Played By's

Played By's, also known as PB's, have a whole bucket of rules to go with them. This is so we don't descend on each other like a pack of wolves fighting over one particularly juicy actor/actress. The rules are as follows:

  • While they are not mandatory, it is suggested that you pick a PB for your character. We find it helps immerse yourself in the RP.
  • Any PB's who have been on the show, or have connections to the show, are off-limits for OC's. The chance of these individuals coming up as an NPC is pretty good and we'd like to keep that Actor/Actress available for when we need it.
  • Drawn PB's or Anime PB's are not allowed. Your PB also has to be an individual in the public eye. A picture of yourself cannot be used.
  • You cannot choose a PB who is already actively being used by another player or by an official NPC.
  • If you have "claimed" a PB for an unofficial NPC and someone applying for an OC wants to use it, you cannot object, throw a fit or otherwise demand that the requesting player cannot use them. The requesting player has the right. You should have requested your NPC been made official. (Which is easily done during the app process or by a request to the staff later.) The staff doesn't recognize unofficial NPC PBs. That said, we expect that if the player apping, should exhaust other potential PB's before laying a claim on a "spoken for" PB. We're all adults, we can play nice.
  • Please use age appropriate PB's. If your character is 18, and the PB looks obviously 37, rethink your choice, look for a younger picture of the PB. The same stands for vice versa should your character be 37 and you pick someone who looks 18. Please be reasonable.
  • Please do not use copyrighted pictures of your PB on your pages unless you have express permission and can show us said permission if we should ask to see it. Violating pictures will be taken down should we find them. This protects us, and this protects you.
  • Short lived characters, or those who have had/shown no significant impact on the game will have their PB's returned to the pool on a case by case basis. Should there be one that you badly desire who has previously been used, please contact staff so that we may approve or deny your request.
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