Welcome to Las Vegas. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.


Las Vegas, home of casinos, showgirls, drive thru chapels and legalized prostitution. With so many of its sins on the surface, it's hard to imagine there are any secrets left to hide.

And yet.

We're set in a city where any whim or desire is at your fingertips, where mobsters own the law and gangsters own the streets, where rumors fly about odd kidnappings and alleyway murders, where a person can go to lay low under the neon lights.

The world has yet to find out about the special few and their frightening abilities. A quiet Company works from the shadows to keep the secret from leaking out at any cost. Those with advanced genetic mutations fight to stay safe while trying to figure out their strange and sometimes dangerous powers. No one is sure how the world will react when they find out, but the general consensus is… it won't be good.

However, there are some that know, for good or bad. And while some may seek to use the advanced few, there are those willing to help. Willing to hide. Willing to teach.

Known Organizations in Vegas:

Only the events of Heroes Season One are considered canon for the purposes of this game. Seasons Two, Three and Four are not to be taken as Heroes: Sin City canon. Please see our Timeline for more information and ask a wiz if you have any questions!

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