Nice Magic Trick

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Where: The Corinthian

When: October 6, 2012; Evening

What: A rough night at work has Bailey showing off a little more than fantastic serving skills.

It's a swinging night at the Corinthian, despite it being the middle of the week. People are losing money, winning money, getting drunk, getting married and otherwise have a gay old time in the guilty surroundings that is the Corinthian.

Bailey's on serving duty today, a tray in hand, white blouse and the red asian brocade vest, not needed in the chapel. When she came in today, it was to a flurry of harried activity. Someone big was coming into town, Linderman was on site and and a couple people had called in sick or had just plain quit. The latter was not that uncommon. As it stands, she's been busy and there's been one man at a poker table, who has been demanding drink after drink, leering at her and otherwise being a general asshole.

At an adjacent table is Tilly, loosing a few of her own chips while on duty, keeping an eye on someone who's in the casino. "So. Newbie. Wet behind the ears. I'm gonna have so much fun with you. Wax on, wax off, get my dry cleaning, walk my dog" There's a pause verbally and phsyically, mid placing of her bet. "I guess I need to get a dog for you to walk" She looks to the fresh faced agent with her. "How are you at plucking eyebrows?"

"Here's your drink…sir." Bailey flashes said leering asshole a wide smile, obviously fake but still required. She has yet to actually hit a customer. But if ever there were one she were to hit, it might just be him. "If…there's…anything else you might desire, feel free to flag me down." She tells him through near clenched teeth. "Have a good game." -And I hope you lose every single penny-, she thinks to herself about the man. She sighs. Moving along to pass the next drink off. It's a busy shift to be certain, but somebody has to do it. And hey, she might actually get more tips than usual on a day like today.

Even cab drivers need some time to unwind. Young Ricky is no exception to this rule. She's actually got a couple of hundred dollars to spend, which she's planning on wasting on… Well, maybe blackjack? Or possible just some quarter-slots. Big spender and all that. It's with some surprise, though, as she views the crowd that she sees a few people. For some reason, when she takes note of Tilly, her head aches just a little bit. Then again, she's always thought the woman… strange. So instead, she focuses on a less-familiar, but otherwise more normal face… Bailey,"Hey, I remember you from the mall!" This said as she passes her way between gaming tables. It's all a little overwhelming, even just trying to PICK a game.

A smirk forms at Tilly's words, and Ian, seated beside the more senior agent, glances her way. "Your dog's eyebrows," he quips while tossing a couple of chips in of his own. As if he were actually paying attention to the game. "I think I can find my way around a set of tweezers enough to make the little pooch presentable. Not sure it'd help any, though."

There's a hand, as Bailey turns to go take more orders. Not from the guy she just gave the drink to, but the asshole as she passes by him. A nice resounding smack that can be heard around the table and adjacent to it where Tilly and Ian are, where Ricky is heading. Even Tilly is wincing at the sight and sound of the smack. "5…4…3…2…" She's counting down to retaliation. "And not the dogs. Nobara's. Minawa's got you next in the rotation, see who you fit in with. He likes his brows nice and tidy. And his car washed too" She puts down her money, idly asking for a flip.

"Oh…hey…yeah…sorry, can't talk too much. Busy 'round here. Take a seat and I'll…" Bailey starts to say to Ricky. It's then that she gets the little 'tap' on her rear end, causing her to jump a little. This seems to be near the last straw for her today as she turns around to the man and near shouts, "What the hell? I'm carrying a tray full of glasses!" She holds her free hand out, as if attempting to do something, though it doesn't turn out just as she expected.

Instead, a globule of some sort, about the size of a golf ball, forms right in front of her hand and lands at the feet of the asshole. After a few seconds a second one forms and drops right next to it. She closes her hand, and brings it to her side. While that does stop the…things from forming in front of her, something else happens near immediately. The two little globules go off like fireworks, causing her to jump away and actually fall to the ground. Whether in fright or from the force of the globules is to be seen.

Ricky blinks several times, then scratches her head as the light globules go off. But she's pretty quick to comment on it,"OH, hey, wow, look at that… How long you been practicing that /magic/ act." She says out loud (just to people around her in general),"Amateur magician you know! Hasn't quite gotten it right, but it's a spectacular show." Hurhurhur. She looks around. Anybody believe that lie? Hmph.

Ian twists around and looks toward the sound of smack. "I'd say something about feeling cheap, but…" His gaze ticks from Mr. Asshole and Bailey to Ricky, and back again in time to see some pyrotechnics. "Fire in the hole," he continues, this more businesslike than casual banter. He glances to the game enough to scratch himself out completely. Not much of a loss, he wasn't trying anyway. Pushing away from the table, he stands with a glance toward Tilly, and moves leisurely, as if in search of another game by way of the impromptu show.

Hello, there are fireworks.

Familiar fireworks.

The kind that Tilly is used to seeing coming off of Nobara's hand. "Fuck me, fire indeed" She mutters, brushing past Ian and heading straight for Bailey even as the guy who did the ass smacking is finding himelf tilting back on his seat and more than a little stunned by the light show that just went on. Security is also heading there, having seen something going down over by the table that is disrupting play. "Ian, what do you think?" Muttered low to thefresh agent, but not loud enough for others to hear, even as they move towards the commotion.

Cleaning up the spilled glasses from the floor onto her tray as quickly as possible, Bailey stands up and looks around. "Ha…ha…haaaaa. Yeah…magic show…" She says, though unconvincingly and seemingly unsure as she glances at Ricky. "Um…well, I hope you all enjoyed the brief little trick. Come back later. I'm here all….all week." She clears her throat and looks around. Seeing security, she starts to stand up straight and walk away, as if just to clear the glasses away.

Ricky even bends to help Bailey pick up the glasses, muttering under her breath,"Did you REALLY just do that in public? I mean, seriously… That's… uh… not very bright A-game person behavior there… Just scoot and stick to the story." Then after helping clear the glasses, she begins to applaud as raucously as she can manage without looking like a damned idiot. "Hahahah. Can't wait to see the whole show."

"Teach Mister Man some manners," Ian suggest in the same undertone as Tilly. And by teaching, it's likely he doesn't mean in a traditional sense. He adjusts his pace to stay at the older agent's shoulder while he scans the crowd. "Keep eyes on the girl." Which he can do, and even does when Bailey starts to move away, marking her progress as she passes through the crowd. "You want to tail her?"

"tail her till you get a read on her name tag. She just used a power, I didn't see a mark so…" She's unsure. How many people possess the same ability? Identical ability. Security sweeps in, even ad Bailey is bolting and Ricky is helping with the cover up and a few others, actually a great deal of others buy it and begin to clap as well. Tilly it seems is going to break off and come around from a different direction.

"Not like I meant to. I'm used to having a different…why the hell are you so calm about this? And helping me too?" Bailey asks of Ricky in a hushed voice, though she doesn't stick around long enough for an answer. Once she gets to the bar, she drops the tray down and says to the bartender, "Hey…I'm going on my break. Get someone to cover for me, will you?" With that, she starts toward one of the 'Employee Only' doors that require special I.D. passes to get through.

Ricky smiles in an oddly broken manner to Bailey before she departs, but doesn't actually answer her. Still, with Bailey bolting like that, Ricky sighs, and actually begins to head for the door following Tilly. Because when shit like this happens? In movies it usually means people running around like chickens with their head cut off. She raises her voice,"Hey, Marshal! Fancy seeing you here!" No plan at the moment. No plan at all.

"I'm on it." Ian folds himself into the crowd rather than cut a path directly toward Bailey. He tails the serving girl, watching her progress toward the bar and the semi-abrupt change of direction. Toward a door. He tsks and alters his own route to intercept. Can't see her name tag from the side or behind anyway. And it happens, just as Bailey finds an opening that will allow her an escape into solitude, she finds also the younger agent leaning against and looking a little past her. And at her. Kind of like he's trying to figure out why the security guards are out in force.

Tilly looks over her shoulder, catching a glimpse of Ricky as she approaches "Ricky Ticky Taxi. Blowing all your hard earned dough?" There's a jerk of her thumb to the table that just recently became a light show. "You playing with some firecrackers over there?"

Stopping almost immediately when she sees another person in her way, Bailey crosses her arms and nearly stares daggers at him. "Get out of my way! I'm not serving drinks at the moment. I'm on break." She sounds exasperated. "So move."

Ricky looks mildly relieved,"I'm just spending a little bit of it. Not going to blow all of it, of course. Got bills you know? Just a couple-hundred. Who knows, maybe I'll get lucky." Inwardly, she winces. She didn't mean to phrase it quite that way. Moving on,"Nah. Just watching the magic show. You needing a ride somewhere?" Stallstallstall.

Bringing his hands up in a placating gesture, Ian fixes Bailey with a faint grin. "Woah, hey. Chill." His eyes flick down then past her then up again, all in an effort to snag a glimpse at her name tag. "No one's asking for a drink." He pauses slightly, lowering his hands until his thumbs hook in his pockets. "You alright? Half the casino had to've heard that slap."

"I got my own car tonight. Sober as a judge" Tilly relays to Ricky, firing off a forefinger salute to the dark haired petite woman. "Besides, you're off duty. You got money to blow, go blow it, that's an order from your friendly neighbourhood Marshal Marshal" She replies, not heading towards Ian and Bailey and in fact, was headed opposite. "I hear the craps table is hot tonight"

"Please…move." Bailey says slowly, eyeing this person in front of her. "Or I'll drop one of my…firecracker…magic tricks on you!" She attempts to side-step him, to see what he'll do.

Ricky leans against the wall, intent on filling the Marshal's ears with all sorts of inane babble. Unfortunately, she suddenly realizes a fatal flaw in this plan… She doesn't do many overwhelmingly interesting things, and she's not much of a talker,"Buy you a drink, Marshal?" Yes. That is exactly the sum total of her ability to improvise. Life's hard that way sometimes.

Ian doesn't move out of her way, and he's pretty well got the door blocked. "No, you won't," he replies, fully expecting her to listen. He lifts an arm, to guide Bailey from the door and toward the main entrance. Not touching, mind, but the gesture is there. "How about we go for a walk," he goes on to suggest, reasonably. "You're on a break, right? Let's grab a snack and let the rent-a-cops slap Mister Man on the ass a time or two."

"Damn, my dance card is full, How about I pencil you in…" She's unsnapping her phone from her belt to look at it. "Tuesday, 7 in the evening, in front of city hall" She presses a button, bringing the phone up to her ear. "Darn, I got a call. See ya tricky Ricky" and with that, she's turning away from the cab driver and making her way off, slipping into the crowd.

"Look, sir, I don't know what your fascination with me is, but I'm not interested in doing anything but going to take a break." Bailey doesn't budge, not willing to be guided anywhere for the moment. Looking Ian over, though, she gives him a strange look. He seems so familiar, yet different. Like she expects that she should know him for some reason. "Do I…know you?"

Well, that's that! When Marshal moves off, Ricky waves bemusedly then turns to look around,"Well… God I hope she isn't making too much of that light show. I wonder if- OOOO. Is that Keno? I bet it is." Ricky is only human, after all, and a combination of sighting the buffet and shiny gambling things have now stretched her ability to concentrate to the limit,"I wonder if that buffet really IS all I can eat…"

"Concerned bystander," Ian explains. He meets her wondering gaze evenly, but instead of answering her question he gestures again toward the doors leading to the wide open streets. "You could break outside," he points out, and this time even moves toward the entrance himself. "Get some horrible axle grease they call coffee."

Bailey sigh, rolling her eyes. "You know what. I'm outta here. I need fresh air. BUT! If I catch you following me, I ain't gonna be Little Miss Sunshine. I'll kick you in the nuts and punch you so hard you won't know which way is Tuesday." She warns Ian before heading out toward the door and the Strip.

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