La Vida Mala

La Vida Mala is a violent street gang inching its way across Las Vegas. They are a heavy part of the city's drug trade, and most dealers, even those of a higher class, will find their supply train leading back to this group. But drugs are just a piece of the pie, albeit a big piece. Law enforcement tends to blame La Vida Mala for most unsolved crime in the city (or crime that would look bad to really solve) from murder to petty theft.

But it's not entirely without cause, and La Vida Mala take each new accusation as a notch in their bedpost, a bolstering of their reputation and public fear of the name.

Any member of the gang will have a LVM tattoo on the back of their hand, as all are quite proud of their status and generally enjoy flaunting in in front of the law and the civilians alike. No one knows exactly how big the gang is in number at any given time, but it's assumed they're… numerous.

The are run by a man named Cruz.

Members of La Vida Mala

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