That One


Where: ???

When: April 13, 2012

What: They want that one.

"The last time we did this, it didn't turn out so well."

Men and women sit facing one another around a conference table, a multitude of files laid out in front of them. The gravity of this meeting seeming to have a very physical presence in the room. One that air conditioning can't seem to disintegrate with its force.

"That it turned out at all was a good sign. We dealt with the issue. I'm sure that we'll be better equipped this time to deal with the outcome. With any outcome." It comes from a blonde haired woman who with the motion of a hand, so subtle, there's a file drawn towards her though the others. Comes to rest at her fingertips.

"This one."

The others gathered around the table look towards the the file in question, taking in the picture paperclipped to the upper left corner.

"It's risky."

"Since when have we cared about risk? This entire operation is a risk. Every day that we operate is a risk."

"It's also dangerous," speaks up another, forefinger rubbed across his upper lip in consideration of the file in question.

"What we do is dangerous. But we have contingencies in place, in case things proceed to fast." Another flick of her wrist, the other files scatter, flying off the table and smack into walls with dull thuds as the single file that she had chosen is moved into the center. "I want this one."

"Why that one, Loretta?"

She focuses her green eyes on the other woman in the room. "I want this one. You asked me, the lot of you, to make a decision and here it is. This one is the one I want."

A gentleman in an expensive striped suit snorts. "You said that about the last one. Do you know what it's like to deal with it? Every week, it's a waiting game. Three times we've almost had incidents and there but for the grace of god have we managed." He studies Loretta, peering intently. "What she said. Why that one?"

"This one will succeed."

He studies her still, the room falling into silence, everyone looking at him before there's a near imperceptible nod.

"That one then," speaks up the other woman.

"That one."

The last two words spoken audibly in the room as they get up and start to filter out.

Till there's only Loretta left in the room, standing at the table and looking down at the file. She reaches out, running her forefinger down the side of the picture. Something makes her purse her lips before she turns and walks away. Leaves that one folder on the table, the ruins of others around it.

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