October 2012 Log Page
Date Title Cast Summary
2nd Wrong Freak Flag Nobara and Ricky Houston, we have a problem. A couple problems, one of which doesn't turn out to be as big of one.
4th Not Grown Up Enough Ian and Muni It's not exactly the welcome wagon one might expect at a new workplace.
5th Bits of Oddities Ian and Nobara Nobara pays a visit to the new guy, and eats his Red Vines.
6th Nice Magic Trick Bailey, Ian, Ricky, and Tilly A rough night at work has Bailey showing off a little more than fantastic serving skills.
The Hard Way Bailey, Ian, and Tilly Never the easy way.
7th Show and Tell with a Twist Bailey, Ian, and Nobara A little more than expected is revealed during an otherwise typical questions session.
8th I Know Tingly Rylie and Zan Rylie's lunchtime mishap is a foreboding coincidence to Zan's club-going experience.
15th Bang Bang Bailey, Ian, Nobara, Raleigh, and Ricky Can't this city go a night without shots being fired?
17th The Wilds of Winchester Ian, Ricky, Tilly You don't have to run fast, just carry around a big stick and a tranquilizer.
27th That Smell Ian and Tilly Bringing in a Telekinetic is always so much fun.

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