Student Housing

Tonopah Complex is one of the housing options on the UNLV Campus. Housing well over 400 students, each floor alternating between mens and ladies, it boasts a computer lab, conference room, laundry facilities, a large screen TV in the main lobby for students to watch as well as vending machines and a 24 hour front desk to provide for the safety of the students.

Each room in the individual dorm units are 11x20 feet, with a loft bed, a small safe to store valuables, phone system and cable connection. A desk is provided as well in each room - Two per dorm unit means you share, walls painted a mute blue with a single window. The two rooms are kitty corner to each other and connected via a small kitchen that houses a full fridge, a table and chairs as well as a sink and some storage cabinets. A private bathroom to be shared connects completes the unit. A small kitchen is available on the north end of either floor complete with stove, oven, and other necessary kitchenware.

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