+Request Protocol

Let's talk about +requests and when to use them!

Builds: If you want a room, be it a residence or a business, for your character or for the grid in general, pop in a request (detailed instructions are found here).

Scenes: Whether it be with a specific NPC you need to chat to, or an idea you'd like to happen to your character, just send a request with a description o the scene you have in mind. In the case of scenes you want to run for someone else or TPs you'd like to run, see Stories.

NPCs/Adoptables: In the case where you come up with an NPC or an Adoptable after you've been approved, send us a request with a name, a PB and a short summary of the character.

Illegal/Extreme Activity: In the case of illegal activity, if you want to steal a pack of gum, go ahead, but if you want to pull off a serious heist, get into serious contraband buying/selling/trading, or generally do anything that would get you some notable jail time if caught, send us a +request before you bring it into RP. Even if you apped the world's best thief, you need to run it by us if you're going to try to steal the Mona Lisa or something. Mostly this is for our records, but also for plot fodder and such. For extreme activity, such as a massive protest, or showing of your powers in public or fighting the various questionable organizations on the game and such like, give us a +request before trying it. Most times these will need at least a scene. If something crazy happens in a scene, where there isn't a GM, please pause and page the staff to get one. But if that doesn't happen, +request us with a link to the log so we can have it on record. GMs will be responsible for informing the staff of what happens in their scenes.

Upgrades: Powers, skills, significant additions to an approved background and the like need a +request, too. Give us a description of the change and why you feel it's needed for your character. Again, before you bring it into RP. You can always RP trying to get better or wanting to try to get better, but no actual improvement before you get approval.

Remember that these are general examples, and when in doubt, +request. We'd rather sift through more requests than needed than have to retcon unapproved progress.

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