Stories are the various plots that go on here on HSC. They range from long, overarching plots to quickshot scenes.

ONSes or One Night Stands (or MNS, Multi-Night Stands) are quick scenes that virtually anyone can run. They run 1 - 3 scenes. These can be dark or funny, silly or serious, but shouldn't have impact of the game as a whole. Things like muggings or bar brawls and the like. If you do something that is going to involve authorities, military, The Company, or anything big, make sure you run the idea by the staff first. But otherwise, as long as you keep in theme and don't impact the grid and game widely, have fun.

TPs or Tiny Plots are longer running stories that may take weeks or months to complete. There will be upwards of 3 scenes. And these could have game-wide effects during or as a result and anything bigger than an MNS needs an official TP App. We want a detailed plot app that includes a general timeline, how the plot will kick off, who do you think will be involved or able to get involved, how it'll be stopped, what the consequences will be for solving it or not solving it, lasting effects and things like that. Remember to keep staff up to date when your plan changes during play. (And we all know it will.)

Be aware if the plot lingers too long or if you leave players in a scene/timelock for too long, the staff reserves the right to take over running the plot.

A useful form for this type of thing!

Title: Name it!

GM: You? Someone else? Us?

Prelude: Tell us about the events that have led up to this plot. This is all background things or scenes that already happened that made this come about. Tell us why those events caused the problem.

Prologue: What is the opening scene? How will the PCs be made aware of the problem?

Conflict: Explain the conflict! what is the story. What's the disaster? The villain? The problem, tell us about it. (What /is/ the problem here? Tell us the story. What's the conflict that the PCs will have to resolve? Who is the villain or what's the disaster?)

Climax: What is your climax scene? How will things come together? What is going to happen in this epic meeting of forces of good vs evil or… whatever. Tell us about the moment you're doing this for!

NPC Description: Tell us about the NPCs you need to run this plot, if any. Their motivations, resources, abilities, followers, etc. Even their past, if it's applicable.

Procedurals: Give us a run down of the key scenes you need for this plot and how you'll catch the interest of the PCs. A general idea of how you'll run things and ways you see the PCs making the problem worse. Think about contingency plans.

Loose Ends: If the PCs don't resolve the plot, what effect will that have? Will it come back to bite them? If they succeed, what effect will that have on the game?

Main Locations: Are there specific locations in mind? In Vegas or elsewhere?

Estimated timeline: Give us a starting date and the date you plan to be finished. And when you're available to run plot scenes.

Involved PCs: Is this aimed at a specific group? A specific person? Open to anyone?

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