Sample Applications

It is recommended that you read both of these apps regardless of what type you're apping, as each have good examples of apping in general.

Advanced Sample

Finger Info

Name: Jason Connors
Gender: Male
Age: 23
PB: Tom Welling
Affiliation: None
Occupation: Student/CFB Player
Genetic Status: Advanced
Ability: Hyper-Strength
Short Description: Tall and built with nice smile


Jason was always a jock, every since he was a kid. Native born from Las Vegas, his father, Dan Connors was chief effects manager for the Bellagio, his mother, Alice Connors, was a former waitress till she met his dad, then what she would call "Domestic Chief Administrator." Jason was a normal kid, football star, ra ra. He injured his knee his senior year though, and that cost him his scholarship. His father spared no expense, even did the "experimental" route to help repair the damage done to Jason's ACL. The good news was that it seemed to work, bad news was, Jason had to wait two years now as the treatments would cause him to fail the NCAA drug screening.
So Jason kicked it around Vegas for two years, becoming an apprentice electrician working for his dad. It was around this time Jason's family start hitting some hard times. His dad, while he said he was not a gambler, had made a few bad bets. Still, nothing very serious as no one came to break his legs. Finally the two years were up and Jason could go to UNLV, using the money he had saved up from his job.
He was a walk on the first year of the football team, and barely made the cut. He saw no action at all during his freshman year. Jason had spent all of the off season prepping. The change over him was amazing, and the Coaches had him do NCAA drug test after drug test to make sure he wasn't on anything. Jason had gained about two inches in height, and near 40 pounds of muscle. His sophomore year it all changed. UNLV lost two of their running backs when playing UCLA in the second game of the season. Jason was put in, and had the game of his life. No one could touch him and he ran for 212 yards and four touchdowns, and caught the ball for another 70 yards and a touchdown. This cemented him his spot, earned him a full scholarship, and was the start of putting UNLV football on the map, going to a bowl game for the first time in five years at the end of the season, and beating Michigan State in their bowl game.
The next season is what cemented Jason's fame. UNLV was that year's BCS "buster", rising to number 6 in the nation, and earning a bid to face the "castrated turkeys" (okay they are called the Hookies but really, WTF is a Hookie?) of Virginia Tech. It was a hard fought game, but Jason had the key play, breaking free of two Virginia Tech defenders to score the game's final touchdown. Both of those defenders were also injured during that play, one guy two torn knees, the other a broken collarbone. Replay showed that it was a simple matter of bad luck, cleats caught in the grass wrong, defective equipment. I mean it would take a guy hitting like a MACK truck to do the injury that those two players suffered, and no human can do that, right?
So here we are in the summer, and already the Heisman buzz is starting. Having placed third last year, despite winning the Daok Walker trophy for best running back, Jason is everyone's favorite to run away with the race. People even criticized Jason for not entering the NFL draft, but Jason wanted to finish school and get his degree. Everyone, from fans to those that have an stake in the UNLV Running Rebels football program have a lot resting on the shoulders of Jason Connors.
Why is Jason so damned good at football, well it is because he isn't normal, he is a freak, though he has done a good job at self denial. Whether it was genes, the moon, the eclipse, the experimental drugs, or a combination of all three, Jason can boot his strength to superhuman levels for brief periods of time. This is has what has allowed him to have the physical abilities to do what he does. Again after one afternoon of lifting near 1200 pounds in the UNLV weight room, Jason has tried to shut this out and just play football, but it was him using his ability in the Orange Bowl that got those two Virginia Tech players hurt, and he is still haunted by bad dreams of that last play, the screams of shock and pain, the ripping of ligaments and joints, the snapping of bone as he plowed through those two.
Jason has another problem, though he doesn't know it. His dad's gambling is a bit more serious, very serious. To the tune of he is more than $100,000 in debt to bookies. His debt was recently bought up by an unknown third party, for the rights to manage Jason's athletic career. This does not bode well for Jason in his near future.
Right now Jason is enjoying the offseason and a special effects engineer at Treasure Island, helping out every day with the mock sea battle show that this casino is famous for.


Hyper-Strength: Jason has the ability to raise his strength to superhuman levels for short periods of time. His body does undergo some changes as the normal human body really can't handle super human strength. It is one thing to have the ability to lift a ton, another for your body to withstand the physical stresses to do so. To date the has no idea how strong he is, but the potential to be able to lift a ton or more is there, if not actually put into theory. He has managed to press more than 1200 lbs, which is the most weight the weight lifting bars in UNLV's football weight room can stand

When in Hyper-Strength mode, Jason's body undergoes changes so it can withstand those stresses. Muscles become hyper dense, ligaments and tendons gain not only increased tensile strength, but greater elasticity, cartilage better able to pad bone joints, and the skeletal structure of bones better able to distribute the load and stress placed upon it. The side effect of this is when he has enacted his hyper-strength he is a bit more resistant to damage. However, nothing changes to his nervous system. He still feels pain. So while in hyper-strength mode a bullet might not penetrate beyond his muscle tissue, it is still going to hurt like hell and feel like he was well…shot!

To date the longest he has gone is five minutes before his power fades. When he fades he is in the need of calories to help replenish the bio-energy he used. To date Jason needs about two hours before he can use his ability again, but mind you this has been during a football game a periods of intense physical activity. It might be possible for him to recover faster if eh actually like rested and ate. Another side benefit of this ability is there really is little to no body fat on Jason, it just never has a chance to store as his body is always using the energy.

DRAWBACK: This power requires a lot of bio energy from Jason's system, energy that can only be replaced by…you guessed it…food! Jason's metabolic rate is about four times as it should. Jason needs about three to four times the amount of food a person of his fitness level, weight, and age requires. This can be very dangerous as it means that where as a normal human being can last three weeks without food, Jason can only last six days or he starves to death. Eating less than he should does impact his means of triggering his ability, making the time between uses longer than the aforementioned two hours.


Physical Fitness: Jason is at near peak human fitness for his age, height, weight. While he would not be wining the Decathlon or running a marathon, there are more than a few gym nuts that wish they were Jason
Football: Jason is a 5 star, Heismen candidate running back. He has the skill to be drafted in the first or second round of the NFL draft.
Boxing: Jason took a boxing class as one of his physical education credits. He did alright. He is no professional, but he can ring someone's bell if he put his mind to it, and to protect himself in a fist fight
Electrical Engineer: Jason's major at school. He has a solid 3.0 average.
Fame: Every since the last football season, Jason has been featured on near every sports media outlet that covers college football. The Orange Bowl in which UNLV upset Virginia Tech last January was on near every tv set in Las Vegas that night, well the ones that cater to sports that is. He is a name and a face, which of course has its drawbacks too, fame has its downside.


Jason has a summer job that is pretty much paying him around $3000 a month. He is also on a full scholarship to UNLV. For a 23 year old student, he's okay. He is by no means rich.

Support Characters

Use mom and dad as you feel fit

RP Plans

Big Damn hero in saving people using his ability consciously for the first time. Football rp in which he is a star

Mundane Sample

Finger Info

Name: Jamison Thaddeus Finnegan
Gender: Male
Age: 33
PB: Tom Hardy
Affiliation: Company
Occupation: Company Man/Bartender
Genetic Status: Mundane
Short Description: Brown-haired, blue-eyed 30-something man
Notes: Goes by Jamie or Finn


Everyone who knew Jamie Finnegan in his childhood expected great things of the youngest Finnegan heir, but none of it came to pass. His youth was spent in a small town in rural Virginia where he had both the blessing and curse of being the youngest child in one of the town's most prestigious families. He was charming, bright, athletic, and just a bit spoiled. Still, it was hard not to like him and most did. He was used to getting his way on charm and name, and life was good.

It wasn't much of a surprise when he got accepted to Virginia Military Institute, and it was expected that he'd do as his older brothers, father and uncles, grandfather and great grandfather had done before him — go to VMI and have a brilliant career, whether it be in the army as an officer or in politics or in law. Jamie Finnegan opted to study political science while he was there, which would no doubt lead to public office of some sort.

Two years were spent enduring the rigor enforced upon the cadets at VMI before he was "drummed out" — that is, expelled, with everyone alerted by a drum roll at 3:33 in the morning, for having been broken the honor code. His offense? He'd lied to cover for an absent friend at curfew — but the cadet in question honored the code by telling on himself, not knowing Finn had already lied on his behalf. The cadet who had "boned himself" (turned himself in) was simply punished with some demerits, while Finnegan was sent home, the equivalent to a "dishonorable discharge" for a VMI cadet.

Two years of college, including ROTC training, would hardly be considered a waste of time; he could transfer the credits easily to a lesser college, but it broke something in Finnegan, who had wanted to carry on the Finnegan family tradition. He returned home briefly for to pack up some belongings before setting out again on his own, without his parents' support and little but his clothing, his car, and a couple of thousand dollars in a bank account. He landed in Los Angeles at the young age of 20, where he began working at clubs as a bouncer — low-end dives in the beginning but soon at the Viper Room, a club catering to the elite hedonists of Hollywood. On the side, Finn learned to surf, box and kick-box, often taking part in less-than-legal backroom fight clubs for a bit of extra dough. He didn't know he was being watched and evaluated at some of these fights.

He'd spent about six years getting by this way in Los Angeles when first learned about those with extraordinary abilities. But this epiphany was entirely by design. One night, leaving his car and heading for his apartment, Finn suddenly found himself slammed up against the side of the building, held in place by a force he couldn't see. Two men stepped out of a car at the curb, and Finn was asked — politely — inside. In those few minutes, his life had changed drastically — he had been recruited by The Company.

Since then, he has trained and worked literally all over the country, having been paired with a teleporter who had become both his mentor, his friend, and finally his lover. In early 2012, after a bag and tag gone wrong, Bridget Lane was later caught and tortured for information by a group of Evolved in Houston; Finn blamed himself for the mistakes leading up to her death, and even more for not being able to find her in time to rescue her. Her body was found with a message carved into its flesh: "Live and let live." The guilt and anger make him a bit of a wild card, though on the surface he seems his usual cheery and cocky self; the Company has relocated him to Vegas, no doubt in hopes of focusing those emotions into productive outlets.


Firearms: With ROTC training at one of the nation's best military academies in addition to Company training on top of a childhood spent in rural Virginia, he's at home with handguns, shotguns, and automatic weapons. He's a good shooter, though not a sniper.

Hand to Hand: He's never been ranked in anything "legal," but Finnegan can box, kickbox, and bar-brawl. He's quick-footed and has fast reflexes; however, he's mostly about punching, kicking or brute force than finesse in a real fight; his inability to retain anything of the more formal systems can be both a strength and a weakness.

Spanish: He can understand it, read, write, and speak it fluently from 6 years of study and many years using it in LA, but speaks with a Southern drawl that makes it seem like a different language entirely.

Surveillance/Observation: His years in the company have made Finnegan capable of surveilling an area or target usually without detection. He can blend in with a crowd and knows when to hang back or change tactics. He notices changes in routines and patterns of his target, and anything out of the usual in a given area will draw his attention. He is reasonably well acquainted with electronic surveillance, though not at all how to make it; he can put it in place and retrieve the data as necessary (phones bugs, cameras, etc.).

Bartending and Bouncing: Finnegan can spot fake IDs pretty well and has a good eye for anyone about to cause trouble in the bar. He's taken bartending classes and can free pour with good accuracy. He knows most of the standards without having to cheat, though he's stumpable with more obscure drinks.

Surfing: Fat lot of good it will do him in Las Vegas, but Finnegan knows how to surf, too. Longboard's his preference.


Street contacts: He's worked as a bouncer and a bartender in both dive bars and clubs and the more elite of establishments. If he needs illegal weapons or illegal drugs, chances are he knows where to get them.

Guns: (Aside from those biceps) He has the Company-issued sidearm and tranq gun, but also his own Smith and Wesson .40 caliber handgun.

SUV: Aside from any vehicle he borrows from the Company, he has a fully decked out Land Rover LR4.

Legal Contacts: His three brothers are all lawyers, his father is a retired lawyer, and many of his friends from VMI are lawyers well. If he falls into scrape with the law, he's got this covered.

Estranged family with a heart of gold: He left his home after being kicked out of VMI and never asked for a dime of his parents' money, but they're pretty loaded should he actually ever need it and decide to make amends.

Support Characters

He's pretty much on his own out here in the west, but here's a list. I am not planning on making them adoptable or NPCing them, but feel free to highjack them as you see fit:

  • Mother: Maggie Finnegan — Southern Belle but no trophy wife, Maggie is as smart and tough as she is sweet. She is the president of the country club and on the local school board.
  • Father: Sterling Finnegan, Sr. — About as old boy's club as you can get. He's served on the state legislature and had his own law firm, but is now retired. PB: Donald Sutherland maybe?
  • Brothers: Sterling Jr., age 40, and Merrill, 38 — partners of Finnegan and Finnegan, a law firm based in New York. It caters to New York's elite, mostly civil but sometimes criminal cases.
  • Brother: Whitney, 35, also a lawyer though he is working in corporate law for Proctor and Gamble in Ohio.
  • Deceased (or is she): Bridget Lane, his late partner and (secret) girlfriend.
RP Plans

I have no particular goals at the time being except to have Finn get situated and involved. I see him as having a bartending or bouncing job as a cover, giving him two different arenas for RP. I am always open to trouble and plot being thrown at me, and nothing is sacred in my history. Tamper at will.

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