Date Title Cast Summary
4th He Was Supposed To Fly Nobara, Tilly, and Zan The Agents come to call on their favorite trouble maker only to find out that he's not the rogue flyer. This time.
5th The Make Up Artist Raleigh and Zan Tattoos, piercings, make up, it's all the same, right?
6th To Be Fair Nobara and Zan A day after learning about Zan's sudden flightlessness, Nobara tracks him down for a little Q and A.
8th In a Pool of Light ??? And in the dark, I hear your screams.
16th Karmic Zebra Bailey and Zan A chance run in leads to an… odd conversation.
18th Finders Nobara and Zan Their target is located, but things are interrupted before any action can be taken.

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