May 2012 Log Page
Date Title Cast Summary
1st Party Favors Lea, Nicholas, Ophelia, Oz, Rylie, Terri, Thea, Tobie and Zan A certain gang decides to take out an annoyance and find more than they bargained for. But the more the merrier?
2nd A Fan of The Classics Aaron and Kai Kai gets an offer that he hasn't had in a long time.
3rd The First Lesson Ophelia, Rylie, Terri and Zan Captives try to work out where they are, and why they are.
In A Completely Hetero Fashion Finnegan and Tilly Finnegan and Tilly meet for the first time while staking out a potential Advanced for bagging and tagging.
4th Turning Japanese Cody, Finnegan, Jeremie and Muni Cody, Finnegan and Jeremie find themselves on a foreign assignment.
6th Sunday Slightly Bloody Sunday Diamond, Finnegan, Kai and Tilly A busy Sunday turns into utter chaos in the blink of an eye.
7th And the Last Jesus, Lea, Rylie, Terri and Zan La Vida Mala gets their point across.
8th In the Wake Of Rylie, Terri and Zan Plans are… discussed, if not fully crafted.
I Will Speak Daggers to Her I Nicholas, Rylie, Thea, Tobie and Zan Some of the captives encounter an unusual source of trouble. And get rid of it.
I Will Speak Daggers to Her II Nicholas, Ophelia, Oz, Rylie, Terri, Thea, Tilly and Zan Planned or not, the group finds they have little choice but to make a mad dash of an escape. Or die trying.
In Escrow Finnegan and Tilly To ensure a successful trip to Japan, Finnegan gets to see the goat who will be suffering for him.
10th The Price of Your Freedom Nicholas and Gordon Nicholas is read the riot act by his boss, and is told what the cost of his freedom is and was.
Therapy Caldecott and Rylie Jumping back into work so soon has Rylie's boss a little disapproving. Just mildly. A bit.
Visiting Hours Rylie and Zan Making sure the wounded isn't totally bored during his stay, and explaining a few things, if vaguely.
Hijinx Amelia and Kai An old friend calls up a man of some talent for a favor…
11th It Could Be Worse Caldecott and Zan Zan receives a surprise visit from his father, and learns a little more than when he's going home.
16th Velvety Surprise Bruce and Sibyl Two old.. "coworkers" randomly meet after some time apart.
Burgers and Conspiracy Rylie and Zan What every first date should include.
20th Total Eclipse of the Heart Amelia, Finnegan, Isabelle, Paul, Sibyl and Zan Celestial bodies aline and cause a bit of chaos for Vegas.
It Was an Accident Jake, Rylie and Tilly Tilly plays witness when Rylie and Jake run into each other.
Bad Penny Rylie and Zan After a rough day, the answer is Chinese food and terrible movies.
Tree Frogs Jake A doctor comes to check on Jake's condition. All of his conditions.
22nd Time to Switch to Decaf Isabelle, Jake, Paul, Rylie and Zan A group run into each other in the park for awkward reunions.
23rd Okay Rylie and Zan Zan drops a we need to talk on Rylie with unexpected results.
25th Practice, Practice, Practice Rylie and Zan Both irresponsible behavior and abilities. It's important.
27th Flight School Rylie and Zan Night time flying proves instructional, in a few ways.
28th Summer Kickoff Caldecott, Fletcher, Gordon, Rylie, and Zan The annual Memorial Day day barbecue at the Mayor's home has its share of food, fun, and games.
Mistaken Identity Fletcher, Rylie and Zan The kids rush off to find alternative entertainment, but end up with anything but fun and games.
30th Rescuing Tigers Fletcher, Rylie, and Zan Rylie and Zan get around to finding Fletcher and making acquaintances after their Memorial Day run in.

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