Keep What You Kill

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Where: Crain Compound

When: November 24th, 2011

What: The re-emergence of Linderman sends a few ripples through the Crain's.

The dinner had been nigh unto formal at the Crain Compound. Called such because of it's high walls and gates that encompass the rolling landscape of the multi-acre'd home just outside of Las Vegas. Large swathes of green grass at odds with the warm hues of the desert and a pretty good indicator that water was not oh so closely rationed here. Expensive cars lining the rounded driveway with red vested men and women waiting to fetch the cars should they be needed, the mansion ablaze in light.

A myriad of business people, political and otherwise important individuals milling about one of the rooms made for entertaining, light music playing discreetly in the background made for what some might consider a tedious evening after the meal had been served. It's mostly about business in the end. In the corner one could even see the Mayor of Las Vegas and his wife talking with one of the hosts for the evening, everyone laughing at something spoken.

Away from that pair peels a stately tall man across the floor at the beckoning of a red haired old woman who has entered, pausing to observe the room and then finally meet up with her. "I was wondering where you'd gone to mother" He leans in to place a kiss on her cheek, steal a glass of champagne that circles on trays carried by a server. "Left me to the wolves" He lifts the glass to her, offering it, flicking away a speck of something off the cream colored silk dress she chose to wear that night.

"Not that you couldn't handle the wolves Gordon" Celia smiles at her son, lifting a hand to wave at someone across the spacious room, never taking her eyes off the guests that she'd had to leave not long before and takes the glass. "I raised you to run with them. Even the rabid ones"

"Touche Mother" Turning in spot so that he's standing beside her as opposed to in front of her, letting his gaze flit from attendee to attendee. "Though they're not exactly rabid. I've managed to talk the Senator into a meeting on Wednesday." A gesture to the man in question and a smile. yes, we're talking about you. "What was so urgent that you had to leave."

"He's back"

Those two words from Celia cause Gordon's smile to be wiped off his charming face, looking to the matriarch of their family. "He…"

"Linderman" Her glass is tilted back, take a sip of the drink for show more than anything. "He landed an hour ago. Went directly to the Corinthian and far as is known, has been holed up there. Everyone who's anyone and loyal to him have been starting to filter in" She looks to her son, a good deal taller than her.

"This will change things. You realize this yes?" Gordon muses, looking down into his glass then to Celia, a grim line to his lips before he tilts his glass back and empties the last of it down his throat. "He's going to try and take it all back. Every last little thing that we took."

Celia snorts then smirks. "He'll have to pry it all from my cold dead fingers. He left the city to be fought over like toddlers over a bowl of candy till we came in. We cleaned up his mess, put things to rights. I didn't do that to keep his seat warm for when he decided that he didn't like retirement" If her chin happens to go up a fraction, smiling for the guests who mingle under their roof. "You keep what you kill Gordon. You don't get ahead the world just letting people take stuff from you. That's being weak and Linderman was weak. You get a hand in there and you-"

"And you take what you need to survive and make sure they won't be able to take it back from you" He smiles, leaning in and kissing Celia on the temple. "I need to go talk to some of our guests. The Senator is waiting for you, you should go, before he thinks you're ignoring him"

Celia pats his arm, rearranging a warm smile on her face. "Try to behave. No matter how hard it might be" With those parting words, the Grand Dame of the good ship Crain is gliding across the Persian carpet towards the Senator, champagne glass passed off and extending her hands to the Senator's arm. "Jim, how are you…" conversation tapering off, even as Gordon makes his own way off to other guests in the room.

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