up at Justin for a few seconds before her eyes move to Bailey and Zan in turn. Her mouth hangs open slightly as she still reels from the surprise. "What the…"

"Oooh, a private company you say? And with government contracts?" Bailey gazes upon Justin with interest. There's always business to be had with private companies. Or so she's heard. She has never actually taken part in such dealings herself, but there has always been mutterings. As her phone sets off, along with the others, to tell her that there's a text message, she holds up a finger to Justin as if to say, 'Just give me a minute.' Once she has pulled her phone out of her purse, the look on her face goes from curiosity to confusion in a matter of seconds. She exchanges the glance with Raleigh before looking up at Justin. "You know anything about this text? This text talking about being unique?"

Zan's phone comes out as well, just about the same time as the others bring out theirs. He stares at the message for a long moment, surprise hidden behind a look of thought. He turns off the screen and sets his phone, face up on the table in front of himself, one hand resting upon it as if still considering. A brow raises when Raleigh speaks, and his eyes flick in Bailey's direction when she voices her questions. But for the moment, he says nothing, eventually returning his gaze to Justin. There's just a hint of a dare in his expression, a challenge for the man to do it again.

There's a glance to all three then to Zan's cell, answering them all. Yes. The message sent to just Zan's this time. You show me your's I'll show you mine. Justin remains seated, where he is. Suddenly looking nervous. Like maybe this was a wrong move.

Raleigh bites her lower lip for a moment before she looks at the phone again, not knowing what to think if what she suspects is true. She slips her phone into her purse again, her body starting to shake slightly. Her attention glances towards Bailey, meeting her gaze for a moment before she looks to Zan again and finally sets upon Justin again as Bailey speaks to him.

"Dios mio." Murmurs Bailey. "Let me guess, you got some sort of ability that makes you able to like, connect to technology or something?" She sighs. "First an invisible guy, now this. Look, I dunno how I'm gonna be useful. I might be 'unique', but I don't know how that could be useful to you." She pauses for a moment before saying, "Wait I minute, You aren't with that guy who shot me are you? He had an invisible person with him. If you are, I ain't helping you what so ever!"

His phone is lifted again, with the incoming texts. Zan's brows tick upward at the challenge, and there might be a slight curling of his lips, the beginning of a grin. He glances toward Raleigh and Bailey before responding, though, a small frown presenting itself with the latter's reveal of being shot. But it's gone again when he returns his attention to Justin.

The phone is placed back on the table as he stands. He takes a moment to straighten his tie, then walks around the table to the door. Very quietly, the mayor's son pushes the door closed, to lock out the rest of the conference and conceal himself and the other three in some semblance of privacy. "I will," he says finally, to Justin. "But not in here. And only after you explain a few things."

Hands go up, he's not the invisible man, has no clue if the puzzled look on his face is any clue. "Something like that though. With technology. Some things elude me, but…. I'm pretty good." He looks over to Zan, then back to the other two. "I don't know if I can explain much of anything, I was just told that I'd be of use to one of you"

Raleigh looks to Bailey as she speaks again to Justin, an eyebrow raising slightly at the mention of abilities. Yes, she's got one herself, but until now, she had always thought she was the only one. She finally speaks to the woman. "You have an ability?" She asks her before she looks to Zan as he closes the doors to the room, blinking again at his words. Since she didn't get the text message that he did, she doesn't know what he's talking about. She looks back to Justin as he speaks, not sure what to think right now.

Still looking on cautiously, Bailey finally nods. "If you've got a thing for computers, than I've got use for you." There's a glance to Raleigh as she whispers to her, "We'll talk about that later." Slowly she walks forward, toward Justin. "Last time I tried to get someone's help with a little bit of technology, I ended up getting shot and having the original copy of the thumb drive taken from me. I do not want a repeat of that." She speaks firmly. She reaches into her purse as she makes her final approach to table. Gently, she places a thumb drive next to the computer. "I want to know what's on this. I want to know now. Got that?"

Crossing the room again, Zan returns to his seat and his phone, a glance passing toward Raleigh and Bailey, considering. His hand covers the phone again as he sits, finger tapping against the screen while he regards Justin for a long moment. And while he's sure he has no use for anyone with the guy's particular… skills, at this time, he does have questions. Those are put on hold, when Bailey comes forward with a use for the man, and his eyes tick toward the drive and back up, expectant.

"Seriously, what do you have like national secrets on here or something?" Because none of them look like the kind of person who would be carrying around something worth getting shot for. He plucks up the drive and after a moments hesitation, is plugging it into his computer before laying a hand on it. "Be a minute" And just like that, he zones out. Like the lights are on, but there's not actually anybody home.

Raleigh nods her head once as Bailey whispers to her before she gives Zan a glance before her attention once again falls on Justin as he takes the drive and plugs it into his computer. She watches the man as he zones out on the computer, doing whatever it is that he does. She remains silent as she watches, awaiting the results and the news of what is on the drive.

A light 'tap tap tap' comes from one of Bailey's feet as she taps away in impatience, her arms crossed. Apparently any amount of time feels too long for her right now. She just wants to know what's on that drive. Whatever it is, she hopes it's worth it. If not, she'll be angry. But at least the issue will, hopefully, be resolved. One way or another.

Turning in his seat, Zan looks at the two women while Justin goes to work. He yet looks expectant, as if there's something he's waiting for either to say or do. His phone is pulled off the table and put into his pocket again. The look lasts only a few seconds, and maybe there's something he's debating telling them as well. But then he turns back to face Justin again, and he even leans around to look at the computer screen to see if anything has shown up there.

The screen is moving, fast, the screen scrolling through who knows what. But it's active and it pauses at one point, a few minutes in and Justin seems to take a deep breath before looking at Bailey. "The tapping is pretty annoying, can you stop? I need to concentrate" and then, as quick as he was 'there' he's gone again, features relaxing and the screen commences from where it stopped.

Ten minutes passes total before there's life again in him and he's pulling his hands away from the computer. On the screen is a list. Last names, first, age, location, a confirmed, suspected or negative beside various names. He turns it to show the three of them. "I don't know what this is, but it was pretty hard. Lots of roadblocks. It wasn't meant to be opened unless you knew how and even then, I don't know what it means, do you?"

Raleigh spends the ten minutes lost in her thoughts as her mind races. As soon as she hears Justin's voice again as he finishes what he's doing. As soon as she hears what he says, she stands from her seat and moves over to the laptop to check what they're talking about on the screen, looking over the names on the list and the other information. She shakes her head in regards to Justin's question. "I haven't got a clue. Can we all get a copy of this?" She asks after a moment of looking over the list. If it's important, having multiple copies may be a good idea.

As she's asked to stop the tapping, Bailey rolls her eyes and walks to the closest chair, sitting down. She spends the time staring at the ceiling, trying to think of things to keep her occupied. When he finally does speak again, she nearly runs to the table to look at what he has found. "Names…" She frowns. "Means nothing to me. But if it was given to me, I wonder." She looks between them all before she says, "Hey, can you tell if my name is in there? Bailey Lincoln. If I got this list, I want to know if I'm in it at all."

Ten minutes is a long time, but Zan spends it watching the screen. His expression goes from neutral to slightly frowning, a crease set between his eyebrows. His gaze moves over the screen, line by line as he can, trying to pick out anything as the display moves to quickly to just read. When it finally stops he redoubles his efforts to read the names showing. He even lifts a hand to scroll the screen a few lines.

"I think copies for myself and Raleigh would be a good idea," he agrees quietly. "Justin, who sent you to help with this? Who do you work for?"

"I work for General Dynamics. They sent me to the conference. But they didn't send me here to this room. I flew in for the conference and uhh, an envelope was slid under the door to my hotel room. Had the number of this room and a time, date." He shrugs, letting Zan scroll, looking for Bailey's name, but it's not on there.

Zan's name is, however, vegas, and the words 'Confirmed'.

Raleigh leans in as Bailey asks if her name is there, curious as well. She gives her a glance as her name isn't found, but then leans back slightly as Zan's name is found. She blinks for a moment before she looks at him then to Justin. "What about me? Raleigh Kerrigan." She asks, her voice slightly soft as if nervous for the answer. She chews on her bottom list as she awaits the results.

Bailey nods, listening to Justin's story. "Sounds about similar to the rest of us. Random envelope telling us when and where and so on." However, her attention is immediately drawn to Zan, as his name appears. "Got an explination for that?" She waves her hand at the screen. "Fancy, your name on there. And you're 'confirmed' too, whatever that means."

"Where'd you get this," Zan asks, a sliver of nervousness touched into his tone. He looks at Bailey, for just a minute, then resumes scrolling through the names. Line by line he goes, skimming over the letters on display, the crease in his brow deepening as he goes on. "I don't. Not yet. But I'm taking this and making a copy of it. You can come with, or meet me tomorrow." Either way, he's getting a copy.

"Do you guys have things I could copy this onto…. because.. this is a really big file. I mean, it took up all of this drive…" Justin points out, looking between the three again, even as Raleigh isn't finding her name on it either. There's no indications still, to know what this list is, but it's pretty expansive, and isn't for just vegas alone.

Raleigh nods her head in agreement with Bailey as she tells about the envelopes. She glances up to Zan once more as Bailey addresses him before her attention is drawn to Justin as he speaks again. "How big is the file? Only thing I have on me is my phone. You have anything that you can do to get us copies?" She asks him, relief evident in her voice when her name isn't on the list.

"This is the only drive I have on me. Wasn't expecting that I'd be needing make more copies any time soon." Bailey shakes her head. "I'm sure we can figure something out. And…this is unlocked completely now, right? I won't have to come back to you every time I want to get it open again?" She looks from person to person for a few minutes before looking back at Justin. "Is there any indication on the thumb drive about who it belongs to? Or anything else about these names?"

"Not with me," Zan answers. He finally looks away from the screen, giving Bailey a look. He'll be getting answers from her next. "I have access to high capacity cards, so long as this is accessible again when we leave." He looks up at Raleigh, a brief glance really, then to Justin again. He holds out his hand for the thumb drive.

"gimme your phones. Between the three of you, I should be able to chunk at least some of it on your phones. The rest, well.. It's too well done for even me, so once I stop fiddling, I won't be able to fix it so that you guys can access. Who ever did this.. it's good. But I can get you a big chunk of it at least" He holds a hand out for a phone, ready to start divying up information it seems between all three.

Raleigh digs her phone out of her purse and hands it to Justin. "We can head over to Zan's place after we're done here and copy the chucks we have onto his drive." She says as she looks to Zan and Bailey to see if they think it's a good idea or not. Her eyes move around the room, scanning the area before her eyes return back to the screen on the laptop.

"Fine. Onto our phones then." Bailey pulls her phone out again and places it onto the table. "But one way or another, the drive is coming home with me tonight. I ain't letting it out of my sight." It isn't said specifically to Zan. She just doesn't want anyone to take it. "And you, Mister. If I wanted to get into it, then, when you're not so readily available, would you be able to suggest how I might do that?"

"You lost the copy of the drive," Zan points out patiently as he pulls his phone out of his pocket and passes it to Justin. "And you said you were shot in the process. You really think the drive is going to be safe in your possession?" Especially since it's got his name on that list. "It needs to be locked up somewhere, not toted around or left at home where anyone can find it."

"Find someone as incredibly talented as I am?" Is Justin's only suggestion as he holds in sequence each phone in his hand and a palm on the computer. All three will find there's no space left for things like new apps or the like on their phone as there's a file on there to be plucked off. "Lady, Bailey I mean, I'm not from here. I'm from North Carolina. I can't do anything for you from there. So, I'll copy as much as I can, but after that…" After that, it's up to them.

Raleigh retrieves the phone when Justin is done with it as she looks to Zan and Bailey, letting them decide who takes the drive home with them. If Bailey got shot over it, she'll pass. She'll just take part of it and maybe she'll just get a beating. She returns her attention to Justin once again. "Thanks for the help." She says as she scrolls through her phone to find the file that was just added to it.

"I lost it, yes. But notice I still have this? If I let it out of my grasp, it'd be just as bad as the first time!" Bailey pauses for a moment before saying, "Well, not as bad. But I've got a safe place for it. That's how I've kept the copy as long as I have." She give him a little smile. Once the copies are onto their phones, she takes her phone and immediately plucks the thumbs drive out of the computer. "And, I've gotta say, my dear mayor's son, that I still don't know you or trust you well enough yet to let you keep this. I may not be able to open it up without the help of someone like Justin here," She gives him a little nod, "But I'd rather have it and know where it is. I do hope you understand." She turns to Justin and smiles, "I must thank you, though. While I don't know what the list means, it's still more than what I knew before! You've been marvellous!"

"Seems we're both in the same boat," Zan says. His own phone is given enough regard to find its way into his pocket again. He stands, putting the conundrum from his mind long enough to look at Justin. "Thank you for your help with this matter. You ever make it back to town, I'll have you over for beer and pizza."

"If I'm ever back" he's looking at the time, starting to close up shop. "I have a conference I have to go attend. Uhh… just… be careful with that. Kay?" He seems content to leave them to their list.

Raleigh slips her phone back into her purse after she can't find the file, but sees that she's out of space. She looks up two Zan and Bailey as they speak, trying to decide who gets the drive. As Justin starts to excuse himself, she offers him a wave of her hand. "Thanks again for your help." She says as she watches him until he leaves the room before she returns her attention back to Bailey and Zan.

"You have fun at your little conference there, Justin." Bailey offers him a little wave of her fingers as she starts to walk toward the door. Midway she stops and tilts her head at Zan. "You may want the thumb drive, but just remember: Algo es algo; menos es nada. I'm sure you can find someone to translate that for you." She smiles. Waving to both Zan and Raleigh, "I've got to find a good place to hide all of this. Let's meet up and recap soon. Maybe at the tattoo shop, or at a coffee shop or something." And with that, she turns back around and, opening the door, leaves.

Bailey is given another longer, more considering look. Zan waits until she's gone from the room before giving a look to Raleigh. "I'll be in touch," he states with some finality. He doesn't wait for her, either, but takes leave of the room. He takes a glance up and down the hall before he sets to finding his way out of the hotel and away from the conference.

Raleigh offers a nod to both Bailey and Zan as they make their departures. "Sure thing. You know where to find me." She offers before they leave. Then, she's left alone in the room. She looks around the now empty room for a moment before she heads out herself to enjoy the rest of the conference.

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