The Admin/Wiz are the individuals who keep the game running, provide plots, mediate and otherwise try to ensure that you are having a fun time. We are human though, we have faults and flaws just like you, so please understand that. Wizzen have feelings too, even if at times, it seems like we don't.

When a Wizzen is visible when you type +who or +where, it means that we are there, to help you, to answer questions and otherwise be poked at when needed. If our Wizzen names are not visible, but you see us on alts, NPC's, please contact a visible wizzen with any of your administrative needs. Odds are that we are running a scene, getting some personal time in on our characters should we have them, or otherwise unavailable to be picked at. If there is no visible Wizzen bits lit up, and it's urgent, then contact the wizzen, but be prepared to be told to wait a few minutes or for someone else to contact you. Yes, we run the game, but sometimes, we like to just play too, but we will never abandon you.

If you have scene requests, information requests, plot requests or anything else, do not hesitate to submit a +request so that it will pop up in the +job board. @mails can sometimes go unseen. @mails won't hurt either.


  • Wrath - Co-Head GM
  • Humility - Co-Head GM


  • Lust
  • Sloth
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