Petty Quarrels

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Where: Fashion Show Mall

When: August 20, 2012; Afternoon

What: Two women are witness to Zan's unwanted Company.

It's the late afternoon hours and Raleigh makes her way through the Fashion Show Mall, eyeing the window displays of the various shops. One thing is evident is that the woman stands out pretty well in the mall, her tattoos and attire drawing some looks from those passing by her. Those who seem to come too close to her may notice that it's slightly cooler than the area just a foot away from her, not that she makes any notice of it. She stops just in front of one of the window displays, looking at one of the dresses being worn by a mannequin.

Even spooks have days where they supposedly have the afternoon off, and get rung up in the middle of a nice day of shopping. Not like at the cashier's counter- rung up by a boss, asking if you can go on the clock. It's only a few hours, but a few is too many when Nobara- said employee- had been waiting for today off since the month before. Just one afternoon? Sorry, kid. Like the police, supposedly good men don't have time to sleep or have a good time. Thankfully, he's not always a good man. It wavers.

A man coming out of Victoria's Secret might be suspect in a less metro area, and the fact there's no woman with him is somewhat negated by the other fact that he has a shopping bag on his elbow. Somehow Nobara manages to not run into anything on his way out the door, texting as he is behind gold-rimmed sunglasses, nose aimed down at his smartphone. His clothes are as simple as summer usually gets- a white cotton tank, pale blue jeans, boots with just a bit of heel enough to make a fellow that much taller.

It's been a day of people and papers and and errands one after another. A day of never ending work just to get cards in order and keep unwanted eyes to themselves. Not that Zan would believe for a moment that he's out from beneath the magnifying glass. He is taking every step possible to look normal. And since the morning was spent registering for classes and hunting down the books he'd need, the afternoon unsurprisingly is spent in making those last minute purchases of the sort not found in a campus bookstore.

So it's with two bags already in hand that the mayor's son wends his way through the crowd. He easily passes for just another face, unless one is apt to keeping up with local politics and the Caldecott's are fairly well known in the community as it is. But the youngest son of the city leader is dressed as he oft is, in a t-shirt and jeans. The bags he holds sporting the logos of an electronics store and clothing store respectably.

Walking up and down the mall, a bit of a limp in one leg, a young latina woman seems to be casually glancing about her. Supposedly looking at the shops. That woman, Bailey, wears nice, light jeans to hide whatever it is that's causing her to limp. Stopping in front of the same window as the tattooed woman, she looks at the clothes. "Nice dresses, huh?" She says casually, giving a nod toward the ones in the window, barely giving a glance to the tattoos on the woman.

Raleigh tilts her head slightly to the side as she continues to examine the dress in front of her. Though it's not something she's likely to normally wear, she does give it an appraising look. At the other woman's voice next to her, she simply nods her head as she continues to look it over. "Yeah, but way out of my price range unfortunately." She says before she finally glances over towards the other woman, offering her a warm smile before she quickly gives the woman a once over.

It is not a swagger, precisely, but more of a saunter which falls into Nobara's walk as he skirts over the tiled floor of the space between stores. Rather than take his glasses off, the young man leaves them on as he scans the passerby between texts. Does he really have to? Yes, he really has to. Fine. His wandering gait takes him nearer to the store where Bailey and Raleigh peer inside at mannequins, though his eyes are not on the lovely dress inside; they are following the other young man's trek across the way.

What way can he do this where Zan won't bolt? No way, really. Probably. Hopefully that doesn't happen.

Sidling off through a couple lines of families and friends out together, Nobara is practically right behind the Caldecott son when he speaks up and melts back out of the mall crowd- the voice is immediately familiar, no doubt.

"And we were getting along sooo well, Zan- I was going to ask you out for coffee- but I suppose that'd be barking through the wrong steel door, hm?" 'Agent Minawa' makes abso-tively certain that other people can hear him, yes.

And he's definitely not expecting that magnifying glass to be so perilously close. Zan's attention is fixed on scanning store facades, probably looking for one in particular, and not on the goings on nebulously around him. Oh, he's aware enough to avoid running into other patrons, if narrowly. But Nobara's presence catches him quite off guard. The agent might easily notice the halting stumble that nearly stops the younger man in the midst of some touristy looking people.

"Nothing says we can't get along well outside of work," counters the mayor's boy, recovering that step he missed. "But you're right about asking me out, I'm already spoken for." He casts a glance toward Nobara first, then beyond, probably looking for the other man's partners in crime and looking for an escape route.

A chuckle emits from Bailey as she nods to Raleigh. "Yeah, I know what you mean. A lil bit outta my price range too." She looks to the other woman, to more clearly look her over. There doesn't seem any surprise at the tattoos. They don't seem to phase her much at all. "I mostly come to this mall to window shop, you know?" She shrugs. "And then maybe I can find a cheap knockoff or something somewhere." She smirks. "A gal can dream, can't she?"

Raleigh chuckles softly at Bailey's words, nodding her head. "That's true. If we can't dream, then what's the point of living?" She asks with a smile before she glances back over her shoulder to see who passes behind them, her eyes falling on the man in the sunglasses as he speaks loudly enough for her to hear. She raises an eyebrow slightly at the conversation before she shrugs her shoulders slightly and chuckles before she returns her attention back to the other woman. "Look. A live soap opera." She says, nodding towards where she was looking.

"Don't bother, honey." Nobara laughs brightly, stifling one from seeing Zan stumble. Now, he could follow up with something terrifying, but the click of chewing gum in his back teeth and the tilted hips of the agent's posture don't say anything quite so terrifying as 'you're surrounded'. Who just gives away that information, anyhow? "I'm just supposed to make sure you're not missing your head. For now." There is, however, a warning in that. As to punctuate the lack of immediate danger, however, Minawa tucks his phone back into his pocket.

"So tell me- who broke up the little thing we had going? I'm curious." Nobara inquires playfully, almost, shifting on his heels so that he stays swaying into in Zan's forward path, smiling through his words.

"We never had a thing," Zan points out, casting another look at Nobara. There's an unspoken, vaguely implied now go away which follows, but little else. He veers from the main flow of the crowd to stop at a bench not far from the shop Bailey and Raleigh have convened upon, but his attention remains on the Agent. "So I don't have any clue what you're talking about."

Taking his gaze from the older man, Zan fishes out his own cell phone, for all intents appearing like he's sending out a text of his own. "You don't have anything to worry about, I don't need a babysitter. Unless you're looking to provoke me into making a scene of some sort. And if you are." He pauses and looks up at Nobara, a grin preceding his next words. "It'd really suck for you."

"Well, I'd be at the more a little more, I'll say that much…not always to drink. Toying with a guy's mind is an enjoyment all to itself. As sadistic as that might sound." Bailey smirks. Scratching the back of her neck, she glances to the obviously heard conversation. She laughs. "Yeah, it can be interesting. The conversations you can hear in here are a nice change from some of the ones where I work." She rolls her eyes. "A place which obviously doesn't pay me well enough for some of the repetitive stuff that I have to hear over and over." She rolls her eyes. "If they did pay me enough, I'd probably be able to afford some of the stuff in this store!" She indicates the one they're standing in front of.

Raleigh laughs softly as she nods, turning so she can get a better view of the confrontation between Nobara and Zan. "Yeah. I hear you about the bar. Always a great thing after a long day at work." She chuckles softly as her head tilting slightly to the side as the smirk playing on her lips turns into a smile of amusement at the free show. "Yeah, though I can't say the same. I hear a lot of stories at my job and they're always different. Though they're not as entertaining as this one." She says as she nods her chin towards the two they're watching. "Though the stories aren't repetitive, I still can't afford to pay for anything in this store. Not yet anyway."

Even if someone tells him to beat it, Nobara often never listens regardless; not saying it does little better, and he smiles wider at the slightly perturbed look he gets from goading Zan. Nobara tags after him to the bench, sitting down on the iron armrest with his bag on one knee, leaning in a most obvious manner to try and peek at the phone screen. Both brows lift up, vaguely mocking in that way someone can naturally be. "Oh? It would really suck for me, would it? You give me the shivers."

"I'm not provoking anything, sadly. You'd know if I was!" Nobara lets out a short snigger, pushing his glasses up into his hair. "This is me being …friendly. And you know what I meant, before. How'd you end up out here in a place so much more …sunny?" How did you get out?

The screen is tilted away as Nobara leans in for a peek, and Zan gives the agent a look of his own. It's not pleasant, but wrought with the patience earned by one with siblings. "Friendly," he deadpans. "Is that what they call it now? Friendly is an IRS agent, you're just…" He shakes his head, vaguely derisive. Or wisely censoring himself.

How he got out is a good question, one the mayor's son hadn't come up with an answer for yet. It hadn't seemed necessary, since he's not supposed to go looking for the agents. "Well, you know how it is. Seattle is turning miserable this time of year. So much rain. And classes are starting." Zan shrugs and tucks his phone back into his pocket. "My mom's expecting me to take classes."

"A good beer, maybe a guy to pay for it. Always nice, one way or the other." Bailey nods, watching the two men. "Malls are always fun for people watching. Don't get me wrong, my work can be great for people watching too, but after a while, there are certain types of customers that always seem to come in. Not always the same people, but the same types. And they are always going about similar things. Of course, for the last week and a bit, I've been almost exclusively working in the chapel of the casino I work at, so I suppose I should be expecting that. But…you know." She shakes her head. "To say the least, there's a wider variety at this mall."

Raleigh chuckles and nods her head with a smirk. "That's always a plus when you don't have to pay for the drinks." She says with a smile as she continues to watch the two men. "Do you think it's a lover's quarrel?" She asks the woman next to her as she motions towards the two men. Unfortunately, she says it in a momentary lull in the ambient noise of the mall. This causes her to bite her lower lip for a moment before she looks back to the woman next to her. "So you work at a casino? That must be nice. Can you hook me up with some really sweet comps?" She asks with a playful smile on her lips.

"I'm not always so serious. And the IRS isn't quite as fun as me. Classes?" Nobara chews on the word, briefly zoning out to his own school years. He may hear the insinuations- he may not- but whatever the case, he does not seem to press it as hard. "Back with your folks and in the same old major?" This might make it a lot easier to keep tabs on the kid, honestly. None of that satellite business.

"Maybe it'll keep you out of trouble, won't it? A fella can dream." An exaggerated bit of sighing to follow.

Zan's gaze turns to the two women at the dress store, brows ticking upward. "As much as he might wish it were," he answers, turning his gaze back to Nobara. "He's not my type. And I have a girlfriend already." That last part is undeniably directed at the agent, as if reminding the guy. They both know where Rylie is.

"Studying astrophysics," the younger man answers. Though anyone listening in can tell the lie, he's making no effort to hide it. And, if his tone is any clue, the fabrication is meant to rankle the other man. "And I live with my brother. But don't count on anything keeping me out of trouble."

A little laugh erupts from Bailey. "I'd still like to vote for lover's quarrel, please?" She glances between all parties involved. After a moment, she nods to Raleigh. "Yeah, the casino life is pretty sweet. I ain't gonna lie about that!" She tilts her head, looking at the woman. "Well, I could get you some sweet comps, but what would you do for me in return?"

Raleigh can't help but laugh at Bailey's comment, nodding in agreement. "I'd like to vote for that too. It's so much more amusing." She says with a playful smirk before she looks to Zan and smirks as she continues to listen to the conversation. Might as well since it's the only show in Vegas that she can afford. She thinks for a few moments at Bailey's words before she smiles. "Well, if you come by my shop with the comps, I'll hook you up with a free tattoo or some piercings if tattoos aren't your thing."

"So you have a type?" Nobara laughs as he slides from the arm of the bench, getting to his feet again and tucking his bag under one arm. He doesn't need reminded about the girlfriend part, no sir. "I'll quarrel with whoever you like, it just doesn't seem like this one's in the game." Nobara's addressing Bailey comes with a bit of a familiar sound to her, though chances are she won't be able to quite place it.

"I'll take that to the bank, then. Hopefully it's not deadly trouble, I'd hate to be the one having to scrape you off some vintage asphalt. Zan." Minawa takes a few steps away, giving the ladies a cant of his head and a suave, self-contented white smile. "Ladies…" And with that, he's off, expertly lost behind a passing swell of sorority sisters.

Left with a look that believes he should be insulted but can't decide how, Zan stares after the departed Nobara. For a long moment. Until he turns that expression to Raleigh and Bailey. "Whatever," he mutters as he shakes his head. His bags are settled more firmly in his hand and he takes a look for the Agent or potential hidden agents. But it's not long overall before he, too, is venturing into the crowd and away from the two women. Hopefully away from that proverbial magnifying glass.

Looking at Nobara for a moment, Bailey can't help but think he sounds familiar, though not being able to place his face, she gives up. "Well, I'll keep that in mind if we ever cross paths again." She smirks. There's a glance back to Raleigh. "Well, I guess I'm going to be having to get you some pretty damn good comps, if that's the case!" She laughs. "And you'll have to tell me where you work!" She says with a smile. Looking back to the pair of men, she gives a nod to Nobara. Grinning at Zan, she says, "Don't worry, we've all gotta deal with the petty quarrels every now and then." She gives him a wide smile as he walks away. Looking back to Raleigh, she says, "So, about where you work…"

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