Six Palms

There's not a single palm tree here, Just one long little one that sits to the side of the front doors of the 10 floor apartment buildings - four of them encasing a small new playground. In a large clay pot, providing very little shade or relief. Inside, a uniformed security guard watches closed circuit security camera's in the parking lot and doors for all the buildings.

Inside, it's showing it's age, in the choice of decor, carpet on the verge of needing to be replaced and a duo of elevators that provide access to upper levels for those who don't live on the main floor. Laundry facilities are in the basement, as well as a pool that juts out behind the building in a connected annex. A three story parkade beside it, it's not uncommon to find a few military families living here as opposed to the base housing given it's location to the Airforce Base. Featuring apartments ranging from 1 bedroom bachelor pads, to 3 bedroom affairs but still not very big, it's a not bad place to live.

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