RP Tips

Hey all! Just some friendly tips from your staff to help make this place as enjoyable as possible for everyone.

Metaposing & Metagaming

For those that don't know, Metaposing is when you add your character's thoughts or feelings to the narrative of the pose in such a way that the other character can't pick up on them or respond to them. Sometimes, this is a great way to get your characters motivations out in terms or story, however it leaves the other player with a bunch of information they can't do anything with without acting ICly on OOC information. Which is, of course, a no-no.

When posing, be courteous enough to think of the other player and what they can do with the information you're giving in your pose. Metaposing is fine, to an extent, but if you're abusing it or using it to be passive aggressive, you will be asked to tone it down. If you really need to reveal your character's secret motivations and thoughts, please feel free to write out a solo scene and add it to the logs or create a diary blog and link it to your page. But in RP, remember to use metapose sparingly and for enjoyable flavor.

Metagaming is when you discuss actions, reactions, secrets or possible reactions and actions in an OOC medium. Of course, we all like to talk about our characters and that's totally fine and encouraged. But again, we will nudge you if you start to abuse it.

For example, using metagaming to showboat or show off how uber you think your character is. Running around explaining how your character would kick everyone's ass is just kind of off putting for everyone else.

Another abuse of metagaming is when it starts to replace actual RP. While we don't expect everyone to play out every single bit of information exchanging or what have you, but when you start to rely on metagaming and OOC talk more than you actually get out there and RP, that's a problem. We do encourage people to pass information to others (that they would ICly pass on) in an @mail or the like, we also encourage RP. We encourage RP a lot.

OOC Communication & Conflict

Story is conflict. Plot is conflict. Life is— okay, okay, I'll stop. But in all seriousness, you have no story without conflict and that will happen here. ICly. RP is driven by having something to RP about, otherwise we'll be sitting in a coffeeshop discussing the weather. What this means as far as roleplay is that sometimes there will be conflicts and sometimes you'll win, sometimes you'll lose, either way, it gives you RP hooks and that means we all win.

Of course, conflict in RP has a way of translating to OOC if certain steps aren't taken. A big one is OOC communication. Keep in contact with the other players you're RPing with, make sure you all are on the same page and comfortable with what's happening. If you have something you'd like to see happen, discuss it with those you want involved or request it from the staff. Remember to let other players know if the RP is starting to go in a fatal or violent direction. No one wants to be taken by surprise by sudden character death. Or maiming. Or divorce. Or whatever! OOC Communication helps keep everyone involved, informed and keeps people from hurt feelings and railroading.

The Journey vs The Destination

Having goals for your character is great. It gives us focus and direction and RP hooks. Totally encouraged.

However, the fun of RP comes from the journey, rather than the destination. We don't run on XP or points here, so the thrill has to come from the RP itself. There's no end point, no finish line, no 'winning'. What we have is story, character development and each other. Explore the path to the goal, because becoming instantly more powerful is not at all as fun as it sounds. The learning process can be fun and exciting and may even crop up a few unexpected surprised. Remember, in cooperative storytelling, the journey is the reward.

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