The Linderman Group

The Linderman Group is most noted for their spread of casinos in Las Vegas, and the hotels attached to them.

And the fact that they're run by a mobster. Semantics.

While this means very little for the average citizen who is looking to enjoy a good time in Vegas (unless you decide to cheat in one of his casinos, you naughty thing), those with the right connections know that The Linderman Group is always a willing resource for those in need of a helping hand. And don't mind owing them a favor. Or a lifetime of favors. The Group once had their hands in many different pots, but have suffered a bit in recent years since their head man disappeared after the Midnight Sun Incident in November of 2006.

But 2011 saw the return of their beloved gentleman-mobster, and many hope this marks a new rise in their endeavors. Once they deal with the various rivals his absence created. To most outside the Group, Linderman's return is still just rumor, something the tabloids shout about, but no one has publicly confirmed as of yet.

Note: To those wanting to app into the Lindergroup, keep in mind that most people who work for him have never met the man. It's an extremely rare situation that leads someone to get invited into his personal presence. Ask staff if you're wanting to know who you might have dealt with in your Linderventures.

Members of the Linderman Group

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