The Fairy Godmother

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Where: Coffee Bistro, North Las Vegas

When: June 8, 2012; Lunch time

What: Everyone's got someone looking out for them.

One might not expect a shop known for its coffee to house lunch as well, but the corner bistro does offer a fine selection of ready to eat sandwiches, fruit trays, and even pastries alongside their brews and fancier beverages. And it seems fairly popular, if the patronage is anything to go by. While not nationally known, a little local place is favored by many who live in the area and those looking for a quick bite to go with their hourly boost.

Falling mostly into that latter group, Zan sits in an easy chair with his backpack near his feet and a half eaten sandwich resting on the arm. Turkey and cheddar with sprouts, it looks like. A book is held open in one hand, balanced on a knee that's stacked against the other, though with a title explaining something about literature and art it's not likely for pleasure. Today, every bit the studious one. At least for now.


Someone is parking in the armchair just opposite of Zan, and if he deigns to glance over, it's a face that's becoming disturbingly familiar. "Hey there glowstick" Two sandwiches, pickles, bag of chips, a tall cardboard cup of soda slid onto the side table, Tilly smiles at Zan as she wiggles in the chair and tries to get comfortable. "Gosh these seats are comfy. Good choice"

Eyes lift off the page of the book, and Zan's brows raise at the woman who claims the chair opposite his. "Glowstick," he asks with a slight, humoring grin, book closing though fingers remain in between the pages. "That's a new one." While Tilly settles into her seat, he takes a moment to dog ear his page under the pretense of also snagging a bite off his sandwich.

"Don't like it? I can find another nickname for you" He dog ears pages and she takes a large bite out of the fully loaded sandwich. A lot of food for one person. "Twinkle, I could call you twinkle. Or there's… sunbeam. Yeah, you seem like a sunbeam. How you doing there Zan" Tilly has the manner to at least have talked without having her mouth full. But she dives back into her sandwich afterward.

Twinkle? It's enough to make Zan cringe. "Sunbeam sounds like some kind of hippy name. You could just call me Zan. —Glowstick." He shakes his head, though it's an expression of amusement, and it's followed by a bite off his sandwich. "Me," he says after swallowing, a reactionary question. "I'm doing good. Just getting a head start on the semester. You? Buy out any more cake stores lately?"

"Regularly. I'm the kind of girl who needs to eat a lot. Take any trips lately?" She's grinning, easily consuming the half a sandwich in her hand. "I heard that you've been taking a lot of flights lately"

"Road trips mostly," Zan answers easily, looking up from his sandwich to Tilly. His brows lift again, just a small upward tick. "Who've you been talking to that's said I'm flying a lot?"

"A lady never tells. But youtube tells a lot" The second half of the first is picked up though this time, Tilly takes her time to actually study it and the contents. "Youtube is such a blabbermouth. Seriously though, you look like you're getting a pretty good handle on it" She smiles at Zan, then proceeds to consume the sandwich.

"It is," Zan agrees of Youtube. He picks at his sandwich, though he's watching Tilly instead while peeling off strands of sprouts and squashing them into a pulp. "Something tells me trying to pass it off as a hoax to you might not work as well as I'd like. Going to at least tell me how you know about my skills?"

"Come on kid, you're like a broken record. How do you know? How do you know? How do you know?" Tilly shakes her head. "Last time. A lady never tells. But I will say, that you have a seriously spectacular ability and I'm looking forward to seeing it develop. From afar that is, but.. " She shrugs. "A lot of things in this world, passed off as hoax's aren't really. I mean, I shot you, and what do you have to show for it?" A gesture to his leg.

"Would you rather I gloat about it," Zan asks with a grin. "Make light of the whole thing and laugh and be all 'Yeah, that's me right there'?" He shrugs himself. "And yeah you did. And anyone I tell will either think I'm crazy or possibly ask more questions than I care to answer." He pauses to mull over a bite off his sandwich, saying after, "It's pretty neat, isn't it?"

"It's pretty cool. Looks like you hit the jackpot there Zan. Coulda been worse. I knew someone who manifested, and man, it was not pretty. Not in the least. Guy off'd himself a few months later, couldn't handle it. Not at all" There's a frown. "You seem to be pretty able to handle the responsibility Zan"

"I don't know about jackpots," Zan returns as he looks up at Tilly again. "Sorry about your friend. I can't imagine what would be considered a bat ability. I do have a bit of fun with mine, though." He pauses at the frown, unsure of whether to take her words as a compliment or otherwise. "Thanks? I just… taking some collective advice and trying to keep it quiet. No showboating or anything."

"Well, you're trying not to showboat. Just be careful you hear?" Tilly finishes off the second half, plucking up her drink and plate with the second sandwich, easing up to her feet. "It'd suck to see something happen to you. You seem like a good kid after all" Tilly's nodding her head, the act of which slides sunglasses off her forehead and into place on her nose with very little need for adjustment. "Stay cool kid, don't make me come seek you out again huh?"

"You stalking me," Zan asks with a grin. It's half joking, though there's a serious question in it. "Don't worry about me, worst you'll find is another shaking camera clip showing up again on Youtube." He opens his book again when Tilly makes to leave, intending himself to return to his studies.

"Never stalking. Call it… a fairy godmother watching over you. Seriously. I don't shoot just anyone and take it away Alexander Caldecott" THere's a wink - not that he can see it - and she's walking away, off to get a box for her food and leave him alone to his schooling.

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