July 2012 Log Page
Date Title Cast Summary
3rd Bahamian Beach Rylie and Zan Survey shows, thus far the vacation has been more than just okay.
4th All Fun and Games Jesus and Timothy It's not all fun and games when the front lawn of the Mayor's mansion is opened to the public again for the annual Independence Day Barbecue.
12th Privacy Act Timothy and Zan Who knew a camera could further strain sibling relationships?
19th Writers Block Rylie and Zan An idea for a film comes to light, and Rylie convinces Zan to go for it.
Temporal Fuckery Muni and Nobara Muni Shaw. Senior Company Agent delivers a assignment to Nobara that is quite unlike anything he's done before.
20th Failure Will Never Be An Option Celia, Gordon and Paul Paul is enlisted in an attempt to secure a greater footing and property in Las Vegas by unorthodox means.
21st The Proposal Celia and Zan Zan takes his movie idea to Celia Crain to take her up on her offer of funding production.
22nd Going To The Chapel Bailey and Unknown Bailey finds a dead groom on her hands and a distraught bride with legs up to Canada.
24th Ninety Nine Problems Zan A missing girlfriend sends Zan on a return trip to an odd little house on an odd little street.
25th Your Mission if You Choose to Accept Amelia and Finnegan Amelia surprises Finn with their next mission in the wee small hours.
Second Chances Bruce, Linderman and Rosanna Bruce is given a chance to better his standing in Linderman's eyes.
26th Do You Not Have Faith In Us? Celia and Paul The time has come for Paul to go through to the past and attempt to make the Crain Corporation a grander thing.

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