August 2012 Log Page
Date Title Cast Summary
4th When, Not If Finnegan, Muni and Nobara The time travelers report to their supervisor after their mission goes awry.
5th Boys, Men Bailey, Finnegan and Nobara A couple of wily barflies take to harassing the host.
Just a Little Con Kenneth Kenneth attempt to con a pretty tourist out of some money using the talent scout method.
If I Never Remember Rylie and Zan It's hard to say if Rylie will remember her life in 2012.
7th Q and A Finnegan, Muni, and Zan Things go a little sideways as the agents question one of their guests about the past.
I'm Not Talking About The Thermostat Nicholas and Stater Nicholas does his job when a twitchy person who knows a little too much, shows up on the Crain Corporations doorstep.
8th Kafto Apporito Bailey, Finnegan, Jason, Kenneth, Stater and Terri On Freemont street, things go down and some people walk away with something more than they came there with.
9th Uneventful. Until Now Finnegan,Linden and Mariah Finnegan finds himself in the middle of an impromptu polygrah before getting his new assignment.
Civilized People Finnegan, Nobara, and Zan Agent Finnegan and Agent Minawa pay a visit to Zan.
10th Smash It And Pretend You Never Saw It Nicholas and Terri Terri brings the drive that she and Nicholas both came into possession of, to an LVMPD tech nerd to see what is on it.
11th A Cordial Visit Finnegan and Kenneth After not finding any of the lost drives in Kenneth's apartment, Finnegan has himself a little sit-down with Mr. Rose.
Company Finnegan and Zan Zan shares a few more details of his first hour in 1955 with Finn. And apologizes for losing his cool.
The Agreement Is This Bailey Bailey is rewarded with a bullet in the leg, when she passes over her misbegotten thumbdrive.
12th If It Worries You Caldecott and Timothy Caldecott and Timothy talk of the younger Caldecott son. Everyone texts these days, right?
14th That's Vegas Kenneth and Bailey Kenneth runs into Bailey at the Corinthian. Talking and planning ensues.
15th The Greater of Two Evils The Doctor and Finnegan Which is which, though?
16th Life Like Normal Zan With warnings that some things are better left forgotten, Zan is spirited out of the Company's custody.
19th The Prodigal Son Caldecott and Zan With necessity driving Zan to appear as though life is back to normal, he returns to his family home for more than just a visit.
20th Petty Quarrels Bailey, Nobara, Raleigh, and Zan Two women are witness to Zan's unwanted Company.
I Was Worried Timothy and Zan As promised, Zan checks in with Timothy.
21st Count On it Amelia and Finnegan The pair discuss a plan of attack. And voodoo.
The Invitation Raleigh and Zan Two strangers on a bus receive mysterious invitations.
22nd Conferences? Raleigh, Timothy, and Zan Just what should they expect for this thing, anyway?
23rd Golden Trio Bailey, Raleigh and Zan Raleigh and Bailey are talking about a possible tattoo design then Zan arrives and they find out Bailey is invited to the same conference.
24th Velma and Scooby Amelia and Zan The meddling has been done, now to solve the mystery.
Stop Thief Kenneth and Raleigh A night on the Strip holds it's usual fare, including attempted purse snatching.
25th A Merry Chase Bailey and Raleigh Bailey and Raleigh catch sight of a familiar face and give chase.
29th Kafto Aporrito II Bailey, Raleigh, and Zan At a convention filled with people, government and military alike, some people might find exactly what they need, or find people who need exactly what they have.

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