April 2012 Log Page
Date Title Cast Summary
2nd Not Street Legal Cody, Jamie and Tilly Cody's taking Tilly's car for a spin while Jamie is hitting a boulder with his.
2nd Cockblockery Chipper, Gordon and Rylie It happens sometimes, in friendly competition.
2nd Camera Questions Terri, Zan and Watling A few days after the murder on the strip, the Mayor's son is questioned about his camera card switch.
5th Rough and Ready Cody, Jake, Oz, Peyton, Shane, Thea and Zan Information gathering is a dangerous business. Luckily a ragtag band of… decent Samaritans step in.
5th In With The Fruit Loops Nobara and Tilly A night off is a night well spent wallet-chasing.
7th Fun at Lake Mead Terri, Jason and Tilly A normal hike at Lake Mead turns into strangeness when US Marshalls arrive to capture a run-away.
9th Pay No Attention To The Crazy Man In The Corner Diamond, Heather, and Topper A meeting in Pearlies Diner takes an interesting turn.
Who Tells People Stuff Like This?? Bruce and Heather Heather's kind of freaked out by the crazy man in the diner and talks to a man who has been showing personal interest.
12th Reporting the Crazy Man Terri and Heather Heather meets with Terri to discuss some crazy talk by another of the murder witnesses.
13th That One ????? They want that one.
Freaky Friday Ophelia, Oz, Thea, Tilly, Topper and Zan They say Friday the 13th is unlucky, but it's just a superstition, right?
Won't Say A Thing Tilly and Zan Tilly checks up on Zan to see if she needs to have him Haitian'd or not.
15th I Can Neither Confirm Nor Deny Chester It's all kinds of awkward up at Nothing Bundt cake, when something kicks in with Chester.
17th On Names Peyton and Decosta Decosta stumbles upon Peyton between classes, and confuses her for someone else.
Getting the Warrant Terri and various NPCs After doing some investigating, a warrant comes through to do a search on Topper Nash's club.
Brief Meeting Terri and Decosta While at the station to renew his licenses, Decosta runs into Terri who waits for a warrant to be delivered.
18th Blurred Lines Caldecott and Rylie He's looking out for her, even if it is a total buzzkill.
Walk in the Park Isabelle, Paul and Sasha Just another day at the park.
Trouble Has A Name Rylie and Zan The two have a common topic to gripe about and plenty of ways to rock the boat.
19th Slot Machine Craze Isabelle and Paul Isabelle runs into Paul again, this time at the Corinthian Casino, and discovers the wonder of slot machines.
Da Bing Raid Terri, Watling Officers searching Da Bing find more than they were looking for.
21st Request for Help Terri and Zan Zan has the knack for finding trouble and asks for a little help from the cop he knows.
23rd Four Floors High Decosta, Jake and Tilly Decosta and Jake unwittingly aid in the capture of an Advanced, for the Company.
25th A Sudden Little Jerk Isabelle, Paul, Sasha, Terri and Zan An elevator trip takes a turn for the scary.
Elevator aftermath Isabelle, Paul and Zan What happens after the disappearing act in the elevator…
We Are Not Alone Isabelle, Paul What happens after Zan's disappearing act after the elevator.
29th Barflies Finnegan and Kai Two guys shoot the breeze in a bar.

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