Sunday Slightly Bloody Sunday

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Where: Sun City

When: May 06, 2012

What: A busy intersection becomes a scene of chaos on a Sunday afternoon.

Sunday's tend to mean there's a lot more people on the streets. Driving around, taking families off to church, groceries, errands that they don't otherwise do during the week or Saturdays.

In Sun City, a oasis of suburbia in the otherwise gaudy glittery fishbowl that is Vegas, this is even more true. The bus id packed with people who are trying to get where they need to do, before the evening rolls around. So this afternoon it's like a sardine can. Diamond in the rough - literally, he's in the middle of a rough looking group of guys - a crying back way in the back and the brakes of this bus have been particularly squealy with each stop. Not that they've been hitting every stop. Except this one. Somewhere, someone yanks a cord which dings, stop requested sign lights up.

Only the driver doesn't stop. He's turning red in the face - Has been for the last minute or two - stiffening up, foot pressing down on the pedal and speeding up. Something that someone up in the front notices, with an audible "Oh my god, the driver"

Tilly and Finn are trailing that hot little number once again, for some reason stuck on observation duty. Her hot little subaru zooming like it's being chased - which in her defense she is, she just doesn't know it.

"Jesus Finn, she's got a lead foot." Through the town the blonde has been going and Tilly's had to push some yellow lights to keep up with her and not loose the woman. Finn relegated to the passenger side this time around.

Like right now. The red subaru gunning past the yellow and Tilly putting on her gas with an attempt to zoom through. And they'd make it. If it wasn't for the bus. It plows on through, no one having been in front of it. Plows on through the red, slamming into the back end of Tilly & Finn's ride,s ending them spinning off, playing pinball with the lamp post and some mail boxes and eventually on their side with airbags deployed, wheels spinning. A small delivery van hits the bus, unable to stop in time, providing enough force to tip the bus over, onto it's side and slide.

Parked vehicles are casualties along the way too until it comes to a stop.

Life has just come to a standstill in Sun City section of Las Vegas.

There's a time in every person's life when they are sitting on a bus, hugging their bag to their chest and closing their eyes as they try to pretend not to breathe or even exist, go to another place in their mind, wish once more that they had decided to purchase a car but he just takes a deep breath and his eyes open when he hears the little light for the bus to stop and that's when it almost looks like it is in slow motion for him. Is he really crashing? Yes, yes he's crashing on a bus and his eyes widen a bit as he notices the driver. "….well /fuc-/" Yep…he's on a bus, that got hit by a van around strangers. Diamond just fidgets and fumbles with his seatbelt. "…just because I pissed on the front stoop of the goddamn church…"

Luckily Finn didn't stab himself in the throat drinking from his 32-ounce cup of liquid speed, today a Blue Slurpie, but it is all over him like he's a show choir kid in Glee. He might be worried about the blue stain on his Calvin Klein button down shirt, but the red stains dripping on the same shirt from his head are more worrying, as is his the way his wrist has snapped hitting the dashboard.

Usually he's fairly fast in an emergency, but the blow to the head has him blinking, staring at the red drops that blossom, blinking once, twice, three times a lady as he tries to make sense of his surroundings, of the fact he's covered in blue ice, of the glass the fact he's not upright at all but sideways. "Fucccck me sideways," he drawls out.

Sometimes fate throws you a bone. Kai's walking towards his crappy beater with an armload of groceries. Only a dropped orange and a weak plastic bag handle saves him from being right by his car when the bus ploughs through and completely demolishes his car. He stares, blank-faced behind a pair of aviator sunglasses at the resulting chaos. Huh.

"Never in a thousand years" Tilly is stunned, airbags to face and whiplash make for painful beginnings. She's faring better than Finn though and blinks owlishly at her windshield and the now deflated white bags. "Jesus, you got slushie all over my car" Count on Tilly to state the obvious. "And she got away" She assumes. Thinks.

In the bus, there's people hurt, people in piles, tangled up with one another. One of the 'roughs' is across Diamond and unconscious. Most people in there are dazed, some hurt bad. The baby is still crying somewhere in the back. Outside the bus, people are getting over their initial shock, getting out their phones to call 9-1-1, one guy beside Kai grabs him by the shoulder and points to the bus and the overturned SUV that Tilly and Fin are in. "We gotta check on them!"

Inhale…exhale, inhale…exhale. Diamond's not got the time nor means to check on his hair but where he is…just about half upside down with somebody over his lap/stomach and he's shakily slipping his compact out of a pocket and checking his make-up in the mirror as he groans and then eyes the window closest to him, trying to wave a hand to get attention of people outside of the bus.

His good arm reaches to find his seatbelt's button, wincing at the pain that wraps around his entire body but is worse along the side that's now parallel to the ground. "I was only 28 ounces in, waste of a good Slurpie," Finnegan manages to lament, so at least he's (probably) not fatally wounded. "You okay, sweetheart? Can you open your door?" The driver door that now is serving as a sunroof, he means. He turns to look at her, his eyes a touch dilated and blood dripping from a gash above his hair line.

Kai is stock still for a few minutes. He's still processing everything that just happened. He looks around for somewhere to put his groceries. Considering his sedan is now a compact, he can't put it there. So instead he deposits the bag underneath a tree. Weird the stupid things that seem important when you've just had a shock. He nods once to the guy who grabbed his shoulder. "You check the car, I'll check the bus." And then he's trotting over, trying to find some way to enter. "Pop the emergency exits and windows!" he calls to anyone inside who might be able to hear.

Two people in the bus are working to pop open emergency doors and the hatch at the top of the bus that now functions as it's sides. Glass pops out, a red mowhawked teenager having scrambled up and catching it, letting it slide to the side.

"Hey bro! Get the other window" Offering a hand to Kai to help him up and gesturing to it, down near Diamond's end of the bus.

Diamond, looks like a hot mess. Hot. But a mess, thanks to the accident. One of the roughs is helping peel his buddy off of him and looking to the hot mess. "Hey, you okay?" offering a hadn to help get him oriented and upright. "Someone check on the driver" Speaks up another, peopel starting to get organized, sort themselves out and sort out the injured.

"Call me sweetheart…" She's strapped into her seat, but is the one up in the air. Accounts for why she's gotten off as easy as she has. Tilly attempts to get the door opened though, and finds that they are without a doubt, just not opening. Locks are firmly down. Fingers scrabbling at the manual are proving no good. "SHit. Can't get it open"

Which wouldn't be the end of the world. Firemen have machinery built for this purpose. Except that mixing in with the scent of blue slushie and the coooper of blood, is the sickly smell of gasoline.

"I have been better mon petite…" Diamond drawls softly, his southern accent drifting back behind the affected French purr as he groans softly and he eyes the offered hand before reaching to take the offered hand, shivering a bit and looking around a bit more now, sniffing the air suspiciously before nodding slowly. "I'm fine go ung…go help the others, I'll see who needs to be tugged out…"

"I did. Sweetheart. You want me to say it again?" Finn says with his lazy grin, but there's tightness in his eyes that tells how much pain he's really in. He disentangles himself from both seatbelt and then the airbags, shoving those down and out of the way. "Right. Cover your eyes. I only seen this in the movies, and it usually works, but who knows," he warns Tilly.

His good arm stretches to grip the back of her head rest for leverage, and he draws his knees up, tightly until his feet rest on the dash. The right pant leg is bloody at the knee, and that leg seems to shake a little, bouncing as if he'd just run a mile. He takes a deep breath and suddenly both legs straighten out to strike the windshield with his heels.

Crack. The windshield cracks in the center, but it's not the clean "pop-out" of the glass he'd hoped for. What's more, the shockwave of pain it sends up his leg makes Finn's eyelids flutter closed. The Southern boy done gone and swooned.

Kai lingers a moment to help a few others out of that end of the bus. "Anyone seriously hurt?" he calls out. Then he trots the length of the bus. The window is slightly bent and damaged. "Shit," he mutters. "Can anyone reach the latch there? Kick it outwards? I don't want to kick it in and cut someone." He's trying to see in when a bystander comes up and sets a hand on his shoulder.

"Hey, aren't you that magician guy? The one who gets out of handcuffs and stuff?"

Kai blinks at the guy like he's just grown two extra heads. "Listen, buddy, now isn't the best time for me to make your pocket change disappear."

"No, the car. They can't seem to get the locks open." He points.

Kai looks over to the car, mutters something else under his breath and starts to trot towards the overturned vehicle. "Please tell me someone called 9-1-1!" He calls out. "Yeah, I'm talking to you, camera phone." He points at a teenaged bystander and then stops by the car. "Doors stuck?"

An arm is thrown over Tilly's face, to protect her eyes at least from any glass that might fall. But with only spider cracks, and the world going a little grey and the world aroudn them disappears for Finn, it's not good news. Not with the smell of gasoline thickening with each tick of the clock. Nine times out of ten, it's not a big deal. But there is always that one time.

As Kai comes upon the car, he can see inside, Tilly strapped in her seat and up in the air, the swooning Finn and spider cracked windshield. There's dents on the drivers side door, the rear end crumpled. No real visual reason as to why that the doors can't be opened though. Tilly looks to the window and The man that is Kai, pointing to her door, to the window, and then to Finn. "Locks stuck!" Yelling, to ensure that she's heard. teenager who was snapping pictures of everything just widens his eyes, nodding and stops, opting to call 9-1-1 like everyone else.

At the bus, all emergency windows popped and the top hatch too, Diamond has his pick of the litter to help start shoveling people out. Mowhawk guy reaches in with legs braced to grab the hand of someone, taking them from Diamond, even as mother and baby are pushed to the front and next in line for Diamond and Mowhawk to help up and out. Two people in the bus, those who were at the front and impact side, look like they won't be making it out.

Diamond is helping out best he can, helping folks get people through that window as he takes a deep breath and cringes as he breaks a nail. "Your hair…y-you know, you might want to change the color, its rocking…." He shakes his head and continues to gently help folks out, holding the hands of certain individuals a bit longer before nodding towards the front of the bus. "Go that way, I've got the window, come now…see to them oui?"

Inert for a few moments, suddenly Finnegan's eyes fly open again, and he jerks upright, as if he'd forgotten where he was. "I smell gas," he says suddenly, the drowsy laziness gone from his voice. "We need out of here." His good foot kicks at the windshield. "You got something, flashlight, something anywhere that'll crack this bitch?" He lets go of the headrest to open the compartment between their seats.

"Hold on," says Kai. He examines the car and its make, and in general, gets as much information as he can about the vehicle with a visual inspection. It might look like he's being an idiot, running around the vehicle. He sets his hand on the lock and jerks it three or four times. Nothing happens at first. Then he jiggles the handle in a slightly different way. And, inexplicably, all the locks suddenly pop open. He yanks on the nearest door. "Let's get you back. Can you both walk?"

The back door to the black SUV opens, like a miracle beneath Kai's tutelage- and ability - He can see a duffle bag in the back, US MARSHAL in white on it's black fabric. Locked boxes in the back, likely to contains weapons if one is smart about such a thing. If there's any question, the flak jacket has the same words in yellow on navy.

"No, I don't ha- Wait" She's trying to look back at Kai and the door that's being opened, needing to stop from the bolt of pain up her neck. "In there" Where Finn is checking is one of the emergency window shattering items one can find in stocking stuffers. The kind where you waste 14 bucks for something you'll probably never use. But an exit is available, through the back seat. "Get my friend out" Tilly tosses back, gesturing for Finn to get out first. "He's hurt worse than I am" She just needs to get unbelted and it's better if she has room to do so.

At the bus, Those who are getting out of the damaged sardine can via Diamond, seem to be coming out a little calmer. A little easier than those through other exits. Like everything is going to be okay, they didn't just go through a pretty bad car accident. Even the baby who the mother gives to him to hold while she gets out and then reaches back in for, quiets in Diamonds arm. In the distance there's the sound of sirens wailing in the air and a promise of more advanced help on it's way.

Diamond does looks more and more tired however as he closes his eyes and peeks out of the window to make sure folks are getting where they need to be and he catches a glimpse of Kai, calling out. "HEY! Magic Man! WHERE IS MON KY!?" He can be loud, yes before ducking back into the bus, to make sure things are still continuing on, taking deep breaths.

Finn's hand closes around the little device after the locks pop and he snorts, tossing it back the divider with disgust. "Now you tell me," he says with a shake of his head, then looks to the back door where Kai stands. "Fuck. No, I can't walk." He begins to pull his legs back off the dashboard, the right one leaving a smear of blood that promptly turns purple with blue Slushie. "I'm all ga-fucked on one side." Head, wrist, leg, ribs.

All of the law enforcement gear wouldn't really be that interesting to Kai did he not recognize the man he reaches down to help out. It takes him a second to place Finn, but when he does, he quips in a wry tone, "Bartender, huh?" But that's not important right now. "Easy, easy. Here. Take my hand. I smell gas. I don't think this thing will go boom like in the movies, but I don't think we should stick around to find out."

Kai maybe didn't hear Diamond, maybe he did, who knows in all this chaos with people yelling and screaming. SOmeone is bitching about their car while another trio are standing over someone who had the misfortune to be crossing the street and got clipped, sitting on the side holding thier arm close and crying. But the mowhawk guy is offering a hand to to Diamond now that it seems that the people who are mobile enough to get out, are out. "Or you staying in there man? Because if so, make room and let me in" POlice are pulling up on one side, a firetruck wailing into play a moment later, rescue measures literally just getting on scene. THe promise of ambulances not that far away.

"Hey! Hey! Careful with the goods there. I gotta sleep with that hot piece of ass at night. Don't break him more than he already is. You going to be okay sweetheart?" With Finn mostly out of the way, twisting as much as she can and bracing her feet and an arm around the steering wheel, the seatbelt is removed. And she can ease herself down. Wincing at the pain in her chest but getting into line for Kai's help behind Finn even as police are jogging over. "Get someone to pop the trunk. I need to get my shit out" A gesture to the cops that she can see approaching.

Diamond just reaches out to take the hand that's being offered. "Gods is lucky you're so cute…" Mutter Mutter but the young man is accepting help from Mohawk guy as he hears the sirens and he keeps his eyes closed for now. "C'mon…we gotta get away from the bus I think…"

Kai's hand is taken and Finn gives a quirk of brow that might look more comical if it weren't smeared with blood. "I totally am so a bartender. Ask me what goes in a drink," Finnegan challenges, but winces as the 'rescue' makes his injured body move in ways he's not ready for. "Oh, fuck, everything hurts. Sorry, doll, you ain't gettin' none of this here somethin' tonight."

To Kai, he shakes his head. "She's the fed. I just like her for the handcuffs," he whispers conspiratorially, though it's a whisper that carries.

"Hey, take it easy, man. Here. Don't try and be a tough guy. Lean on me." A beat, "And if you start singing, I'm gonna drop you." Kai won't challenge Finn's cover story. Isn't really the time for it. But it's hard to con a con. He helps Finn get a decent distance away and tries to flag down a paramedic, then he goes back to help Tilly if she needs it. "I wouldn't worry about your shit in the trunk. If this thing doesn't explode in a fireball, it's probably safer locked up." He glances back towards the bus and double-takes as he spots Diamond. "I really have been in Vegas a long time," he murmurs under his breath.

Tilly's crawling out, a wince for her neck and for the state of her SUV. That won't be coming out of her paycheck at least and she flahes a smile to Finn as he keeps up the rouse. "Yeah, well.." The stuff that's in there, she'd rather see in the back of a cruiser as opposed to blown up, or in the hands of random Joe Blow. But he's right and as a paramedic is taking control of Finn, easing him towards a stretcher, she's sliding her phone out of it's clip at her waist, checking to see if her gun is still in it's holster. Car crashes don't mean that the individual observation gets off without notice.

"Damnit. I was going to wear my vest for you tonight Finny" A glance to Kai. "Thanks. For getting us out. You should see if there's others that need yo- Hey" Someone picks up on the other end and she changes her attention to there.

Diamond's place is traded with by firemen, who clamber up, yelling out orders to their co-workers, starting to triage even as mowhawk dude is backing away, heading for his bike. He's got places to be and things to do. This intersection is going to be shut down while they sort things out and surely before long, there will be camera crews trying to capture the news.

Diamond stumbles a few steps back, sacrificing his sequined tuxedo jacket to an individual who needs a blanket and he actually shed a tear in the process, patting the young woman on the shoulder before closing his eyes once more and taking another deep breath. "…I need to get a car…"

"I'd offer you a ride, but mine's over there." Kai's left Finn and Tilly in the care of the paramedics. He walks up to Diamond and points over to the left, where the twisted wreckage of his ex-car sits in a smouldering pile.

Diamond looks to Kai and then looks over towards the wreckage and he looks back to Kai, coughing softly and shrugging his shoulders. "I guess we can split a taxi…good to see you Magic Man…" He points over to where his jacket is being worn and toted away. "My jacket's being taken away. Totally magical hunh?" He rubs a hand over his face.

Kai drops his hands into the pockets of his slacks. He raises his brows. "Were you on that bus? I guess we really did run into each other a second time. Except your bus won. Crazy thing is, I might've been in the line of fire if I didn't…oh shit." He turns and looks back towards the tree where he set his groceries down. "Goddamnit. Someone stole my oranges and milk. Can you believe that? Someone stole six oranges, a gallon of milk and a loaf of bread. And some smokes. That, I can understand stealing. But oranges, really?"

A free hand rummages around in his fancy bag and he tugs out a pack of smokes, offering it to Kai with a slow blink and he shakes his head. "I'll buy you some more groceries if you let me use your microwave one day…" He murmurs softly and shakes his head slowly. "But stealin' oranges? That's…well maybe they really needed more Vitamin C?"

"My microwave?" Kai looks a little perplexed, but grateful for the cigarette. "If we're gonna smoke, let's go over yonder. I smelled gas from that wrecked SUV back there." He thumbs over his shoulder. "Shit. We're going to have to give statements, aren't we? Glad I actually had insurance."

"Oui, because with my luck, my fuc-freakin' house will probably blow up next and I'll need some place to heat up my poptarts." Diamond drawls softly before nodding firmly as he palms a lighter and starts to walk away from the wreckage. "Oui, statements and talk to stuffy people about what happened."

Once they're a reasonable distance away, Kai lights his cigarette with a silver zippo and offers a light to Diamond. He looks back at the carnage and takes a drag. "Sure hope no one's dead. That'd be a shame. What a mess." He seems fairly nonchalant about the whole thing, though. Hey, it's a big city full of tourists. Accidents are common. "Did something happen to the bus breaks?"

The costumer leans forward with the cigarette between his lips so it can be lit by that zippo and through an exhale of smoke stares at the scene for a few moments before Diamond sighs softly. "I think the driver had some sorta fit…like heart attack or brain explosion or something…"

"Lovely. Don't drivers have fitness tests?" Kai exhales smoke, then he looks down at his watch. He clucks his tongue. "I've got somewhere to be in about an hour and a half. I better go and see if I can give my statement and get out of here. Considering I no longer have a car, it's gonna take me longer than usual to get there."

Diamond lifts a hand to Kai, a flick of his wrist and he offers a card to Kai. "Give me a buzz then when you can, we'll find some unique tacos or something." He coughs on some smoke and takes a deep breath. "Be safe."

"Just as long as it's not fish tacos. I hate those." Kai does a little bit of sleight of hand and hands Diamond over a card. He quirks a grin, then makes tracks for the nearest man in uniform.

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