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Where: Montecito

When: September 2, 2012; Late Afternoon

What: Not all the changes made from unplanned time travel are glaringly obvious, and Zan catches a glimpse of one.

There's always something happening somewhere that requires the mayor to show up. And sometimes, he wants his family there, especially since in about a year, the man is going to be having to hit the campaign trail and keep a firm hold on his job lest he have to go back to not being the Mayor. Today, he wanted his son with him as he spent half the day shaking hands and being the keynote speaker at some conference about this and that that was being held at the Montecito.

So little wonder that when Zan was finished with his first family of vegas duties, he was summarily dismissed to go wreak whatever havoc it was that he wanted to wreak on the casino. Which quite possibly could include the shows, or the slots, or some combination thereof. He was a free man, for now.

Despite the Mayor and his son being here, Raleigh is sat firmly at the Blackjack tables. Judging from the size of her chip stack and the smile on her face, she's actually up this time! Go Raleigh! She sips the free drink that she was given by a waitress. She makes her bet for the new round, waiting for the cards to be dealt, her eyes scanning over the area around her as she waits.

Some days it pays to be the mayor's son. Finally turned loose after being present for all the political talk was well worth the required tie and niceties that come with being part of these functions. Well practiced at it, his tie was left alone and he stayed pleasant during the meet and greets and even paid some attention to the speeches that were presented.

But come the end of all that and James Caldecott was one son less than he started with. The tie around Zan's neck was loosened and the button undone as he slipped away from the political scene. On his own, he wanders amongst the slots and game tables, indulging on a glass of Coke and generally taking in the scene of some of Vegas' finer offerings.

Raleigh looks back to her cards as they're dealt, showing a fourteen. A three with an ace. She motions for a hit, getting a King and busting. "Damnit." She sighs and takes another look around the room while the dealer takes care of the others at the table. She drinks from her glass as she scans the area, spotting Zan. "Zan! Hey!" She says, waving her hand over her head in an attempt to get his attention. "Over here!" She says, not noticing the looks she's getting from a few people.

Turning from one table toward his name, Zan scans the crowd until he's found the source. A brow ticks upward, unlikely he was expecting to see anyone he knew around the establishment. He glances around for his father or those his father tends to surround himself with before wandering toward the blackjack table. "Hey," he says, giving the others at the table a nod though the verbal greeting is directed at Raleigh. "What's going on?"

As he's looking around, Zan can see one of the many posters that have dotted the Montecito. Advertising for an upcoming event - when is there never something upcoming - that the Casino feels it's patrons should know about. But it's not so much the event that sticks in zan's head.

It's at the bottom. The very bottom, barely noticed. The part where this shindig is proudly sponsored by the Montecito, a Crain Corporation establishment.

Only, to him…. it's not.

Raleigh smiles as Zan comes over. "Not a whole lot. Making my rent money." She says, motioning towards the chips on the table. "Wanna join? Maybe you can bring me some good luck." She says, as she motions to an empty seat at the table. She skips the round at the table while she talks with Zan. "What are you doing here?" She finally asks.

"I'll watch," Zan answers with a glance toward the dealer. He steps around the table to take the empty seat, but before actually sitting his eye catches on the advertisement. He takes a step closer to look, possibly considering checking out the show or trying to glean information for what it's about when the name at the bottom catches his attention. Squinting slightly and leaning in doesn't change it, either.

"Odd," he says aloud, returning to the table. As he sits down, another look goes to the poster. "My dad's giving speeches," he answers finally, a little distracted. "Political thing. Likes to show off his happy family, so I got dragged along."

Raleigh nods and ah's at the explanation. "Oh, I see. Well, that's nice that you're doing it for your dad. She looks back over at the table as bets are being taken again, placing her bet for the round. When the cards are dealt again, she is given a pair of eights which she splits, placing more chips on the table. She's dealt a ten and a six. She hits on the six and busts when given a king. "Well, at least I broke even that round." She says with a soft chuckle. "Want a drink?" She asks Zan.

"Yeah, good for his career and keeps me on his good side. Vote Caldecott." Zan shrugs, dismissive of the topic. When the betting and card handling begins, he allows his gaze and attention to wander back over to the poster. A crease forms between his eyebrows, a frown beginning to form. The question from Raleigh pulls him out of his mulling and he looks at her in askance. "What— Oh. No, I'm good." Proof comes when he lifts his glass and its carbonated beverage inside.

The poster, is not a lie. But it could just be a co-incidence right? I mean, it's not like the lapel pin that the suited man who works behind the tables that they are playing at is the Crain Corportation logo on th- Oh. They do.

Raleigh smirks. "Being on the Mayor's good side seems like a good idea. Couldn't hurt, especially if he's family." She offers as she takes another drink before he makes one more bet, sliding twice the chips she did last time. "You wanna go get a bite to eat? Talk maybe?" She asks as she cards are dealt. Seventeen. She stands and the dealer moves onto the other players. When the dealer's cards are shown, it reveals twenty. Raleigh sighs and starts to gather her chips, obviously done with this table.

"Generally, yeah." Zan shakes his head, grinning some kind of dark humor. He isn't often on his dad's good side. He watches the next round go. Or begins to. A glance up at the dealer reveals a pin that, yes, has the Crain's logo there, too. He misses the invitation for food, busy staring at the man's lapel pin with a slightly confused look on his face.

Raleigh raises an eyebrow slightly as she notices that Zan doesn't answer her question. She watching him for a few seconds before she looks in the direction that he is. She looks at the dealer for a moment before she looks back to Zan, not noticing the button on the lapel. "You okay, Zan?"

"What?" Zan looks at Raleigh, frowning slightly. His gaze ticks toward the dealer's pin, then back again. "Yeah," he answers, still sounding distracted. His head shakes and he turns away from the table, a beat passing before he stands. "This …this is going sound kind of strange, but who's the owner of this casino?"

Raleigh chuckles softly as she stuffs what's left of her chips in her pockets. "I asked if you wanted to get some food and talk." She says as she pushes herself off her seat and takes her glass. His second question causes another eyebrow and a shrug of her shoulders. "Crain Corp, if I remember right. Why?" She asks, seeming to be a bit confused by the question.

"Just curious," Zan answers. Though confused might be a better word. "Yeah, sure," he continues, tone still holding notes of distraction. "My dad doesn't need me here anymore. He can text if he decides…" A look directs itself to the poster again, as realization dawns his look of confusion only grows, furrows on his brow deepening. "When did Linderman sell?"

Now it's Raleigh's turn to look confused at Zan as she takes a drink from her glass. "Huh? As far as I know, Crain Corporation always has been the owners. I didn't know Linderman owned the place. Are you sure you're not thinking about another building?" She asks before she starts moving towards the buffet area. "Come on, let's get something to eat. Seems like you need it. My treat." She offers with a smile, patting the chips in her pocket.

"Maybe," Zan agrees, though he doesn't sound too convinced. "Must be some other building." He doesn't look too convinced either. But he nods, after a moment, and puts his hands into his trouser pockets as he trails after Raleigh. He doesn't pay much attention to where he's going, head tilted forward slightly, gaze angled away in thought, nearly he runs into a floor worker while making his way toward the buffet.

Raleigh nods her head as she moves. "Yeah. I think Linderman owns the Corinthian, actually. That must be the one you were thinking of." She says as she looks over her shoulder at him for a moment as he almost runs into the floor worker. "Careful. Don't want to ruin that pretty outfit of yours." She says with a soft laugh, the tone in her voice saying that she's obviously teasing.

Quick apologies follow as Zan turns to look at the floor worker. Lucky the other guy had fast feet. As for the mayor's son, he gives his head a shake and looks at Raleigh. "Must've been the Corinthian," he says, though he doubts it. He shakes his head at the teasing and pulls his mind away from the confusing musings of past and present paradox. That's something to wonder over later, for now there's a free meal to be had.

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