On Names

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Where: University of Nevada

When: April 17, 2012

What: Decosta stumbles upon Peyton between classes, and confuses her for someone else.

So this is it. This is the campus of UNLV. If you believe CSI, it's the site of more murders per acre than any other campus in the United States. In addition to students, faculty, and staff, there are the select few who're hardcore fans of the show and try to pick out the spots where the murders could've happened (assuming it's filmed on location). Peyton…is not one of them. Nope, she's one of the students on the campus. Rather than bustling around, she's enjoying a mild day, lounging out under a tree to make reading books of law more bearable.

Decosta looks around the campus noting the various people that are milling around the campus. He enters the campus and starts to head towards a patch of green lawn in between the people. It so happens that he's heading in the general direction of Peyton. His eyes scan the architecture.

It's a luxury that seems afforded only to those students lucky enough to be part time…or to be in majors like philosophy or English. Peyton's already got a degree in one of those, and now she's back for more, this time in law! The campus is rather green in the mild temps before the crushing heat of summer really kicks in and fries everything, and she's enjoying the shade of a big old tree. Sitting cross-legged right in the grass, she's got a book open in her lap; she lets out an exasperated sigh and puts her hands over her face, running her fingers back through her hair and grimacing.

Decosta just happened to be passing the young lady when he sees her grimacing, he looks down at the book and then back at her noting her features. He nods his head a little as if he's having an internal dialogue. "Trouble miss" he inquires to her.

"Yeah, the trouble is that signed up for this stupid, stupid class!" she howls, giving the book in her lap a not-so-subtle slap with her hands. "Argh! It's English, but it's a different language, I swear!" She looks up from the book and squints at him looming over, fighting against the sun to make him out.

Decosta looks at her making sure that he's standing in the light so that the majority of him is in shadow. He looks at the book, "I guess you just have to break it down, try to figure out the message. He continues to look at her although he does break off contact to scan his surroundings now and then. Looking back at her he just asks, "What's your name girlie?". he has a strong London accent.

"I fail to see why that's any of your damn business!" Peyton snaps back at him. "I don't even know who you are." She slams the book shut with an emphatic WHUMP!, then sets it aside in the grass to stand up. "What're you…like 50? Isn't that like, reasonable suspicion to call the cops? Random 50-year old guys wandering around college campuses…"

Decosta laughs to himself, "So you think that college campus grounds are the playground for the young". He then fiddles with his cuffs, "So I'm older than you, think that's grounds for showing some respect". He tracks her moving up from the ground, "Polite conversation, try it next time". He starts to move away clearing not having much time for the girl.

Decosta turns around to look at the girl, shaking his head but he's clearly amused by her.

"Hey now, you started it. You think that because I'm younger than you, you just get to call me 'girlie?' I'm going to be a lawyer here buddy, and that means you can't call me girlie!" He turns his back on her, but that doesn't stop her from yelling at his back. When he turns back, she just kind of moves her head back and to the side, like in shock. "Oh, hey, yeah I'm talking about you here."

Decosta turns around, "Ah, then I must apologize, I was being rude, term of affection you see". He clears his throat, "What's your name Ms Girlie, soon to be lawyer". He then responds with "So I see".

Peyton huffs once, and crosses her arms over her chest. "Well, even though I usually try to avoid giving out my name to strangers, my name's Peyton. How about you, 50-something checking out all the girlies on a college campus man?" She just stands there with her arms over her chest, leaning back with a little bit of attitude.

Decosta just gives her a dead eye stare, "Peyton, Peyton" as he says the name over again. "Sounds like a name from one of those TV shows". "Name is Decosta, but I'm not 50, and I'm not checking out college girls either".He sits down on the grass and crosses his legs.

"Oh yeah? You always come out here to sit in the grass and meditate? Still seems pretty damn weird to me." She hasn't uncrossed her arms yet, and still kinda stares at him like 'oh-no-you-didn't!' "Most people know my name from that football player. Then they're all like, 'duurrrr, isn't that a guy's name?'" To prove her point, she sticks her face forward, crosses her eyes, and lifts her upper lip to show off her front teeth. "Then I'm like, I really want to punch you in the face!"

Decosta nods, "You look cute when you do that, suits you well and you look like you could knock someone out". He nods, "It's good to clear your mind" To prove his point, he closes his eyes. "Just listen". He then quips with, "Whose the football player you mentioned?"

"Seriously? You're a guy and you don't know the football player I'm talking about? What the hell's wrong with you? I'm talking about Peyon Manning? You know? That whole big uproar about tweaking his neck and getting dropped like a sack of rocks to another team? Sheesh! There's only so many Peytons that play football!"

Decosta shakes his head, "I don't follow football and if I do, it's the proper version of football or as you would term soccer". He looks up at Peyton, "So no, I don't know who Peyton Manning is nor do I care much". He looks her over, "You're very passionate about things aren't you".

"They say it's genetic. I hope you've heard that redheads have a fiery temper? I do…kinda. It's weird." She gives a casual shrug at all of that. "I get pretty pissed off sometimes, if that's what you mean?" She gives an exaggerated wink to reinforce the point.

Decosta nods, "Well, as long as it's focused", his eyes lock onto hers, "They say an angry mind is a narrow mind, so it's all about controlled focus". He looks around noting that some of the people have gone inside for classes, "It's good to get pissed off, it's the quiet ones that you usually have to be wary of". He looks back down to the book that was slammed closed earlier, "So why a lawyer, you want to protect the public?"

"Hell no! I'm in it of the money! Awwww yeah!" Peyton just smirks and nods her head. "How's that for controlled focus? Give me a case, any case, and I'll make some money on it."

Decosta hmmms, "A woman after my own heart, the quest for the green". He then continues, "You should give ne your number in case I ever need a lawyer". "I assume you're finishing soon?"

"Yeah, right. I friggin' wish! I'm only in my first year. And speaking of…" she begins. She finishes by leaning over to pickup her book and her bag there from the ground. "I gotta get my ass to class. I'm already in deep-enough shit in this class as it is. The last thing I need is to add a spotty-ass attendance record on top of it. You keep hanging around here to meditate and maybe I'll see you more. I don't know." A casual shrug later, and Peyton's getting everything packed up and zippered up to trudge off to class.

Decosta watches Peyton pack up her stuff, "I'll be around and I'll find you if need be". He then adds, "Try not to study too hard". He continues to watch her.

"If I tried to study too hard, I'm fry my brain cells, for real," she says casually. Shouldering her bag, she turns off towards the big walkway running through the green area here in the middle of the campus. "I'll see you around, or whatever." Then she turns totally around and starts walking away.

Decosta doesn't say anything in response to her statement but just begins to look around taking the atmosphere. He watches Peyton walk towards her class.

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