The Church

Outside, this is a beautiful obsidian building. Dark windows for hiding dark deeds and the like. The sign sits above a small door— just one— declaring The Church in big, white letters. It stands out from the rest of the strip, by not being flashy at all. Or, well, in comparison with its neighbors.

Inside is a mystery to most, but it promises all the usual fair for a strip club. Poles, girls, drinks. What else does it need, right? No, the interesting thing about this business is the mystery that surrounds it. How few people get let in every night. How it stays in business. People tell stories about drug deals and murders, about favors and secrets, it's a local urban legend. None of the local business conglomerates claim association with it, not even Linderman and his gangster ways. But everyone has their theories about it.



  • While it's officially just a strip club, albeit a large one, most underground/criminal and rich/politician types know the strip club is mostly just a cover (although does run every day) for the real business. One floor down, the most notorious, quiet and accommodating brothel in Nevada.
  • Character pages tagged with _flux, note: While for everyone else in the world, this place has always been here, at least since the 50's, those few who went back to 1955 know that once upon a time, the iconic Vegas Vic and his shop stood in this place. It's a glaring shift in a timeline that may simply not exist anymore. And begs the question: What else changed?
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