Past Logs

Any logs that ICly take place before March of 2012.

Date Title Cast Summary
August 17, 1955 Thisbe Rylie and Zan Finding a hole that spans the years leads Zan and Rylie to an important time in Vegas history. But even Zan's panache for trouble has its limits.
August 21, 1955 Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Amelia, The Doctor and Finnegan The Company Agents make their arrival in Vegas Past.
August 21, 1955 Taxonomy Amelia and Finnegan Dinner in the past is more challenging than it seems.
August 21, 1955 The Hunt is On The Doctor and Zan Trailing behind Rylie is no easy task, and no one is above suspicion.
August 22, 1955 Not So Idle Threats Amelia, Finnegan and Zan Two Company agents find their target. Troublesome though he may be.
August 23, 1955 A Matter of Trust Finnegan and Zan The search for Rylie continues.
August 24, 1955 Sassafras Amelia, The Doctor and Zan Zan pulls some sass with Amelia, or tries to.
August 26, 1955 Party Like It's Nineteen-Fifty-Five Amelia, The Doctor, Finnegan, Nobara, Paul, Rylie, Tilly and Zan Those poor butterflies.
August 27, 1955 Lies in the Sands ??? and Patrick McGinty Arrangements are begun.
September 6, 1955 Popsicle Stand Amelia, the Doctor, Finnegan, Nobara, Patrick McGinty and Tilly A negotiation is… attempted.
November 24th, 2011 Keep What You Kill Celia and Gordon Linderman's re-emergence sends a few ripples through the Crains.
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