Not Grown Up Enough

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Where: Primatech Paper

When: October 4, 2012

What: It's not exactly the welcome wagon one might expect at a new workplace.

Work. It never ends. Even for the new guy there seems to be an insurmountable amount of paperwork, some of which seems to be in a legalese that even the writers can't possibly translate it without the aid of a Babel fish. Maybe not even then. And it's quite possibly why that new guy isn't dealing with it at the moment.

Ian is taking a break. Read as procrastinating. In a black polo and khaki slacks, he's sitting behind his desk ignoring the work to be done. The chair is leaned well back, though his feet aren't up on the desk itself, and he looks to be facing the door. Technically, he's facing the small target that's taped to the wall beside the door, two little orange suction darts already fixed to its surface and a third is prepared to fly. Just as the young agent crunches off a bite from an apple, he lets the third dart fly, propelled from an equally orange plastic gun.

"I would hope, Agent Chase, that you are a better aim when pointing a weapon at a mark" Comes the smooth voice of the senior agent in charge of everyone who has Agent attached to their job description. Leaning against the doorframe, arms crossed and bearing a thin folder, he's met in passing before but nothing in depth. "And I hope that this is not going to be standard when you should be filling out paperwork for your weapons and other gear"

It would happen just as the spring-tense trigger were pulled that The Boss would appear. The dart flies the eight feet from chair to target and Ian has no ability of his own to stop it. Thankfully, and despite looking like he were shooting at the senior-most agent, the toy hits its intended mark and splits the two already stuck to the target.

"Yes, sir," Ian replies. To the first question. Though quick on its heels, almost in haste and while tucking the plastic gun away in a drawer, he adds, "No. Sir. Just taking a break." See? He sinks his teeth into the apple again and sits forward enough to drag a folder with some of that endless paperwork over in front of him. It's even opened and a pen is found to resume filling in lines and spaces.

"A common line I'm told. I apologize that I couldn't spend more time welcoming you. Too many things to manage. But I came to drop off your first assignment in person, see if you had any questions" Muni offers up, sliding he file onto Ian's desk. "Assigning you to Agent Marshal for this one. I'll settle you with Agent Minawa the younger after"

The newly opened folder is flipped closed and set aside as Muni sets the other down upon Ian's desk. "What's the assignment," he asks, even as he opens the second. The chair rocks further forward as he leans over his desk to peruse the documents. Almost as an afterthought and completely without looking, he opens that same drawer the toy gun disappeared into and pulls out a second apple. Which is offered to the senior agent.

"Standard observation. We'll test you out, see if you're suited for active field agent duty or whether you're better off behind a desk working with the technology" Muni offers up, waving a hand away at the apple. Thanks but no. The file contains a woman, maybe in her 30's and suspected of being an empath. Caution ordered in getting too close, in case it was such a thing. "If you can get along with Marshal, you'll get along with jsut about everyone here"

The second apple is set aside, used to weigh down the folder Ian had just traded out. "Bringing her in," he asks while studying the picture, committing it to memory. "Or just watching her?" Once he's sure he's got the face well in mind, he closes the folder again and looks up at Muni. "We know where she lives, usually hangs out at?"

"Just watching. Bringing in is a whole different operation. That requires planning and we need to make sure that she actually is an advanced" Muni cautions. "Eager beaver, you'll be on a bag and tag soon enough. But before you walk you gotta learn to crawl" He points out.

"Bringing in is usually more exciting than scoping out potentials," Ian replies almost adolescently. He tosses his apple core into a trash basket and retrieves his original folder. "Do I need to locate her before Marshal and I get out there or do we have those details?"

"there's this line from a song. If you think growing up is though, then you're just not grown up enough" Muni fires back. "You have to do your dues. Talk to Minawa about paying your dues before you get to be an agent." He points to the folder. "More details will come, Marshal will be pulling information at her job and you'll figure out her schedule and be one of a pair of agents on her. If she goes off we want to be there to minimize exposure and the incident"

"I'll pay my dues." Ian drums his fingers once against the folder, then flicks it open. "Sounds like it'll be pretty standard fare, sir, I won't fail this assignment. And I'm sure I'll get along fine with Agent Marshal and Minawa. In fact, I'll go find them once I've hacked out these forms so I'm all official here."

"You can't go out in the field without your weapons, so you better" He taps Ian's desk. "Hop to it Agent Chase, then some time in the range bonding with Minawa I think Hmm?" Suggestion it may be it's really an order even as the Persian looking man starts to walk away.

"Yes sir," Ian calls after Muni. His gaze follows the senior agent until he's reached the door. His picks up his pen again, then, and resumes the seemingly endless task of filling out forms. "Yes, sir…"

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