Reporting The Crazy Man

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Where: Rose Glenn Apartments

When: April 12, 2012

What: Heather calls to talk to Terri about Topper. Incidentally, they learn they live at the same apartments.

It comes as some surprise to Heather Granger to learn that the woman she wants to talk to lives three floors above her. But when Heather called the detective to tell her that she needed to speak with her and told her the address, Terri had chuckled and said she'd meet Heather at the pool. The leggy brunette is coming down the stairs into the center courtyard, glancing around for sight of Terri. She smiles slightly and makes her way toward the chair the other woman has staked out and says, "Well, that's convenient, isn't it?"

Indeed, it was a funny coincidence that the two live in the same complex. With the agreement to meet at the pool, Terri is found already there, and likely was there when the call came through. With the afternoon off, the detective was lounging after swimming some laps, and when Heather arrives, sits up and smiles, "Very much so. If you will excuse me for my lack of proper clothing.." She has pulled on a sundress over the bikini, her wet hair pulled back in a french braid.

Heather waves off the apology. "Don't worry about it," she offers with a faint smile. "I'm kind of glad we can talk in an informal setting." She herself is wearing a sleeveless blue shirt and a pair of white capris with sandals. She perches on the edge of the lounge chair next to Terri and says, "I, uhm…. I need to talk to you about that incident last week. And the witnesses. Or rather, one in particular. I've been trying to decide what to do about it, but I think it's escalated beyond my ability to really handle. Do you remember Topper Nash? The guy who did CPR on the dead girl?"

Turning to face Heather a little better, Terri nods her head, "I remember Mr. Nash, yes." All business now is she as she waits to see what Heather might say of the man. "What's up?" She questions, shifting about till she sits up a little more. She might not have her notebook handy for writing in, but it's without a doubt that she's taking notes of this conversation.

"Well… I went to see him a day or two after the thing with the girl. I mean, since no one knew what exactly happened and you're treating it like a murder from what I can see, I just wanted … I don't know. To see if he knew her?" Heather shrugs. "Don't ask me what made me do it, it just happened. So I go to see this guy, and …" Her brows pull together. "He asks me to get him a copy of the tox report. And I tell him it's not my case, and he's a little… sketchy about it, and I leave."

Listening, Terri finally nods her head, "Sketchy? Has he contacted you further on this?" The fact that Nash has asked her for a copy of the tox report does not surprise her, or she's just keeping that blank face going. "Or did he give indication that he might try to contact you further in the future?"

"That's the reason I called you," Heather tells her. "I ran into him, entirely by accident in Pearlies Diner a couple of days ago." She pauses and looks at Terri. "This guy needs a shrink, Detective. If any of what he says is true about being a Special Forces soldier, it seems reasonably clear to me that he's got some kind of stress disorder. Rampant paranoia to the point that I honestly wondered if he was schizophrenic. Not that I'm a doctor or anything. And if he's not a soldier, well…" She wrinkles her nose. "Guys telling lies like that to impress girls piss me off anyway."

Drawing in a quick breath, Heather continues. "That said… he spouted off about how the government is corrupt and I'm supposedly low-level enough not to be drawing their eyes. He actually said to me that for all I knew, he was a biochemist who could cure the toxin or somethign like that, and maybe he was sitting on it because he wouldn't want to give it to the wrong people. Like the cops were the wrong people." Shaking her head, she adds, "He also very specifically told me that he's the only man in the city who can save us all. I came away from that meeting thinking he was just plain crazy, but after I had some time to think about it… I guess I got to wondering if it's possible he was somehow involved even. Or if he's just plain nuts. Either way, though… I thought maybe you should know."

The more that Heather speaks of Nash, the more that Terri just seems a little surprised. Or maybe not so surprised but that she's heard it all before. "Thank you. I will say that some of this was not new information, but some of it was. I will certainly take a look into Mr. Nash as well a little more." Shaking her head, she soon murmurs, "He did seem a little off the reservation.."

Heather smirks slightly. "Let me tell you what. He's way off the reservation. He's a Special Forces soldier who spent time in the French Foreign Legion. He knows more about toxins and poisons than any of the cops or doctors out here in civilian life, so clearly I should get him the tox report because he's going to save the whole city from a mass bio-warfare situation." She rolls her green eyes. "And then, of course, to top it off, his cover's that he owns the strip club, right? The more he talked, … the more all I could think was 'this guy's got serious issues' and I left him there at the diner. He just sort of… freaked me out." She shrugs a little. "Do we know if it was actually a murder or if she just dropped dead of a heart attack or something?" she asks, kind of curious. "If you can't talk about it, that's fine."

A gesture of a hand is made, as if to indicate that Terri agrees with the first bit. Very much off the reservation. "If he hassles you again, let me know? And right now, I cannot discuss the case. We're waiting on a few things before we move forwards on anything more." The usual comment, though it might be sensed that Terri wishes she could say more than that, but may not have the information herself yet. "Truly though, if he does come back and hassles you for the tox report, send him my way. And give me a call as well. His pushiness won't earn him any points."

There's an immediate nod; Heather understands why Terri can't tell her anything. "All right," she says, "I will. I'm just going to try to steer clear of him for now. It was a little creepy."

"I know what you mean." Terri does offer with a wry smile. Creepy for her as well. "At any rate, thank you for letting em know. It'll certainly be taken in for noting." A glance to the pool, then she changes topic, "You lived here for long?"

"A couple of months," Heather says. "It seems like a nice enough place." She grins. "Off the Strip, which I like."

"Amazing we haven't run into each other,but then, we likely keep very different hours." Terri offers, laughing. "I've been here about a year or so. And like you.. glad it's off the strip. "

Heather grins. "Well, given the fact that I keep pretty standard business hours and you're probably about at all hours, it's probably just that. Plus… I'm on the ground floor, so I don't use the elevators." She grins a bit. "Have you been with the Las Vegas PD long?"

"Most certainly." Terri does say before she chuckles, "Been with them since I graduated high school and got through the academy. Joined as soon as I could." She considers, "A little over ten years now, actually."

"That's a solid career," Heather agrees. "Sounds like you're a local. Ever wanted to be anywhere but this crazy city?"

"Never. A vacation here or there, but otherwise, I love it here. Crazy as it is." Terri answers, laughing softly, "Live here all my life."

"Me too," Heather admits easily. She glances around the pool, which is a pretty clean and reasonably well taken care of area. "Nowhere this nice, though. Foster system." She shrugs and looks back. "Had a really good foster mom once, and she took the time to convince me I had to get out of there. So here I am."

"Dead beat dad here.." Terri answers, nodding, likely knowing the situation fairly well. "Was me, mom and my baby sister. Grew up in.." She'll name an area that while not the slums, likely not as nice as where she lives now. "Mom still lives there, refuses to move out."

Wrinkling her nose, Heather chuckles. "Man, that's bad — but probably better'n the System," she observes. "My mother got herself killed in an alley when I was 14, and my gramma had dementia and couldn't care for either one of us, so…." She's philosophical. "Still, managed to get a scholarship to college and put myself through law school. Then I figured on coming back here and helping the town." Rolling her eyes, she adds, "Do-godding crusader types, right?"

"That's exactly what my mother tells me." The do-gooder crusader type deal. "But, what can you say? I've seen the good here, I've seen a fair share of the bad as well. " Terri answers, laughing, "I think it's safe to say anyone wants to make their home a better place, and goes about doing it in their own way."

"Well, I'm glad we're on the same team," Heather says with a grin. "I only moved back to Vegas a couple of months ago, so… it's been an adjustment." She hesitates, and then moves to stand. "I'm sorry to bother you in your off time. I'll try to make sure not to do that just because we're neighbors and all. I'm in 108, if you feel like popping in sometime," she offers.

"I am as well." Terri says before she shakes her head, "It was no bother, really. Thanks for the head's up." She shifts, sitting up, and offers, "I'm in 407, if you need a cup of sugar, though I might not have it… I.. don't really cook." She admits with a flash of a grin, "Take care, and see you about the place. "

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