Second Chances

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Where: Corinthian Casino

When: July 25, 2012; Afternoon

What: Bruce is given a chance to better his standing in Linderman's eyes.

It isn't unusual to get called in to the Corinthian. Linderman's associates get called in often enough, with instruction or payment. What's odd is when you're not only called into the Corinthian, but are then taken down to what appears to be some sort of personal art gallery. The room is a large utilitarian set up, with paintings hanging on metal grates around the room. And at the front of the room, a wide desk with a white-haired gentleman carefully tending to a plant.

His escort leaves him there, but he's not left alone with the big boss. From the side of the room, Linderman's ever-present personal assistant stands up to come greet him.

"Bruce, isn't it? Rosanna Vargas. Is this your first trip to the gallery?" Of course it is. The real oddity, though, is in the presence of this woman, he can feel his link to his power shut down. No powers around Mister Linderman.

Bruce has one of the long term stay apartments at the Corinthian, but it's rare that he ever gets to go further back into the more 'special' areas of the Casino, and certainly not since his return to Las Vegas. He takes his time looking around as he's led back to meet the 'boss'. Rosanna's given a once over glance, one that he let's linger a bit, and then as he feels his power fade he narrows his eyes slightly and for those familiar with him will note a certain shift in the way he carries himself that makes it very clear he's gone 'on guard'. "Rosanna, good to meet you, and .. it is, at least since I got back."

Rosanna's smile turns sly at that lingering look, but widens again as the realization sets in. There's more than one reason she's in the position she's in. "Mister Linderman has something he would like to discuss with you, of a sensitive nature. This way." It doesn't matter that he can see Linderman standing at the back, he's still getting escorted.

But he doesn't need to get introduced, even though his attention is on his orchid, he knows who he called in. "Bruce, my boy," he greets, "You like plants, don't you?" Presumably, this is not the big question he was brought in to answer. But then again.

With a stride and carriage that's now more wary predator than the much more relaxed man he was a few moments ago, Bruce follows Rosanna across the room, and she might just catch his eyes as the lift up from where they were looking somewhere below her waist as she turns to 'introduce' Linderman. Bruce looks at his boss, lets his gaze move to the flower as the other man pays attention to it more directly than he, and then replies a moment later, "They tend to be somewhat important, and sometimes beautiful, so..I don't hate them, that's for sure."

"A succinct and practical opinion," Linderman says as he looks up from the flower pot to the visitor. Rosanna lingers nearby, but visibly retreats from the conversation. She's window dressing now, and security system. "I enjoy them. They remind us of our primitive beginnings, as well as how high we can aspire. Now, Bruce," he says, hands resting on the table in front of him, "It is aspirations that I wish to consult with you on. I assume you have your own, which hopefully linger under my umbrella." Which is one way to put it.

Bruce doesn't -visibly- pay Rosanna any further attention himself, though it's hard to imagine that one of his background would let anyone remove themselves entirely from his covert attention. His attention, though, remains quite focused on Linderman and his flower, "Your assumption is likely fairly correct, though I'll admit some .. concerns at having been kept as far out of touch as I have since I came back."

"Well, consider this the moment we address those concerns. I'm sure you understand the importance of loyalty in an organization such as this one. But I have always appreciated your talents especially." Linderman looks over toward Rosanna, who smiles back at him. On the surface, it's just a beautiful woman sharing a moment of questionable intimacy with her boss, but Bruce is keen enough to know a look in this building carries far more than the simplest meaning.

"You know we've been in this struggle to take back this city from the Crain Corporation. To that end, we have a… friend in their ranks who tries to let me know when something important happens there. When they can. Most recently, they've embarked on a plan to sweep the Corinthian out from under my feet." Refocusing on Bruce, Linderman's eyes narrow just a moment before he tosses in another hook for Bruce's opinions. "How do you feel about time travel, Bruce?"

"Crane, hmm? The Corinthian…really? " Bruce starts to reply, standing at something that isn't quite parade rest as he listens to Linderman, his gaze flickering over towards Rosanna a moment before returning to the man in front of him. "Time travel…aside what I can manage if I'm moving quickly enough, don't know that I've got much of an opinion one way or the other since I've not -done- anything of the sort."

"Ah. Well, let's remedy that, shall we?" Linderman smiles there, and Rosanna stands up to come join them, setting down a seal, large envelop next to the orchid. "The Crains have found a way into the past," she explains, Linderman's hand moving to her shoulder as she speaks, "and they're planning to send an operative into the past, to secure the land the Corinthian is on before Mister Linderman can purchase it. You understand, the Corinthian will have never been in the control of the Linderman Group if they succeed."

"And these things have… unexpected ripples of effect," Linderman adds, "It's hard to say what all will be altered if they can manage that small change. Not to mention, this is only the plan we've heard about. It could be a red herring, or there could be more to it that we don't suspect."

Bruce's gaze doesn't shift from Linderman to Rosanna as she approaches, but he does shift his position so that he can better react to her presence if nessecary. When she speaks, though, Bruce's attention mvoes to her and he listens quietly, flicking a gaze down at the envelope and then back to the pair of them after a moment or two of consideration. "So, we don't know for sure how they're doing it then? Or … what can be done to stop it, or are you still getting to that part?"

"Not for sure," is Rosanna's answer, "but we do know, if they manage to pull off whatever they're trying to pull off, their might not be a Linderman Group when they get back. Their might never have been." The Corinthian, after all, is the staple of Linderman's estate.

"We've set up an identity, money, there are even clothes waiting for you. This envelop has your information and where to go to make the jump back in time. How you get it done is up to you, but Mister Linderman's interests must be guarded." As the woman speaks, Linderman just nods lightly. And both of them seem to be taking it for granted that he'll be going.

He looks down at the envelope for a moment and then back to the two of them, considering -something- for just a few moments before he reaches to place his fingers atop the envelope without taking it quite yet. "You know I don't need money, even back .. however far it is. The identity and clothes - assuming they're 'period' will probably be the most important. The … issue I see is that this whole thing's really damned vague - what if it's me ..resolving the issue that pushes the land into Crane's hand? To damned many Sci-Fi shows talk about shit like this…" Bruce trails off in something very near a muttering tone.

"They're period. So's the cash, so don't worry there." But Rosanna falls silent when Linderman steps out from behind her to put that hand on Bruce's arm instead. "Do your best, my boy. I know you won't fail me this time," he says with a smile. It may all be spoken softly, but there is that thread of warning in it all the same. The subtle reminder than this is his chance to prove himself. "See him to out, won't you, Rosanna?" "Of course, sir."

Bruce's jaw tightens just a touch at the hint that he 'failed' at something, anything, for that matter but it's just a brief lapse of his usually stoic exterior. He takes the envelope, sliding it across the desk and then picking it up to tuck it into an inside pocket of his jacket while he turns to move and follow the at least enjoyable view of Rosanna towards the door.

And it is an enjoyable view, with a little extra swing in her steps just for him. Maybe to make up for the negation. She walks him all the way to the elevator, where she has to swipe her ID to get it to open. When she turns to him, hand placed to hold the doors open, she smiles his way. "Good luck, Mister Summer." And she actually seems to mean that.

Sapphire blue eyes lift upwards as she turns to hold the elevator door open for him, totally unabashed and unapologetic at likely being caught looking. Bruce steps into the elevator, flicking Rosanna a smile that's just a touch devilish, and then touches the button for the first floor as he says, "I don't need luck, just good intel…give me that and I'll get it done."

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