March 2012 Log Page
Date Title Cast Summary
7th If You Say Love Cody and Tilly Tilly Ruminates on what's in Cody's Brownies at the bake shop.
18th A Tiger Out Of My Thong Aaron and Agatha Aaron sniffs around the backstage of Agatha's production.
21st Enjoy The Cake Jamie, Peyton, Tilly and Zan A commingling of people who might otherwise not commingle.
25th Manhattan Dry Agatha and David Agatha goes to Velvet to loosen up after a long day at work.
27th An Odd Sense Of Humor Chester and Tilly Chester coincidentally has a necessary car part when Tilly coincidentally has a break down in front of his place on the side of the road.
Like A Peach Agatha and Diamond Agatha and Diamond finally meet and get to know each other over a few drinks.
A Night At The Tables Bruce and Heather A random meeting leads to a debt owed.
28th Tomorrow Will Be Kinder Heather, Topper and Zan The streets of Las Vegas are filled with people of all kinds. Coming and going as they please, be they tourist, natives or even killers.
Tomorrow Will Be Kinder II Terri and Watling Terri makes it to the murder scene to relieve Watling.
Tomorrow Will Be Kinder III Heather and Terri Terri questions Heather about the scene.
Tomorrow Will Be Kinder IV Terri and Topper Terri questions Topper about the scene.
30th Do You Know What That Means? Caldecott and Zan Zan and his father butt heads over withheld evidence and what the consequences could be.
Go Texas! Cody, Jason and Tilly Jason is bagged and tagged, and Cody once more disappointed when she doesn't get to use her pastries to do it.
It's About The Money Bruce and Heather Debt repaid.
31st A Little Too Interested Heather and Topper Two people talking about a case neither of them is terribly involved in personally.

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