June 2012 Log Page
Date Title Cast Summary
1st Seeking Answers Isabelle and Zan Few were given, but it all came with the same warning.
4th Bargaining Fletcher and Zan Foregoing bodyguards and retainers, Zan goes to Fletcher seeking lessons in self defense.
Ezquites Paul and Shay What was he even waiting for?
Protection Caldecott, Rylie, and Zan The Mayor asks the hardhitting questions.
5th Morning Restitution Caldecott and Zan Despite the fallout the night before, things appear to be a little nearer to normal in the Caldecott house.
6th Government Bailout Rylie, Shay and Zan Shay finds herself in a spot of trouble, but luckily has a friend in need.
7th What Are You? Amelia, Paul and Zan A little street performance goes off with… well, a bit of a hitch.
A Night In Rylie and Zan With dinner, video games, and some previously destroyed films as entertainment.
8th The Fairy Godmother Tilly and Zan Everyone's got someone looking out for them.
9th Falling Fletcher and Sibyl New friends are made under the unlikeliest of circumstances.
10th Like a Scene From the Silver Screen Rylie and Zan Zan gets creative with flight practice.
13th Fidelity Fiduciary Chipper, Gordon and Zan A bank robbery goes sideways thanks to a bit of unique heroics…
Eventually Rylie and Zan After a foiled bank robbery, Zan opts for a more friendly home than his own…
15th Business Lunch Caldecott, Rylie, and Zan Family business is discussed over lunch. Sort of.
Intrigue and Weakness Gordon and Rylie Rylie goes to visit a sick friend, who makes some telling observations while she's there.
16th Homecoming Caldecott, Stephanie, Timothy, and Zan It's not quite the happy reception for Timothy's return home.
What Matters Rylie and Zan Awkward moments and hard questions follow the ill fated brunch.
21st Brotherly Love Rylie, Timothy, and Zan Rylie runs interference while Tim offers his thoughts on Zan's choices.
23rd Party Pooper Celia, Rylie and Zan An unexpected party guest makes an unsettling debut.
24th Nice to Meet You Jesus and Timothy A chance meeting turns into an odd sort of introduction.
25th Catch of the Day Amelia and Tilly Two company agents combine forces to secure a proper display for the Fourth.
The Mash Up Rylie, Timothy, and Zan Dinner at the Caldecott home is avoided by both Caldecott sons when Rylie invites Timothy to join her and Zan for the evening.
26th It's Our Case Terri and Tilly Terri's not loosing a case to a different government official. It's far worse. She has to share it.
27th An Error In Judgement. Gordon and Kai Kai comes to a painful and harsh realization that 'Amy' wasn't telling the truth when he helped her.
30th Summer Vacation Rylie and Zan Plans are made for the pair's big flight. And also making out.

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