Log How-To

All players should feel free to add logs to the wiki, especially plot related logs or logs depicting character growth. Try to remember to ask the others involved if they're okay with posting a scene before you add it to the log page. Understand that all GM-run scenes will be posted by default. Here I'll give you a step-by-step on how to post logs. Because we're very helpful here. It's nice and easy, but for the record…

1) Find the appropriate month. For example, if I do I log for March 2012, I want to find the March 2012 Logs page. These will be named by month and year like so: logs:mar12, logs:apr12, logs:may12, etc. The exceptions are Logs From the Past and any special plot circumstance log pages that may or may not come up. These will be linked in the BBoards and made clear here in the wiki when they come up.

2) When you go to edit the log page, just slide yours into the appropriate line. So if my log is on the 5th, the code'll look something like this:

||5^^th^^||[[[My Log Title]]]||[[[Name]]], [[[Name]]] and [[[Name]]]||This is what my log was about.||

And end up looking like:

5th My Log Title Name, Name and Name This is what my log was about.

Remember, the names should be in alphabetical order when you list them out and should be their log in name from the Mu* as opposed to their full name.

Save your edits!

3) Click on the title link you just made. It'll take you to a page that tells you to create the page. Do so and select the Log template from the drop down menu. Fill it out! Edit your log to take out pages and OOC and other non-RP things that tend to creep in. Save this, too!

4) At the bottom of the log's page, you'll see a list of links. Edit, Tags, etc. Click on +Options, then Parent when the new list of links appears. Fill in the box with the month's log page. logs:mar12, logs:apr12, whichever is appropriate. Save that, too.

5) Click on the Tags link there at the bottom, fill in the characters' names with an underscore in front. Use their Mu* log in here, too. ex. _linderman _niki _peter

Save this and you're done!

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