The Company

Primatech Paper Company is a well established business with many important connections the world over. After all, every office in the world needs paper. On the surface, it is all very boring.

What few know, even within the government itself, is that Primatech is merely a cover for a deeply covert government agency that handles, hides and studies the so-called 'special' population of the world. Their goals are to keep the secret from the public eye until they discover the safest method of exposure with the fewest casualties. And the least amount of government backlash. Their intentions may be decent enough but their methods are often seen as…

Morally grey.

At best. It's a good thing the public isn't aware of them, their goals or how they achieve said goals.

Note: Characters younger than 24 can work for the company, but they will not be field agent. They can be in training shortly before, but will not be out on missions until after 24.

Below are pages of interest to company employees:

Members of the Company

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