Request For Help

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Where: Pearlies Diner

When: April 21, 2012

What: Zan has the knack for finding trouble and asks for a little help from the cop he knows.

It might seem strange, after how her last encounter with the Caldecott boy panned out, that he'd call and request a meeting. Stranger yet, that he'd been insistent that it be off record. Oddly, it wasn't that Zan was entirely unconcerned with his own welfare, but the topic getting around to his dad had him requesting this get-together be in a neutrally public place, more casual.

Perlies Diner fit the bill perfectly.

Zan then arrived several minutes early. A booth was acquired, out of the way, the low thrum of talk and music able to mesh conversation into its hum without making it distinct. He fidgets with a straw wrapper, a glass of cola already sitting in front of him. Coffee's been left for the detective, the best bet if the cop shows hold any truth to them.

Arriving just about on the dot, Terri walks in after parking her vehicle outside on front of the diner. Walking in, she smiles to the waitress nearby, murmuring that she's meeting someone, then proceeds to give the place a sweep with her gaze, finding the young man at the booth. Turning to head down the aisle to where Zan's seated, she studies him during that time, getting an idea of his overall state in general before a smile is given, "Evening." Slipping into the booth opposite him, she glances to the cup, then offers, "Thanks for ordering the coffee." A touch of sugar is added, just enough to cut the slight bitterness of the brew within it.

Zan looks up when Terri approaches, meeting her gaze steadily. He looks as well as he had the first time they'd met, though this time he offers a small, crooked grin. Just one corner of his mouth pulling upward. "Least I could do, with you agreeing to come out here. His fingers wrap around his glass and slide it aside, a little out of the way. "It's probably strange, and has nothing to do with that footage, but I thought you might be able to offer better advice than other people I could go to."

"Still, thanks. It's going to be a long evening, so every little bit of this helps." Terri offers, laughing softly before she tilts her head, looking quizzically at him then. "What's up?" No beating around the bush at all for her, though he's certainly got her attention now.

"Might be in a bit of trouble," Zan admits, easily enough. For all his two encounters with Vida Mala leaving him shaken, he's definitely calm when bring it up now. "I came across a guy getting beat up in an alley, along with some others," he explains. "Couldn't just stand there or walk away, so I took off, distracted them, helped the guy get away."

"Bit of trouble?" No doubt, Terri is wondering if it has something to do with the case, and what he's reported to her so far. But as he speaks, she ohs, nodding slowly as she leans forwards, hands to circle her cup. "Just a normal alteration? Or there something more, giving you the reason you might be in trouble?" The fact that he played good samaritian doesn't gain a bat of an eye.

"I have no reason to believe that it might be more," Zan answers. His fingers scrunch the straw wrapper into a small ball and flicks it aside. "Except my own paranoia? I don't know. I ran into them again, a week ago now. Friday the thirteenth. They were serving at Velvet and looking for the guy again." He pauses, brows arching upward. "They recognized me, though. Nearly got into again."

"I see. Do you know who these men are, or the man that you helped?" Terri asks, intrigued. "Anything about any of them?" No doubt, she's making mental notes about this, if not to look into things herself, to pass it to another cop at the station to do so.

Shoulders push upward, shrugging. "Vida Mala," Zan says, glancing aside, his voice wisely lowering despite the already present ambience. It's a nice blanket of sound, but he'd like to keep his associations, no matter wanted or unwanted, less known in the public's face. "Oz and Thea. Don't know what they want, and I've gotten in their way twice. Pretty sure they're not after me, but… I guess my question is should I do something?" Which may or may not be a stupid question. Or it could end up being both.

Hearing the gang's name, Terri frowns further and sighs, "I see. " When asked her advice, she says quietly, "You might want to speak with one of the guys from Gangs, tell them what you've done and all." A pause, a sip of coffee is taken before she continues, "I could pass your name and needs on to a friend, if you'd like? "

"I catch enough flack from my dad for things," Zan explains with a shake of his head. "I'd rather it not get around to him unless I'm in serious trouble. Like the kind I can't find a way out on my own. Or something that'd affect him and his work." He already smudged that, anyway, no need to make it worse. "Could you pass a name my way, or I can contact you again. If things go from me being in the wrong place at the wrong time to involved in whatever problems the first guy had."

"I understand." Terri does offer before she nods once again. "My friend would be quiet about things, this I can guarantee. Especially with your position." She states, "I'd rather have you talk to them before things go south? Best to be safe than sorry, if you ask me?"

"No, I know." Though Zan's shaking his head anyway. "I guess. I'm not…" He sighs and shrugs again. "Fine. So long as this doesn't hit the tabloids. Or anything. Involvement by proxy, I do one nice thing and while I have no proof I think there might be more that I'm not catching."

Scene faded

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