Like A Peach

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Where: Velvet

When: April 27, 2012

What: Agatha and Diamond finally meet and get to know each other over a few drinks.

There's rarely a truly slow night at Velvet in Agatha's experience, though neither is it the sort of establishment that turns into a crush of bodies on a busy night. Tonight, there's a reasonably healthy crowd already gathered, but certainly room for more. Several of the tables and booths are already occupied, a smattering of people are gathered on the dancefloor, and a handful more circulate and mingle, drinks in hand and winning smiles armed.
Agatha leans on the railing of the second floor gallery, gazing vaguely at the dancefloor below, the last sip of her third tequila sunrise swirling slowly in the bottom of its glass. It wasn't her best show. Not by a long shot. But all told, it went much better than it could have, and certainly better than she had feared. Maybe she'll turn those girls into proper dancers yet. She tosses back the last of her drink and turns away from the railing, headed for the bar.

Being new to the city, there are many many things to see. A new face to Velvet however makes their entrance and whether male or female, doesn't really matter there's a level of confidence to the slinky walk as he or she moves around individuals and slides past people and makes his way to the bar, hair flipped over his shoulder as he slips his compact out of his bag, checking his face with a critical air…Diamond has made his entrance before the compact is snapped shut and he rests an arm against the bar, quietly ordering his White Russian as he scans the establishment thoughtfully.

Under the music pumping from the many speakers, and the general wallah of conversation and laughter, the clatter of jewelry or rap of bootheels is lost as Agatha descends the stairs, then approaches the bar, empty glass in hand. One more drink and then she'll head for the dancefloor. After an evening of dancing for the entertainment of others, it can be therapeutic to dance just to enjoy herself.
Rosy lips part as she catches the bartender's attention, but she's cut off by a man's voice. "Hey! I know you!" She turns to see someone approaching her, clearly several drinks ahead of her, and instinctively puts on her best photo-op smile. "You're that dancer, right?" the drunk man asks loudly, coming to a stop just a step too close for her comfort. "Miss, uh. Miss Roberts, ain' it? Wow! Imagine runnin' into you here!"

An eyebrow raises as an elegant glass with the vodkalicious mixture and sprinkled with the chocolate powder is held within sipping range yet beyond spilling and Diamond tilts his head to the side as he watches Agatha's approach and the man approaches as he chuckles softly as he moves up behind the drunk man, leaning forward to speak softly over his shoulder. "Hey sugar…there's fine lil' filly upstairs who said you owe them child support but she'll take it out in trade if you're willin' to go back to her place for the night…poor dear was near tears…" His voice is a purrish smokey drawl, dipped in the south and slapped with French articulation.

Agatha does her best not to recoil from the man, taking it in stride for the sake of public appearances, smile unwavering. "Please," she responds, "Agatha. Agatha will do." But at the intrusion of a third voice, both Agatha and her intoxicated fan look to its source, the man turning his back to her for the moment. She looks faintly puzzled for a moment, then recognition sparks across her face as she recognizes the interloping individual, and her mouth quirks faintly at one corner.
The man between them is less amused, brow furrowed, eyes taking just a second too long to focus on Diamond. "I don' know what'cher talkin' about, lady. You tryin'a be funny or somethin'? I'm tryin' to have a connersation here, so why don' you go… go dance or som'th." He waves vaguely in the direction of… well, the rest of the club, and nearly spills his drink on himself in turning back around.

Diamond chuckles softly and takes a delicate sip of his drink before his nose wrinkles as he looks the man over and sighs. "Move sweetie before you embarrass yourself…" He purses his red lips and nods to Agatha. "Hello honey, I'm sorry I'm late but you know how it is…Tommy starts crying, Susie starts bitching and the Parent Teacher meeting was suuuch a bore, they served crackers and cheese, not a glass of wine /anywhere/." He looks back to the drunk man. "You can go now…"

Setting her glass down on the bar before it ends up on the floor, Agatha flashes a grin at Diamond. "Like you expected any different?" she quips, then turns her attention back to the drunk man for a moment, his expression nonplussed. He starts to speak, probably intent on chatting her up, but she cuts him off. "You don't look so good. Are you okay?" She places a hand on his shoulder and feigns concern, and before he can respond his knees sag from beneath him and he has to lean against the bar to keep from falling.
"Oogh," he manages, struggling to get upright again. "Guess I had more'n I thought." Agatha helps him get his feet back under himself, then gently ushers him away from the bar. "My friend's right, maybe you should go sit down, clear your head. Don't spoil a good night by getting thrown out." Putting a hand to his head, the man staggers away, mumbling to himself.
"Thanks for the assist," she chimes to Diamond, finally turning back to the bar. "I'd offer to buy you a drink, but I guess you've got that covered." She pushes her glass forward and gestures to the bartender. "You're the new assistant costumer, right? I'm sorry, I don't remember your name right off."

A hand is pressed to his chest as he takes a sip of his drink and just watches Agatha deal with the drunk and he is quiet for a few moments, looking between the two before he watches the man stagger away. Diamond hmmms and takes another sip of booze before nodding politely to Agatha, offering a hand to Agatha. "Anytime honey, I can't let my Aphrodite deal with such…fashion deprived peons now can I." A wink. "Its just Diamond Taylor, simple name and of course a pleasure."

Agatha smiles winningly in reply and takes his hand in hers, delicately. "Agatha Roberts, but I'm sure you knew that. Always Agatha, please, never miss Roberts. I'm not that old yet." The bartender finally makes his way down to her, and it's only a few moments before she has a perspiring Grasshopper in hand. "It's nice to finally meet you, Diamond," she says in the meantime. "Officially, I mean. I hear promising things about you, and I do so hope they're true." Accepting the freshly mixed drink, she takes a slow sip, considering the androgynous fellow over the rim of the glass. "If any of those new girls they just brought in give you shit, you let me know. Especially Janine. I'll put the fear of god in that girl."

"Of course honey, you don't get called Miss til you hope over the 30s broom or join the Church Choir." Diamond smirks before takes another sip of his drink before setting his glass down on the bar, tilting his head to the side as he looks Agatha over thoughtfully. "Well I just hope I keep you lovely ladies looking fabulous on stage." A wry twist of his lips. "Aww, you'd do that for little old me…that's so sweet. You're like a peach, I could just squeeze you over my pancakes and not need a drop of syrup."

Agatha snorts in a most unladylike fashion, choking just a little on her drink, and waves a hand at Diamond as she attempts to regain her composure. "People actually say things like that?" she wheezes, caught between laughter and coughing. Nobody likes creme de menthe in their sinuses. "Oh god. I thought that only happened in stories about people's grandmothers." Her drink she places carefully on the bar, and raises her eyes apologetically at him over a hand placed over her mouth, partly to hide the fact that she's still trying not to laugh. Ahem.
"Well, darling, you don't need to try so hard to flatter me. All you gotta worry about is making sure I look amazing on stage." She picks up her glass again, leans against the bar as nonchalantly as she can manage, and raises her drink to him as if in toast. "As long as you can do that, we'll be tight."
Diamond rolls his eyes and laughs softly. "I don't know if /people/ say things like that but /I/ do." He picks back up his drink, taking a sip before tugging a thin hankie embroidered with a random pattered of flowers to the woman as she coughs and recovers and such. "Its not about flattery, I just call it as I see it…and as long as I get to check up on your costumes before you go off on the stage I promise you'll never go up there looking like a fool."

Accepting the proffered kerchief, the woman dabs gingerly at her mouth, making certain she didn't get any of her drink on her face or smudge her lipstick. Another careful sip of her beverage, then she nods toward the stairs to the second floor and heads in that direction, expecting the man to follow. "You should know that I like to have a hand in the design and construction of my wardrobe, so I imagine we'll be working quite closely. And I don't settle for less than the best. So don't say I didn't warn you."

Diamond snorts gently and brings his drink with him as he follows after Agatha with a quirk of an eyebrow and he laughs softly to himself. "Ahh, a little dancing diva with all the curves to back up the sassy…impressive." He sighs and shakes his head. "I need no warnings and I don't play fetch, sit, or roll over like a good puppy…I turn it /out/ every time and if you get something less than the best, it probably didn't come from me." He nods slowly. "So don't worry at all Peaches…you'll get your outfits…"

"Good," is the simple reply Agatha casts over her shoulder as she ascends to the gallery. Curves indeed, and at this angle Diamond is privy to a first-hand demonstration that she knows how to move, even just walking up the stairs. No movement wasted, every bit of it intentional.
She finds an empty table with ease, near the railing, overlooking the first floor, and has a seat. Legs cross neatly, and she smooths the bottom of her dress with one hand, eyes again fixed on the effeminate man. "So, Diamond, come, tell me about yourself. I get the feeling that you're not from around here," she says with a faint smirk and a quirk of one precisely arched brow.

Diamond studies the movement of the woman's body with an almost…clinical eye, shaking his head a bit as he settles down at the table, crossing his legs and resting a hand lightly on his knee as he sips from his drink. "Not much to know…" His accent shifts once more, more laconically influenced…still with the underlying French purr but he seems a bit more relaxed. "I'm a sinner baby…as most are, and so why not come to the city of sin to atone for the wicked, wicked things I've done by being around folks who've done far worse." He winks and brushes a strand of hair out of his face before letting it fall back into place. "Coming to Las Vegas is like startin' a new book for those who aren't from around these parts and well Daddy wouldn't be real proud if I became a hooker in fact I'm sure he'd hunt me down and shoot me himself…so I put my other skills to use by dressing up the pretties so they can tempt others to sin as well…if only in their minds."

Agatha chuckles a bit at the brief narrative, earnestly amused, gaze cast out over the dancing patrons beneath them as she listens. "I guess we're not so different," she offers once he's finished, turning a sidelong glance on him and playing a finger along the rim of her glass. "Vegas seems like a pretty good place to make a fresh start, weirdly enough. And I may not be a hooker, but if my parents knew what I was doing they'd have a coronary." She leans back and throws an arm over the back of her chair. "Hell, every time I leave the Corinthian a part of me expects them to be standing outside waving signs about Jesus. There are reasons why I left."
"Speaking of work, I have some sketches I need to bring you." Hello, topic change. "I've had some ideas for my next routine, and it's going to be a little tricky. I'll bring the drawings in with me to rehearsal tomorrow so you can get to planning, and maybe afterward we can discuss it over a few drinks."

Diamond is quiet for a few moments as he watches Agatha with a thoughtful expression before he points a finger and nods. "Well if I see 'em baby, I'll blow this a kiss make sure I have my 6 inch heels on at the time." He chuckles and then hmms softly. "Get me the sketches and I'll see if I can whip something up after we have a few drinks and do some planning indeed…"

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