Manhattan Dry

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Where: Velvet

When: April 25, 2012

What: Agatha goes to Velvet to loosen up after a long day at work.

Velvet tends towards the more upscale end of the club scene. And with this being Vegas there's no such thing as a slow night. The crowds however seem to have hit the point where the bar is getting fairly quiet. Most people have their drinks and are turning their attention to other things. As such Dave's not exactly over worked, instead he's simply leaning against the bar near a couple of empty stools, he watches the dance floor quietly, ocassionally checking that there's not anyone who needs serving.

Oh lord. It's been a long, long couple of days at work for Agatha, training fresh dancers. Now her next show is tomorrow night and she's not certain they're all ready for it. Some of them have come along quickly, but there are still a few who just. don't. get it. So tonight? She needs a damned drink. Usually she'd go to Dames & Devils to get hammered on free tequila and bullshit with Mandy, but after working so hard the last few days she feels that she deserves to spoil herself a little.
The heels of her boots rap softly on the wood floor as she sachets up to the bar, auburn curls bouncing against her shoulders and leather clutch in hand. The other patrons don't garner her notice just yet, as she has another goal in mind. She slides onto one of the stools at the bar, sweaterdress hiking up by inches over her thighs, and leans forward on the bartop, collar of her dress dipping dangerously. Two fingers are raised in a sort of salute to David, and she waits for his attention.

Dave doesn't take long to notice the new arrival at the bar, heading over with a smile to Agatha. He's giving off quite a laid back vibe at present, relaxing and content he motions towards the drinks behind him. "What'll you be having?"

Agatha thinks about it for just a moment, biting her lower lip and browsing the immaculately organized shelves. "Manhattan Dry, please," she finally says with a smile, pushing her clutch aside and settling more comfortably onto her seat.

David nods and begins to gather the ingredents. He begins to mix the drink without seeming to give it too much thought. "Hope you enjoy it." He begins to put away the bottles. "I get the feeling you needed it."

A short laugh escapes Agatha's lips as she accepts the drink, sounding a little frayed. "I do, thank you." She takes a sip, making a small effort of will to take it slowly, then sets it on the bar and wraps her other hand around the cool glass. "Rough week at work. Got a bunch of fresh recruits." A small sigh, then she takes another drink.

Dave turns to study Agatha for a moment. "Seems that this town's a great place to unwind… Unless you work here, then it seems like you're picking up a lot of the tourists left behind stress." He chuckles a little as he shrugs a shoulder. "But then, I'm just going on a few hours of bartending, it's not like I've been in town long enough to get over being a tourist." He flashes an easy and charismatic smile. "Still, being able to head out to the Strip to unwind must make it easier?"

Agatha smiles again and snickers a little, raising her glass to the man. "Well, welcome to Vegas. It's… well, it's a hell of a town. You can find just about anything here, and I speak from experience." She drinks again, then places her glass on the bar and opens her clutch. "If you're new around here, maybe you should look me up sometime." She comes out with a business card and hands it across to him. An advertisement for her show at the Corinthian, complete with times and ticket prices. "I'm one of the people tourists come to see to forget a little of their stress."

Taking the card David studies it or a moment. "Yeah, I'm getting that feeling." He shrugs a shoulder. "I may have to consider that. Usually I manage my stress better than most." He chuckles a little. "Surprisingly my line of work doesn't bring much stress with it." He frowns as he watches Agatha. "But if you're training dancers? You must get plenty of stress yourself."

Agatha rolls her eyes, though the gesture doesn't touch her grin. "Oh you have no idea. Performers are like the ultimate narcissists. I mean, just to persue a performance career you have to be sure that you're so great people will pay money just to watch you." She loosens up a little bit, or at least enough to knock back the rest of her drink, appearances be damned.
"I just got landed with a whole batch of new dancers," she informs him, swirling the ice in her glass with a soft clinking. "Some of them are fresh from one of the big schools, and they think their little piece of paper entitles them to a star on Hollywood Boulevard. I'm sure you can imagine that I've quite got my hands full." She sets the glass down and pushes it across the bar with a single finger on the rim, raising an eyebrow slightly. "So if you do come to my show, I'd ask that it not be tomorrow. I still have a lot of work to do."

Dave laughs as he listens. It's easy to relax around him when he's relaxed, his aura generally making for somewhat sympathetic empathy. "Well, I'll keep that in mind. I think it's the same in most fields? I mean people spend a long time getting those pieces of paper, makes them feel like they're experts. It takes a little while to figure out that they don't really know anything."

Agatha nods knowingly at the barkeep, again pushing her empty glass towards him. "Yeah, I guess so. People love to think that everything's just gonna be handed to them. But some of us have to work for it. And really, I think it's much more satisfying to earn what you get. Don't have to worry about there being a catch, at least."

Nodding towards the glass Dave smiles faintly. "Same again?" He moves the empty glass out of the way, reaching for a clean one. "And you're right, it's a flaw of people today that many people want something for nothing. I always liked the line 'Judge your success by what you had to give up in order to get it.' Even the greatest things are hollow if they're not earnt."

"Same," Agatha echoes in affirmation, and nods along with what he's saying. "I guess that makes mine pretty significant," she replies quietly, almost thoughtfully. "What I have, I got the old-fashioned way, from the bottom up. Those blonde skanks just have a thirty-thousand-dollar poster and a job that might someday pay off their loans. Hell, maybe one of them might even take my place when I move on to bigger and better things, right?" She smiles wide, bright and friendly and open. And just maybe, looking at that smile, David might even feel a tiny surge of pride.

"To be fair, I've nothing against the college route. Until fairly recently I was on it myself." Dave laughs a little. "But you're right, the work is what matters." He shrugs a slow shoulder. "I gave up on conventional ambition a while back, I realised it never suited me." He shrugs a shoulder. He begins once more to mix a drink. "I generally just try to be happy, maybe help others be happy… Anything more than that's a bonus."

Agatha shrugs a little and leans on the bar again. "Yeah, I'm sure college is just fine, if you're the type for it. It's just where you go from there, what you do with it. But I don't imagine you went to school for mixing drinks, hm? Mind if I inquire?"

Laughing Dave shakes his head. "Nah, I picked that up at the frat parties though." He shrugs a shoulder. "I was studying law. I was doing well enough, but I lost my passion for it. I realised I didn't care about the job, didn't want to be rich and successful. I figured that I might as well see a bit of the world while I figured out what I did want."

"If you don't enjoy what you're doing, it's not worth it," Agatha responds seriously. "Cash won't buy you out of a miserable job, and money isn't worth torturing yourself for. If you're happier here, then I guess you made the right choice. Cheaper, too, I'll bet. I've worked bars, and it's not a bad living, as long as you can keep your head on straight. I don't regret leaving it behind, though."
Shrugging Dave grins. "I like to think it was a smart move. And yeah, I enjoy working the bar. I like meeting people and I think I'm good at it." With that he hands the drink over. "But if I had an interest in peforming I doubt it would suit me as well as it does."

Agatha accepts the drink with a little nod of thanks and takes a sip. "Well either way you make a fine Manhattan, and you're pretty good for conversation. Both important skills in a bartender. But I wouldn't sell yourself short," she teases with a grin. A few dollar bills are produced from her clutch and placed on the bar, enough to cover the drinks and a reasonably generous tip. "You ever decide you wanna dance, you know where to find me. I hold auditions regularly." She raises her glass to him in a salute, then drinks again and slides off of her stool, preparatory to making her way into the crowd.

"Thanks, though I've always had stage fright." With a grin and a wave Dave turns his attention back to work and whoever needs a drink. A bright smile still worn as he does so.

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