September 2012 Log Page
Date Title Cast Summary
1st Invisible Kenneth and Zan Mere circumstance turns a simple word from purely coincidence to luck and fortune.
2nd Paradox Raleigh and Zan Not all the changes made from unplanned time travel are glaringly obvious, and Zan catches a glimpse of one.
3rd Film Projects and Lightbulb Salesmen Bailey and Zan Acquaintances discuss some of the finer points of things they learned following the technology conference.
The Trade Kenneth and Zan Both players make good their promises in fair trading.
9th The Big Brother Card Timothy and Zan Sometimes, it's just needed.
Welcome Home Amelia, Rylie, and Zan After weeks in absence, Rylie is delivered out of Company custody to resume her life and rebuild her memories.
10th Tomorrow Will Be Kinder V Nobara, Paul, Raleigh, Zan It's the end of the tourist season and what better place to catch some R&R than at Lake Mead. But someone else has other plans in mind that may or may not disrupt the life of an individual out there.
11th Damn, Dirty Rats Raleigh and Zan An unusual spectacle enters the streets of Las Vegas.
12th Thrill Rides Rylie and Zan A spontaneous trip to the desert allows for some flying.
13th On A Dime Ricky, Tilly, and Zan Just your average cab ride. Mostly.
15th Step Up Spider-Man Tilly and Zan Everyone's a critic.
17th The Rhythm of a Memory Rylie and Zan Rylie unlocks a door and finds some of her memories.
20th Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms Amelia and Finnegan Drinks are had, banter is shared, and Amelia gets what every bartender groupie wishes she could.
Giant Leap for Zankind Rylie and Zan The relationship wobbles, but makes a solid comeback.
22nd Survey Says Rylie and Zan An impromptu road trip and weekend in LA is in order.
26th Bleeding Drama Nobara, Ricky, and Zan What happens when one insists that something is more than it really is.
30th Don't Touch Me Timothy and Zan Brotherly chatting is interrupted, leaving the two Caldecott sons feeling a little out of sorts.

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