Step Up Spider Man

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Where: Outside A Movie Theater

When: September 15, 2012; Evening

What: Everyone is a critic.

Movie theatres possess so many movies that cater to just about everyone. From action, drama, cartoon, comedy and even the classic tear jerker. Almost everyone goes to see a movie, be it by themselves, with friend, family or dragged in unwilling - or willing! - by their significant others.

The smell of popcorn, had wearing carpet, sticky floors under seats and the occasional crying baby, it can be a very pleasing affair for many. Which is likely what it was for Zan, seeing whatever movie it was that he saw. Or, Tilly, who is easing out of Step Up Dance Revolution. Jeans, layered tank tops, no holster and sneakers, the woman is off duty clearly. Off duty and coming out of a Step Up movie.

For Zan, it was The Amazing Spider-Man. A movie he'd already seen once and obviously found it worth seeing again even if he had to go it alone. And it gave him a reason to be away from his parents' house.

He's just starting to fit ear buds into his ears after leaving the theater when he catches sight of Tilly. Not unusual to see someone you know at the movies, but what is odd, at least in his perspective is the movie she's exiting from. Letting the buds hang from his collar, he starts toward the marshal, weaving around the crowd to tap her on one shoulder and appear at the other. "There are better ways of learning the hottest new dance moves, you know."

"Maybe I was watching it for the jail bait. Or maybe for it's hearty and resounding political statement" It's an off the cuff comment at the sound of Zan, though she looks to the side that is tapped and not seeing him there,s he looks to the other and is rewarded with his face. "How was finding Nemo? Personally, I enjoy Dory"

"Really?" Zan tilts his head a little, squinting as he peers at Tilly. "You strike me as more of a sea turtle kind of person." He holds his hands up in a 'what can you do' gesture, then folds his arms across his chest. "I saw Nemo before it was 3D, took my sisters. Today was a Spiderman day. So really, Step Up? Those're getting to be as numerous and bad as the Saw movies."

"Well it's not quite the quality of the first one, but when your day is filled with arrest this guy and escort that guy, and waterworks from cons who get caught, and the day in day our soap opera that is my life, a little topless guy dancing, well… What can I say. That and spiderman sucked" Tilly looks to Zan, tilting the half eaten bag of popcorn his way.

"How's the Chica. I hear she's been turned loose, back to being free range"

Zan claps a hand to his chest as if he'd just been struck. "Sucked? Please. That was near classic Spiderman as Stan Lee and Steve Ditko had written him. Not the emo-boy Toby Maguire made him." He looks at the popcorn then helps himself to a handful.

"She's home finally," he confirms with a slight smile. "Still working on finding her footing again. May or may not happen, but we'll see."

"Please, it was contrite, sill, far too much time spent making mooney faces at Emma Stone, and not enough time actually being spiderman. Also, it sucked" Says the grown woman, nodding to the news of Rylie being home. "I heard you're a sneaky bastard yourself, you sly dog you"

That causes Zan's brows to raise in question. "Sneaky bastard and sly dog have never been used to describe me," he muses. He takes another handful of popcorn before going on to ask the obvious question. "What kind of sneaky bastard-sly dog thing did I do?"

"I heard through the grape vine that you-" There's the exit and she's opening the door for him. "Took a little trip from a locked room, and didn't wait for us to give you an official escort" There's a snort and laugh. "You pissed in someones cornflakes, that's for sure"

"Oh." That. Zan shrugs nonchalantly as he walks through the opened door. "Yeah, well, not much to do about it now." He glances over at Tilly while brushing the last crumbs and popcorn butter from his hands. "Unless you're planning on taking me back just so I can be officially escorted out again." He grins a little, almost daring her to try. Almost.

"Nah, we got no orders. Been told to leave you alone. Glow worms, they're not particularly threatening." There is a shrug of Tilly's shoulders to that, gesturing to a coffee truck, stationed nearby and gets into line. "Besides, darn, I forgot my gun. next time? Though, I just might if you go around spouting that I saw… a certain movie"

"That's me," Zan agrees. "Completely nonthreatening." And for the most part, he is. He tags along to the coffee truck, though he hardly gives the menu a glance. "Just a magnet for trouble. I'm not the only one who saw you come out of that theater," he goes on to point out. "Could've been someone else who knows you and saw you. But I won't tell anyone unless I'm asked. Or life depends on it."

"The only way that your life depends upon you saying what I've seen, is the whole part where I'll kill you if you blab" Tilly fires back, placing her order with the coffee truck and gesturing for Zan to do the same. "You're an okay kid. Trouble magnet, but an okay kid"

"Fair enough," Zan chuckles. He's kept her last secret, after all. "Fair enough." He glances toward the menu again, and after a moment places an order of his own. He pulls his wallet out after and puts down the money for the drinks before stepping aside to wait. "Think I've done good lately, keeping out myself out of trouble. Mostly."

"Your definition of lately, scares me kid" There's a scowl to the money put down, but gives in. Some things are worth fighting about, this is not one of them.

Zan looks at Tilly as he puts his wallet away, apparently oblivious to the scowling. "What do you mean," he asks. "I've been keeping myself off radar, staying in school, playing nice with the other kids."

"Hanging out with girls in poodle skirts…." She oh so helpfully points out.

"You mean that trip we all took," Zan asks, brows ticking upward. When the drinks are served, he takes his and moves away from the cart, allowing for Tilly to get her own.

"It was not a trip for me" She gestures to her temple and the stitches that have been removed but still leave the telltale marks that will at some point fade away or almost fade away. It'll take a little bit of time for the hair that was cut back around it to grow back but for now… it's artfully hidden.

"No, I guess it wasn't." Zan frowns slightly at the stitches. "I wasn't causing much trouble there, either," he continues. "Amelia and Finn caught up with me and made sure of that. And in my defense, I was trying to bring Rylie back home, otherwise I'd have never have gone back."

"I'm not here to judge. Just comment upon your incredible defenition of lately" Tilly points out. "And, to head to where I parked and let you get on with your night. Sans US Marshal." Or her other job.

"Lately is inclusive of since returning," Zan returns. He quirks a slight grin, then lifts his cup in a bit of a wave. "You have a good evening, Tilly," he says. "And don't worry. I won't tell anyone you saw a Step Up movie." That's loud enough to draw a couple of looks, and full fledged grin before he turns to find his own way home.

“Spiderman sucked Caldecott." She fires back. "Thanks for the coffee" And she's gone, disappearing into and melding with the vegas evening crowd.

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