Like a Scene From the Silver Screen

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Where: The Desert

When: June 10, 2012

What: Zan gets creative with flight practice.

He'd made plans.

What those plans were, Zan wouldn't say. But he had convinced Rylie into joining him for an outing Sunday evening and forego work the follow day. No explanation, but when they met up for the trip, he'd brought along his backpack, moderately weighed down by its contents. Though no video camera this time. What he had told her was to drive them out to the desert, to find some out of the way place where the ground rose up with huge rocky formations.

Of course, once a place was chosen, he all but jumped out of the passenger side with his pack in tow. Quick steps, had him around to the driver's side, allowing him to pop the door open and offer a hand out to Rylie. All with a smile.

It might have been difficult to talk her into skipping work, but eventually, craving happened. As evidenced by they fact that he opens her door on a stretch of rocky desert, instead of on a stretch of Vegas city street.

Rylie smiles, though, and accepts his hand to climb out of the car. She grabs her own pack, much more questioningly packed, since she isn't sure what she's in for at all. "You're up to something, Zan," she observes with a crooked smile as she slings the pack on her back. "I you wanted to go rock climbing, we could have gone down to Joshua Tree or something." She's making stabs in the dark, now, and watching his face for clues.

"I'm always up to something," Zan points out, though he maintains an expression of all innocence. "And it's not rock climbing. But I think you'll like it. And if not…" He trails off to consider an alternative. "We can go back and you can choose something so I can make an effort to redeem myself to you."

He pulls his pack up onto his shoulders while looking toward the looming rock formations. His brows tick upward slightly after a moment and he looks back at her, smiling. He offers a hand to her again, tipping his head slightly to one side.

"Well. That's true," Rylie says with a light laugh. "I'm sure I'll like it. Or at least be willing to give it a chance! Anything once, right?" She follows his gaze to the rocks, as if they might have a clue, but when they don't, she looks back his way.

"Not even a hint. This is cruel," she says without really meaning it, especially considering the smile on her face. And she takes his hand and steps closer to him, "At least I've been spared a blindfold."

"I knew I forgot something." Zan shakes his head, feigning exasperation with himself for just a couple of seconds. His smile replaces it, and he leans in to place a kiss on her cheek. "C'mon. It's not too far."

He motions vaguely ahead, somewhere into the darker recesses as if he'd been through this particular patch of desert many times before. Though he laces his fingers with hers and takes the first step away from the car, leading the way while staying beside her.

Rylie smiles at the kiss, but gives him a sidelong glance just after. "I suppose a blindfold might have made me think you had a whole other type of surprise in mind," she says, teasing.

She follows him along, keeping her hand in his and sticking close as he guides them to the rocks. "You do know where you're going, right?" Right? By the look on her face, though, it's an adventure either way.

Zan chuckles and shrugs at the tease, squeezing her hand lightly. "Nothing like that," he replies easily. He glances at her as he leads the way between a couple of rises. "Mostly." It's said in the same tone as a 'maybe' would.

He walks on a bit further until the car is well hidden from view. Though not lost. Then he pauses to lift Rylie off the ground, with one arm behind her knees and the other around her shoulders. Seconds later he stars upward, a careful glide that takes them both off the ground slowly.

"Mostly, he says," Rylie says, exhaling a brief laugh. But if she's worried, it disappears when he scoops her up. Her arms slide around his neck and she smiles warmly over at him. She doesn't glow herself as they lift off the ground, but at least this close, she can still make out his features through it.

While she doesn't ask any questions this time, her gaze does flick toward the ground, just watching their progress away from it. Even just a short distance off the ground is enough to get her heart beating faster. It isn't everyday you fly around outside of an airplane. Well, if you're most people.

While it's nothing so fast as to be reckless, Zan does carry her a ways upward. Well above the ground and even the pinnacles of stone that reach above the desert floor. But his hold remains firm, confidently keeping her close.

He remains quiet even after he reaches an eventual stopping point. It's well below the ceiling for aircraft, but still a goodly ways above the ground. And there he lingers for a while, watching her expression while giving her a chance to view the world from a new vantage point.

Rylie takes her time looking around from up here, drinking it in from his unique bird's eye view. There's a slow, impressed breath out before she looks back to him. She looks like she definitely has something to say, but despite a few lone seconds of time to craft and speak anything remotely intelligent, she ends up not coming up with anything at all.

So she does the next best thing. Her arms tighten around him as she leans in to draw him into a kiss. Not just an affectionate peck, either, but something deep and drawn out. Actions are louder than words, anyway.

Zan smiles, watching her take in the sights. He's almost surprised by her eventual response, though it's a pleasantly surprised. He leans in himself when she initiates the kiss, his own arms tightening around her. The kiss is lingered upon, held onto.

Finally, he pulls away just a little, forehead resting against hers. He gazes into her eyes for a moment, a smaller smile remaining upon his own expression. "There's more," he murmurs after that pause. Though he remains hovering, not yet moving.

"Is there," Rylie says softly as her eyes blink open to look at him. "I guess I better pace myself with how swept away I get," she says, her smile widening with the tease. She glances away for a moment, back toward the ground, then out at the distance briefly. "I don't suppose you'd tell me what else you had planned if I asked, huh?"

"Would you be upset if I didn't," Zan asks quietly, that mischief-maker's tone trying to creep back into his voice. His expression softens, though, and he begins flying again. "I packed some food and drinks," he explains, path taking them lower, further from the car and closer to some rocky outcroppings. "I thought we could fly a little, and find a spot and watch the sun come up."

"Not really," Rylie says with a more sheepish smile, "but I can't guarantee any pending surprise won't make me a little crazy with suspense." It's fair warning!

Her hold around him tightens when he starts to fly again, her face turning to watch where they're going. But his words bring her back around soon enough, her smile gentler as he explains the plan.

"I think that's the best plan I've heard in a long time," she says, and instead of watching where he flies them off to, she leans her head against his shoulder, her smile seeming a bit stuck in place.

The flight slows a little as Zan looks at Rylie. He smiles at her response and places a kiss against the top of her head. He doesn't speed up again, no rush in reaching any destination, unknown or otherwise, but the first cropping is passed over for one a bit further out. He's got time left before he needs to start thinking about landing.

Eventually he does finally touch down again. A smallish plateau of stone and grit still some ways up from the desert floor. Even after landing, it's a moment before he loosens his hold a little, enough so that Rylie can stand if she wishes. "Think this spot will work alright," he says quietly, looking at her.

After they touch down, Rylie shifts enough to stand, but not enough to break away from him entirely. Her arms linger around his shoulders and she looks up at him, nodding to his words before she even has a proper look around. And perhaps realizing that, she blinks and turns to have a look around the plateau. A foot moves over the gritty ground before she slips just far enough away to have a look down the edge. She doesn't seem too worried about being close to the edge, but looks back to him with a smile. "Looks perfect."

Zan watches as she takes a look around. Though he might be a little nervous of her going near the edge, he smiles to hide it. His pack is pulled off his shoulders and set on the ground, the top zipper pulled open. The bulk of the weight seems to be a couple of blankets, one of which is spread out on the ground. The promised food he leaves inside the pack, container placed on the blanket instead.

At least the appearance of a blanket has her stepping back to the safer parts of the plateau. She helps straighten it out before dropping down onto it herself. Her arms prop her up, her legs stretched out in front of her, as if the sun were going to appear at any moment. But, she turns her head to look over his way again with a smile. "I hope you brought something warm to drink. Or at least, won't mind when I totally steal your jacket later." It's only a playful threat, at least for the moment.

"Water," Zan says as he sinks onto the blanket beside her, "and snacks." A grin cracks at her threat, brows raising a little. "Stealing might be more fun," he muses as he shrugs out of his jacket. He then reaches across her to drape it over her shoulders, smiling at her. Then, sitting up straight again, he draws his arms around his knees. His head tilts back a little, looking up at the stars. "It's really quiet this far out. You can't hear the highway at all."

"Close enough, I guess," Rylie says to the short list of what he brought to keep them from starving. Her teasing cuts off, though, when he gives her his jacket, and she pulls it around her a bit tighter. Night on the desert. There's a glance his way before she looks up, too, nodding to his observation. "Did you know this was here, or did we come by this by luck?"

"I guessed," Zan admits after a moment. "Wasn't sure what I'd find, or if I'd fail finding anything at all." He looks over at her and shrugs. However, his smile remains in place. He shifts over a little, closer, and wraps an arm around her shoulders while his gaze again goes skyward. "We can go anywhere, flying. Won't have to worry about a plane, airports. Just pick a spot and go for it, like the ultimate road trip."

Rylie leans over against him, eyes closing as she lays against his shoulder. "Well, it worked out, I think," she says with a chuckle. She looks at him rather than the sky as he goes on, her smile warm. "You suggesting we should head off somewhere this summer? Hawaii. Acapulco." It's hard to say if she's serious, but the curiosity's there for sure.

"Europe, or Rio, the Bahamas. Minot." Zan looks at her, the last destination obviously added as a joke though he might be more serious about the other suggestions. He wraps his other arm around her, too, hugging her gently. "I think we should go off and have an adventure, one of our own making. Or if you want to stay closer to home, then a traditional road trip. Across the country. We'll have our own air tours."

"One of these days, I'm going to actually make you go to Minot, and then you'll be sorry." Rylie smirks over at him, but ends up sliding up into his lap after the hug. "I say let's go somewhere exotic. Party. Sight see. Get deported! I don't know, but something amazing. I know we can make our own fun anywhere, but we can get into trouble in the US any day."

Zan chuckles and rests his head against hers. "It will be amazing," he murmurs, "the culture, the landscape." He pauses nearly a whole beat then adds, "The bison." He grins, head lower until his cheek touches hers. "But really, which exotic place would you like to see first? Do you have a passport, I think we can find a way through customs to avoid deportation. Maybe." If not, he'll take the risk.

"Oh, definitely the bison." Rylie echoes the chuckle, but with a shake of her head. She turns her head just enough to press a kiss to his cheek, before pressing hers back against his. "I do, actually. I was abroad not too long ago. I suppose they would help. You have one?" She leans back to look at him, smiling crookedly. "Which place, that's the hard part. There's so many. I am tempted by Rio, though. At least for a first trip."

"I have one," Zan replies, "got it last year." He returns her look, a small smile lingering. "Rio would be a good place to start. Exciting. Even if we've missed Carnival. The Bahamas would be slower, but beaches and surf forever." His arms tighten around her a little, giving her another small hug. "Really though, wherever you want to go."

"Okay, how about we start in the Bahamas, since it is a closer trip. Good practice, too. Distance tests and all that. Very important." Rylie grins and returns the hug, adding a kiss along with it. "And we can hit Rio later. And Milan. And wherever else."

Zan returns the kiss before nodding. "The Bahamas it is," he agrees, chuckling. He doesn't move away from her, but does unwrap his arms long enough to tug the pack with the food closer and pull the second blanket up over his shoulders. His chin lowers to rest against lightly against her shoulder as he draws his arms, and blanket, around her again. "Pack light, like we do when we come out here," he murmurs.

Rylie helps tuck the blanket around them, mostly by snuggling in closer. You know, in case it's a small blanket. "For the Bahamas? All I'm bringing is swim suits," she says with a smirk, her tone wry. And yet, it probably isn't too far from the truth. "It's a good thing I have plenty o vacation time saved up."

It's plenty large enough for two, but Zan draws her close all the same. His head tilts slightly and he looks at her, grinning faintly at her own packing list. "I'll set up my school work so it won't suffer. It'll almost be like using vacation time." Only he'll still have to work. A little. His eyes close for a moment, then open again to scan the horizon. Sunrise is still a little ways off, but a faint brightening can be noted just at the edge of the earth.

"You've got a break for the Fourth, right? We could use that." What a way to celebrate America's independence. Getting out of the country. "I'm sure you won't mind missing the festivities." Apparently, she won't, either. She turns to look at the horizon, too, but only enough to see, not enough to change her position much.

"I've probably got a day or two off then." Zan doesn't sound too concerned with missing a few extra days, though. He can catch up. "I'm not going to miss things here. Another barbecue and fireworks and people trying to gain favor with my dad or vice versa. I'd rather be with you, away from everything else."

"I'd rather be with you, too. I don't think the party will miss us." After the last one, she might be okay with missing certain people in attendance. Awkward. "So let's do that, then. Sunny beach, mojitos, warm water. You and me." Rylie looks back to smile up at him, her arms tightening around him.

Zan makes a face at the memory of the last party, a cringing sort of look, as if he'd just had a drink of sour milk. Though it's fleeting, being replaced with a smile by Rylie's decision. His head lowers a little, placing a small kiss just between her brows, then touches his forehead to hers briefly. After a moment, he tips his head forward a little further and leans in to draw her into a kiss.

The first kiss makes her smile gently, and she presses her forehead against his just after. When he kisses her, though, she leans in to return it, drawing it out as her arms moving to wrap around his neck. The sun might be creeping up over the horizon, but Rylie's attention is firmly elsewhere for the moment.

One hand is raised, thumb brushing lightly against Rylie's cheek, fingers just touching her neck. Zan draws that arm around her shoulders after, his other remaining wrapped around her waist. He holds the kiss longer, slowly lingering. Above the stars do start to retreat, the paling where the sky touches the earth has widened, light chasing away deep blue-black and replacing it with the brightness of the rising sun.

Rylie's hand clutches onto the back of Zan's shirt while she leans subtly into that brush. She doesn't mind the lingering kiss, but it is her that pulls back from it to look at him. Her fingers move to brush through his hair, coming to a stop at the back of his neck. Her smiles curve into a soft smile, but she doesn't seem to know what to say. Nervous, maybe.

Though reluctant to break apart, Zan sits back a fraction. He trails a hand along her shoulder and down her arm, then up again, coming to rest against her jawline. Again his thumb lightly brushes against her cheek, gaze lifting to finally meet hers. He watches her in silence, a small, gentle smile resting on his lips. "What's on your mind," he asks at a near whisper.

"I don't know," Rylie says, her smile turning crooked, "You, mostly." She moves a hand to rest over his on her jaw, her head tilting that way. "This is totally out of a movie or something. Kissing in the desert with the sun coming up over there. I don't know, I guess I'm not used to the grand gesture sort of thing." She chuckles gently, shaking her head a bit.

"It is kind of cliche," Zan murmurs, lightly joking of his own plan. He trails his thumb along her cheek again, leaning forward again. Though this time he doesn't go to draw her into another kiss, instead he touches his forehead to hers. "But it's something… I wanted to do with you. Share with you." He shrugs slightly, unsure how to put it into words. Probably looking a little unsure of himself now.

"No no, I didn't mean that," Rylie says with a light laugh of her own, "I just meant… it's beautiful." Her eyes close when their foreheads touch, but her smile stays put. "Well, I love it. The modern day version of poetry outside of her window."

"It is," Zan agrees, still quiet. "But not near as beautiful as you." He smiles, still somewhat shy. His arm tightens around her, again pulling her in close against him. With his hand against her jaw, he gently tilts her head up for another kiss, softer, easier than the last.

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