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Where: Freemont Street

When: August 8th 2012

What: On Freemont street, things go down and some people walk away with something more than they came there with.

The streets of vegas, off of Freemont are packed with the tourists who are trying to get in vacations with families before school starts. It's filled with business people who are in town for conventions, college and university students gearing up for a new semester, locals who just want a diversion and a pretty even crosssection of the USA's populace.

Overhead, there's a teenager screaming as he zooms down a zipline, having just paid 15 bucks for the privilege of potentially dying here in vegas should ropes snap this early evening. In this medley of people both local and foreign, is a man. Charcoal stuit, grey tie and shirt, soft sided briefcase, he - like likely others in the city - take in the atmosphere. There's an increase in suited individuals given there's some sort of tech conference going on right now. he tall blonde looks left, then right, hand settling and resettling on the handle of the briefcase, a casino plastic cup in his other hand, weighed down with his winning.

Kenneth is quietly and earnestly talking to some middle-aged woman. She doesn't seem to know him, but she's listening to a story he's telling, at times quite bashfully, at times teeming with earnestness. Most of what he's saying gets swallowed up by the crowd.

Jason is here on business, finishing up his summer job before he moves onto the start of the fall semester and the start of football season. The team was already starting two a days next week, so Jason was taking the time to enjoy a rare bit of freedom while out on the town. He watches the kid on the zip line and shakes his head. "Never in a million years."

And mingled into the mix here, are a selection of plains-clothes cops headed by Terri and her partner. With a picture in her hand, the blond detective looks at the image, then hands it off to the man at her side before starting to walk, scanning those nearby to see if the face is seen, brows furrowed slightly. "Don't see 'em yet.." The words are spoken aside to her partner before her gaze is drawn to the kid on the zipline that goes zooming above. Nope, not the guy either. Back to work.

In a casino uniform, seeming unclear as to whether she's going to work or leaving, is a young latina woman. Bailey. At present, she's on her cell, talking and walking. "Yeah, I know…I know…I KNOW! Just chill. Nineteen eighty-four. Yeah, I know that's the name of the book and not the price, okay?" She rolls her eyes and shakes her head, rubbing the back of her neck. Some people! She sighs, listening to somebody talk to her on and on, apparently, about a book.

Among the crowd oohing and aahing at the zip liners, Jamison Finnegan blends in easily enough — just another Vegas tourist-slash-conference-goer in a suit today. The man in the suit with the briefcase catch his gaze as he sweeps it across the streetscape. "«Your 3:00»" he murmurs lightly. The Bluetooth ear piece in his left ear is a common enough sight that it won't grab any attention; people have long since been used to people looking like they're talking to themselves since the invention of the technology.

«Stuck behind a fat lady» Can be heard in Finnegan's ear as his partner is somewhere nearby but not near enough. But eventually Jeremie - another tall blonde - spots the individual in question, and begins to move that way. «Shit, is that… Finnegan, we got plainclothes everywhere»

The man in question stiffens, lifting his face a fraction, nostrils flaring before he suddenly looks spooked. A glance left, then right and he's running. Towards Terri and her little posse which garners the attention of Watling who hits her on the shoulder and points discreetly to the running man. "Suspect, one o'clock Terri" Somewhere, there's swat team at the ready.

And with that, the man runs into Bailey with enough force to cause her phone to drop and the two of them go tumbling to the ground. Kenneth meanwhile, and Jason as well are privvy to the scene unfolding directly in front of them, close enough to touch.

Jason watches as the collision happens before his eyes and he quickly tosses what is left of his caramel frapachino into a garbage can as he moves quickly to help up the woman, offering her a hand. "Everything okay? Nothing is broken is it?"
When hit on the shoulder, Terri turns to follow her partner's gesture, finally spying the suspect. Nodding to Watling, she speaks into a com unit, and turns to intercept the man, only to watch instead as he goes running into Bailey. "Everything alright?" Her words echo those of Jason, who earns a look of surprise from the Detective when he's seen there.
Finnegan pages: do we have like fake badges ala home sec or fbi or anything like that or just on our own in that vein?

Seeing somebody run through a crowd isn't exactly that odd an experience in a city. "Huh," Ken says, stepping back out of the way so he won't get smacked into, himself. He recognizes Bailey, though. "Hey! You okay?" he calls to her.

"Yes…I heard you th-" There is an evident 'oof' that emits from Bailey as her phone falls from her hand and she goes tumbling in a pile with whoever-it-was who bumbed into. "Hey! Watch where you're goin'!" She mutters. Pushing the other person away from her, she slowly makes the attempt to stand up. After a few seconds, she takes Jason's offered hand and, with his help, pops herself onto her feet. "I'll…" She rubs the back of her head. "That'll leave a nasty bump." She shrugs, giving the others a 'What can I do?' sort of look. Finding her phone nearby, the back fallen off, battery fallen out, and screen cracked in a spiderweb like shape, she sighs. "That's what I get for buying a crappy phone."

"«He's running. You forget to shower, partner?»" quips Finnegan as their target suddenly bolts. The agent moves to give chase, starting to weave and around those in the crowd as one hand pulls out a badge and the other a gun. Both flash in the neon lights.

"FBI, get inside!" Finn shouts to those in the crowd who look startled, and once he's clear enough, he takes off after the runner in earnest.

Jason looks up from the woman he is helping up to the other woman that he does know, knows very well, across from him. "Terri? What are you doing here, I tried calling you but all I got was voice mail." That is when Jason hears a man shout "FBI" and this causes Jason to give a better look at the person that caused the collision in the first place.

Kenneth lifts his eyebrows at these badges and all this running. "I guess we better get inside," he says matter-of-factly. "You know someplace nice nearby?" he asks Bailey.

"Sorry, sorry" Some coins had gone flying from his cup, but he was smooth with it when going down and very little had slipped. Everyone is helping her up, and He is getting to his feet, briefcase slid away from him and landed at Kenneth's feet. The man's nostrils flare again, looking directly at Terri, and then down to her waist, eyes settling on just about every plain clothes that's filtering in.

He looks over to Finnegan when he calls out and he's bolting again. The cup of coins tossed up into the air, bringing with it a shower of coins in the form of chips - many different denominations marked with the Corinthian seals - raining down on everyone. The purpose soon evident when instead of scattering like they would with the bellow of FBI, they rush forward and scrabble to try and grab a chip. People block off Terri and Watling, Makes it infinately harder for Finnegan to move forward and for Jeremie to make any headway either.

The man brushes past Jason, his shoulder connecting with the footballers, making contact for a handful of seconds before he's continuing forward.

Eyes meet, Terri knowing the man is about to bolt again, and reaches out for him, only to come up empty-handed. "Stop that man!" It's an attempt to get someone to either stop him, or at least trip him up, or give direction to those other cops nearby. As the crowd swarms to try and get their piece of the money that's been carelessly thrown away by the blond, she shoves someone to the side out of her way.

Kenneth isn't about to touch that briefcase. Hell, no. Whatever's in it could be the reason men with badges are chasing that other guy. Instead, he moves forward, not to grab chips himself, but to help up some of the people who have gone down on their hands and knees to get them, or gotten knocked down in the crush. "Are you all right, ma'am?" he inquires solicitously of one lady he helps up, patting her on the back.

Hearing that Terri wants the man that just brushed by Jason caught, he didn't wait a second, well honed reflexes coming into gear and Jason is off, already picking up full speed by his third stride, a testament to his training and natural athleticism. He pours it on in an effort to run the man down. Run him down and to try to tackle him to the ground.

"You can go find yourself inside somewhere if you want, Connecticut, but whatever's going on here, I wanna watch!" Bailey says to Ken, watching the scene unfold. Kneeling down, to get one of the chips, she looks at it closely. "Damn…these are Corinthian chips! They come from where I work!" She laughs, though there's only a little bit of humour in it.. "Boy, this is gonna be fun to see at work, tonnes of people waltzing in with only a few chips." She smirks, though she pockets the single chip that she picked up.

There's a few well chosen swears from Finnegan when the man tosses his chips (better than his cookies) and he manages to leap frog the first person who drops at his feet tripping him up. He spies the briefcase getting tossed — if it's what they're looking to retrieve, he's not about to abandon it.

"«Keep on him, I'm going to grab that case,»" he tells Jeremie as he moves in that direction, dodging the people grabbing free chips as well as he can. If his feet smash some fingers as they reach, he's kind enough to toss a "Sorry!" or a "Pardon!" in his Virginian drawl.

There's screams of outrage from people who Jason is plowing over, shoving to the side as he hoofs it like a running back that he is. Somewhere, someone's going to have a broken nose as his knee connects with their nose. It's going to hurt. And yet, Jason can't quite catch up to the runner in question as there's a gunshot ringing out and the all too familiar sound and feeling of a tranq dart sinks into his shoulder. Things are about to get woozey. as Jeremie misses his intended target and is lining up for a chance at a second shot.

Bailey succeeds in slipping a chip into her pocket, even as Finnegan is scooping up the briefcase, securing whatever it is that's inside it even as people - there's a screaming kid or two in surprise and fear of the chaos - still scramble and squabble over the chips. It's adjacent to Kenneths feet as he's helping someone up, that a small black flashdrive can be seen, jostled in the fray, in danger of being stepped on.

Terri can hear the gunshot, but not where it comes from, even as the runner seems to stop and reach into his jacket in an attempt to pull something out.

"Get down!" Terri attempts to shout at people as the gunshot rings out, cursing at people who still scramble about the ground at her feet. Pushing people out of the way, she attempts to follow after the runner who Jason is already chasing. "Someone get his ass!" That into a com to the other cops in the area, hoping that someone might head the man off. She's following, but likely still a distance back from where the blond man is.

Kenneth bends down and palms the flashdrive on the way to helping somebody else out. "Wow, this is quite a press, huh? You've gotta be careful," he says, letting the flashdrive slip down his sleeve.

Jason feels something slam into his shoulder from the back, a direction he didn't expect. He looses his stride and starts to tumble, picking at his shoulder and feeling something there, and to him it is something very familiar. A night out, someone in a parking lot, and now, much like before, Jason starts to get tunnel vision as his face impacts with the concrete of the sidewalk…hard.

The gunshot draws some surprise from Bailey, but she doesn't run from the area. Not yet. Instead, she makes her way over to Ken and stands next to him. "They teach you to be the ever curteous gentleman back in Connecticut, huh, Connecticut?" She nods her head in the direction that the unseen shot came in. "See, if you'd've gone inside, you would've missed all this excitement." She pats him on the back. "Welcome to Vegas."

Finn quickly opens the briefcase to make sure it's not a decoy of sorts. "«Bingo,»" he tells his partner before tucking it under his arm and beginning to run again, heading in the direction of the target and the gunshots. "FBI," is shouted now and then to clear people out of his way and to keep the plains clothes from shooting him (hopefully).

When he's close enough to get a view, Finnegan fires as well — though his weapon is his firearm rather than the tranquilizer like his Jeremie's. Finn aims for legs to try to get the man to stop running, rather than to kill him.

Jason tastes sweet sweet pavement and when he eventually comes too it'll be with a bruise worthy of females cooing over him and offering their sympathy. It's good though, that he goes down because even as Terri comes to where the Runner and Jason are, there's another gunshot and a bullet slides home into the mans leg.

Finn was aiming to hinder him, but the cops, what with the gunshots, the reaching for something inside his jacket, let off a round or two as well. Two more bullets hit the man, striking him in the chest and shoulder with a jerk. His hand comes free, a badge toppling from it as he steps towards Terri, collapsing against her. He looks up at her, lips moving, something unheard by anyone but her. Even Bailey and Kenneth where they are, can't hear what he has to say.

Detectives move in, Jeremie as well, people scattering for real now leaving the way clear for Finnegan.

There's a flinch from Terri as gunshots go off, and the man is hit right in front of her. With the flash of a badge, she reaches out for the man, catching him as he collapses against her, head bowed to pick up what he says. "Hey.. EMT! Hold on.." She's cursing again, trying to get a look at the badge, and hold on to the guy till she can get him to the ground without being taken with him, hands holding him.

Jason only has enough sense to mutter softly "not…again…" before the blackness claims him, probably a good thing as he is likely to be in a lot of pain when he wakes up as he slips off into la la land.

Kenneth stands up and smiles at Bailey. "It /is/ pretty exciting," he agrees, looking around at the huge mess. "Jesus," he says, pulling back as more rounds are fired. He slowly starts to fall back to the relative safety of a storefront.

Bailey watches the man stumble forward, shot and bleeding. Starting to back away, she frowns. "You know, Connecticut…" She gives him a few pats on the arm to ensure that she has his attention. "If experience has taught me anything, it's that this is a good time to leave. I'll buy you a drink or something. It'll be on the casino I work for…yeah. How about that…" She mutters. "Let's go to the Corinthian." She gives him a serious look, seeing whether he decides to go with her or to…do something else.

When Terri catches the runner, Finnegan's arm comes down and he slows to jog. "We can take it from here, make sure he gets an ambulance," he tells the woman as he steps over Jason's collapsed form. It's worth a try, right? "Thanks for your help, ma'am."

Jeremie is already on the phone, arranging for said ambulance, the remaining detectives at Terri's beck and call start to fall into a loose circle. Watling is also on the phone, but more to tell Swat that they're not necessary. On the ground is an FBI badge, the man bleeding out in Terri's arm seen on the ID, proclaiming his name as Joshua Stater, Special Agent.

One of the detective kneels to check on Jason, people starting to melt and make off around Kenneth and Bailey, leaving Freemont as fast as they can. Best to not be around police start to question.

"He's one of yours.. if you're FBI" Terri shouts at Finnegan, hands attempting to cover and put pressure upon the wounds, even though she knows it's likely too late for such attempts. "What the hell is going on?" She's not ready to leave just yet it seems, though she does glance towards Jason, frowning further.

"Gone rogue," Finn says in a confidential whisper just for her, before a little louder for the sake of the others nearby, "We sure do appreciate your help," in his Southern drawl. He moves to gently pat down the man, careful of injuries but slipping hands into the suit's pockets to see if there's anything else to retrieve.

Standing again, he moves to sweep the looky loos from the street. "Get inside, please, give us some space. Everything's fine, folks, enjoy your nights, yeah?"

A nod is given by Terri at the man's words, and yet there's still some unease that sits with her. She'll remain nearby till the EMTs get there to take over, keeping pressure to hopefully keep the man from bleeding out. Never good to loose a suspect, right? A glance up to Watling is made briefly, seeing what her partner thinks of all this, perhaps.

Watling, shrugs. It's FBI and they both know the jurisdictional pissing match that they can get into over this. To him, it's not worth it, even as an Ambulance is already letting it's sirens scream shrilly through the evening, indicating that help is almost there. At their feet though, Stater coughs up something akin to blood, looking up at Finnegan, managing to shake his head at the man likely near his age.

"It's not fair. It's not fair. You know it." What he's referring to, who knows. But he doesn't seem like he'll die right this moment.

The refrain from the man brings Finnegan's attention back to him, and he moves close again, prepared to talk over the other man should he start spouting any secrets. "Relax. Don't talk, pal. We'll fix you up," Finn says, then louder: "You are under arrest. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney…" and so forth.

Once the EMTs are there, Terri moves then, backing away and giving over the man to their care. Of course, his words are heard, though she makes no attempt to show that she is pondering what he's talking about in that moment. Turning, she consults with the other cops, and will likely give whatever statements needed before wrapping their part of the evening up. "You get to write this one up." That to her partner.

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