Life Like Normal


Where: Primatech Paper

When: August 16, 2012; Evening

What: With warnings that some things are better left forgotten, Zan is spirited out of the Company's custody.

It's been a harried day here, for the umpteenth day in captivity. Alexander Caldecott's still not had his dose of drugs this morning yet, and he can feel the ebb and flow of his ability as it struggles now and then to pop through the stranglehold that the negation drugs has on his ability.

But the door unlocks, clicks open and one of the people who regularly brings him a meal at night, is rushing in, a quick nod of their head, dropping off the tray, and rushing back out with nary a word to Zan before hurrying back out, closing the door behind him.

But there is no telltale click.

Inside the cell it's been a day without anything to tell if time has passed. It must have, as hunger niggles at Zan's stomach. And he's all too aware of his ability trying to break free of the grip of drugs. If he were more daring, he might try stretching it and waking it up. But not yet. Some suspicion remains strong enough to keep him grounded even while it seems the agents or doctors have neglected their duties.

But it doesn't stop him from musing.

When the door opens, his gaze lifts to it. He doesn't try to converse with the fellow who brings in a tray, though the nod is returned. He's on his feet again as the door begins to close, stepping toward the tray to investigate the leavings. The lack of a click, noticeable in the utter silence of his cell, draws him up short and settles his gaze on the doorway. Another glance goes to the tray, though his feet carry him to the door instead, fingers easing into the jam to keep it from latching while he presses an eye to the resulting crack for a look into the hall.

It's not closed, the person leaving, not taking the time to ensure the click of the door automatically locking behind him. So it's easy enough for Zan to use his fingers and pry it open enough to have a look.

Keeping his fingers on the door so it doesn't latch, Zan braces himself against the wall so the door can swing open freely. With help, of course. He listens, several seconds passing in silence before he pushes the door to opening. As it swings, he leans enough to get a look into the hallway, first one way and then the other, studying the layout.

At the end of the hall is the guy who was delivering the food, who pauses at the exit to this cell level, looks left and right and then behind him. Spotting Zan, there's a jut of his head to the door and he's disappearing through it, leaving it too, just shy of being latched.

Zan's eyes narrow a fraction. But instead of giving into suspicion, he takes another glance at the opposite end of the hall before slipping out of his cell and into the passageway. The door too the room he's just left is pulled closed, just barely touching the latch as he leaves it behind. Then, with fingers trailing feather light against one of the walls, he pads quickly but quietly down the corridor to the next door. This, like the first, he cautiously opens enough to peek inside before letting himself through.

There's the guy, waiting on the other side of the stairwell that this door leads off to. Shoes, jeans, shirt, all of Zan's clothes and belongings that he was brought in with. "We have ten minutes before they notice you're missing. I don't know if they'll come after you, I don't think you're that important to them, and they seem to have more pressing matters. Quick, get dressed. You'll be noticed as you are"

"Who are you," Zan asks as he crosses into the stairwell. This door is eased closed behind him as well before he takes a good look at the man he'd been following. Not that he wastes time in changing, stripping out of the garb he'd been kept in since his arrival and replacing it with shirt, jeans, and shoes in quick order. He seems a little surprised to find his wallet and keys still with the clothes, but pushes them into pockets as he goes.

"Someone who doesn't like what they're doing here" Zan it seems, won't be getting a name.
Once he's done changing, the discarded clothes are folded quickly and stuffed behind the stairwell. He gestures to the stairs and then starts up. "Once you're out of here, just go on with life like normal, do you understand? Don't look for them, they probably won't come outright looking for you. You're one of the non-dangerous ones. You don't spout fire, or secret poisonous gas or the like. So you're a neutral person on their list. You start yammering off about them though, they'll come running for you and you'll be screwed. Do you understand?" Up and up they go, a few floors at least before he pauses at a door, swiping his badge through an electronic look and then opening the door, peering through first then ushering Zan in.

More questions threaten to follow even as Zan keeps close on the guy's heels. "Life like normal," he says, not quite scoffing. "What about my girlfriend? She's still in there…" Somewhere. And he looks back a few times while they climb, as if he could see through layers of wall, floor, and ceiling to find Rylie. Or remember the way. "I don't know anything about them," could almost be a lie, but he knows little enough it's a feasible charade. He pauses when the man stops and looks at him again as he's ushered inside.

"I'll try and get her out. It's the best I can do" He offers, and the coast seeming clear, moves ahead, this time to a door that he fumbles at his belt for keys. There will be no card swiping at this door. "And yes, life like normal, or as normal as it can be after all this. Trust me, you'll know if they want you bad enough. If you're not back here in a day or two, you're not important enough. You're best forgetting that this ever happened, understand? Because I won't be able to get you out a second time."

A key in the lock proves fruitful and he ushers Zan in again, showing it to be the basement of a buisness, all pipes running along the ceiling and access tunnels. "At the end there is a door, leads to a small room with rungs that lead up. Go up there, you'll hit the surface. It'll pop you out into a shed and you'll be free. I can't go with you, I need to keep doing my rounds"

He's torn between just leaving Rylie behind, but being locked away hasn't helped him get anywhere. Zan stares at the door he just went through for a long moment before reluctantly turning to chase after the man again. "You let her know I'll find a way to help her remember," he asks once he's inside the basement. "I'm not giving up and neither should she."

He lingers for a shorter pause to look one last time at the man. He doesn't say anything else, but tips his head in a nod. Understanding and thanks and a promise to keep his knowledge deeply hidden. His eyes tick to the door once more as he turns to head down the hall, to the ladder, and freedom.

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