As a player on Sin City, you are allowed and welcome to +request a personal residence. Be it a house, condo, trailer, high rise apartment or even a cardboard box in an alley, each character is allowed a single room. Below are rules and guidelines to rooms in Sin City.

  • You must +request the room, as we do not have a +rent code. A wizzen will @dig the room for you only when it's requested.
  • * You get one room and one room only. What you do with that room is up to you, but we will not be making multiple rooms for you.
  • You must provide the desc for the room. We will not provide one for you. We will not build it until we have one. And since there is only one word allowed, we have a +view system for expanded descs. For example, your house will have one overall desc of the house, and then you can give us additional descs for a living room, kitchen, bedroom, backyard, what have you. Keep this to no more then four expanded descs, please.
  • In your +request you must state where you want your room placed. There are residences scattered throughout the grid, please choose one, unless you can honestly justify a house/apartment/condo in another section of town.
  • Please allow up to three days for us to get to placing your room. We have a game to run. Someone will get to it in three days. Usually though, likely, it will be done as soon as someone notices the +job.
  • If you are inactive and absent from the game for a period no shorter than 6 months, we reserve the right to @nuke the room, to cut down on database bloat.

It should be noted that businesses are not lumped into your one room allowance as businesses are public places and used by multiple individuals. Should you have a business that you wish to see, or work in and will get play, contact staff to discuss it. We will see whether there is a place on the grid for it. Otherwise, we welcome you to make use of the sandbox rooms located off the Lizard Lounge to be used for locations in which we have no grid space created.

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