Not Street Legal

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Where: Henderson

When: April 02, 2012

What: Cody's taking Tilly's car for a spin when the actual racer is running into a boulder.

"Come on, you can sink that pedal little more Cod. It's meant to be driven fast. He likes to be driven hard and put away wet, pipes still burning" Tilly's sitting in the passenger side of her Camaro, driving down the back roads of Henderson. Off on work with the other agent, she's keeping an eye out in the rearview mirror for any other cars that might be around. Particularly any cop cars. Aviators down to protect from the glare, seatbelt strapped in, the 2012 Camaro is going down the road.

'Don't make me put my foot down on yours and make it go faster. Surely they have more than tractors in North Dakota"

Cody makes a flustered sound, gripping the steering wheel. "Tilly," she scolds, a hint of amusement in her voice. "That's just not kosher. It's the middle of the day, fer petesake!" Still, the midwestern woman shifts a little in her seat, easing into the gas just a little more. Just a skosh. "If I get arrested, you get to bail me out," she murmurs, embarrassed that she is currently doing a whole twelve miles over the speed limit. If she were chasing a perp in her old cop car, or driving down the middle of nowhere North Dakota, it'd be different. But this is suburbia, Monday afternoon.

Deciding today is the day to try out his latest Nos booster system on his bright yellow Supra… convertible. That's not exactly legal, but it's fast and fun. Once Jamie is out of town, or at least out of Suburbia he floors the pedal. Shifting through the gears. Zipping in and out of traffic, causing a trucker to lay on his air horn.. Soon he is coming up on a Camaro. He laughs softly to himself. And, reaches behind him instinctively, turning the valves open and flipping a few switches.. to get the boosters charged. He starts to pass the Camaro and with a smirk at those within the car. Then he hits the NOS button and he's flying down the road. Blond hair whipping around his head.

Tilly see's him, see's him passing them and looks away from mirrors to Cody. Waits. Expectantly.

"Oh come on, I'm a US marshal. I can bust his ass if I want"

Cody glances between Tilly, and the speed demon, and back again. Finally, she takes a deep breath, gripping the wheel a bit harder and straightening in her seat. "Let's go chase us a hooligan!" Her foot lowers on the gas a bit more firmly, as she starts picking up speed to race after Jamie.

Speed, speed and more speed.. that is what Jamie is about. He hits a corner, a rather sharp one and is forced to slow a bit shutting off the NOS, enough to drift around the corner at least. Nearly causing an accident with some soccer mom's van and another car. He saw Tilly, though it's been awhile since he's seen her, he recognized her. He just laughs. Cocky as he is, he feels invincible. Enough he knows even with the NOS off, it would take awhile before they caught up. Of course, that's when accidents happen. When you're too cocky.

Accident do happen. Though right at this very moment, not. Tilly grins as Cody steps on the pedal, smirk falling as he nearly collides with the two other vehicles. "alright, get up to him. That little prick almost ran a family off the road. Drive like it's your life Cod, lets catch up to the bugger"

The bulkier woman in the driver's seat focuses on the road, trying not to repeat Jamie's boneheaded mistakes as she puts pedal to the metal. "Keep an eye out for cops," she warns, as though Tilly were not doing this already, and the Camaro is starting to catch up, especially around that turn.

Many roads, though they seem flat aren't perfectly flat. One can't get much air time, but a little is all it takes to make it sort of fun. And that is just what Jamie is doing, he knows they can still see him. The closer to the dam and lake he gets, the hillier it gets.

Or it takes an animal darting across the road, just as you crest over a hill. A golden lab, red leather collar around it's neck darting across the road, off into an adjacent field chasing after something. Which leaves Jamie with a choice. Hit the breaks and possibly keep from hitting it, run the poor thing over or run off the road.

Spots the dog, "Shit!" and slams on the breaks. In a smokey screeching squawking noise. The car spinning out of control, hitting the burn. And then spinning into a boulder on the passenger side. With the NOS tanks still open.

"Jesus, Joseph, and Mary!" Cody slams on the brakes and pumps, turning into the spin and righting herself before she hits someone or something herself. All those years of defensive police driving in the ice have paid off! Cars honk, and she honks back, shouting, "Gotta problem with SAFETY?" and she pulls the Camaro over to the side of the road behind the crash. "Heavens ta Pete, that was bracing! I hope that hooligan's okay," she huffs, as she unclicks her seatbelt, and starts to climb out.

"If the Hooligan's not, well then it's his fault" Never mind that she was urging Cody to go faster herself. Tilly is already out of her Camaro, dialing 9-1-1 to call for an ambulance, a wince about the smashed car. With luck, it's repairable.

Jamie had hit his head, sometime durring the impact to the steering wheel, enough for blood to trickle down from his forehead and along the side of his face. But all in all he's alright. Thankfully. He undoes his seatbelt and climbs out of the car. It's a convertible, so that's an easy task. He hears the Camaro and sighs, his hands, already going to the back of his head. Fingers laced. "I'm alright." he calls out.

"Even so," Cody replies to Tilly, and she climbs out. Her head cants a bit at the sight of Jamie, and she frowns, hands going to her hips. "What were you thinkin', zooming all over like that?" she asks in exasperation, moving toward the trunk of the Camaro to see if there happens to be a first aid kit stashed away. "Stay where you are. We oughta get you settled; you look like a bleeder." Huff huff.

Standard first aid kit in the trunk, emergency blanket, emergency lights even that you just pop up. "Sure you are cupcake. You stay put, we got an ambulance coming" Tilly doesn't exactly recognize him, which might be in his favor. "Good job on fido though. Be a shame to cut that life so short and make some kid cry boohoo for his mommy" She turns away when a voice starts on the phone, starting to reel off what's needed.

Jamie drops his hands, since he wasn't read his rights, or anything like that, and leans in to turn off the NOS tanks, before things get really dangerous and the NOS explodes or something. Then fix his hair so it's not quite so wind whipped. Blood or not. "Heh, that's nothing.. A little blood. No ig deal." he tells Cody with a smile. Then answers, "Ahh, just makin sure she's in shape with the new boosters. Got a race coming up. Gotta get her ready." He steps away from the car, enough that he won't catch it on fire. Digging for a cigarette and lighter. Tilly gets a grin at her words, "Hey, I like dogs, I would never hurt one, intentionally."

Cody digs up the kit and heads back toward Jamie, swinging it. "Of course, but there's no reason tah bleed all over everything, ya know? Alright, there, just stay put and I'll get you all fixed up before the ambulance gets here." And she does indeed park the kit, and starts to get things pulled out to fix the cut.

"Jesus, are you for real?" She's done talking on that phone and stabs a button closed. All the more better to not have confession of illegal activities recorded on tape more than it was.

"Are you serious? It's one thing to go twenty over the posted, but you just told me that you were using boo-" Tilly cuts off her spiel, pointing at Jamie then maaking a zipping motion with her fingers.

"Stop talking, before I'm obligated to haul you in and Ms Cream Puff here begs me not to. I hope you got triple A bozo" And she's turning again, to call a tow truck this time. Ahh a fun Monday afternoon.

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